Ordered mesoporous silicates as matrices for controlled release of drugs

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Ordered mesoporous silicates as matrices for controlled release of drugs

Interest in and thereby also development of ordered mesoporous silicates as drug delivery devices have grown immensely over the past few years. On hand selected cases from the literature, the power of such systems as delivery devices has been established. Specifically, it is shown how it is possible to enhance the release kinetics of poorly soluble drugs by embedding them in mesoporous silicates. Further critical factors governing the structure and release of the model drug itraconazole incorporated in an SBA-15 matrix are briefly reviewed. The possibility of functionalizing the surface of mesoporous matrices also under harsher conditions offers a broad platform for the design of stimuli-responsive drug release, including pH responsive systems and systems which respond to the presence of specific ions, reducing agents, magnetic field or UV light, whose efficiency and biocompatibility has been established in vitro.

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