The spread of infection through the danger space to the mediastinum case report

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Deep neck infection is an infection in the potential space and fascial planes of the neck, either with abscess formation or cellulitis. Cervical fascias create space and plane, which define and limit the spread of infection. Danger space is the area of thin connective tissue extending from the skull base down to the diaphragm. This space is enclosed on all sides, therefore inflammation in this area arises from penetration and spreads of infection from surrounding structures. This risk is in the rapid spread of infection in the chest, due to the low resistance of thin connective tissue. Formation of the descending necrotizing mediastinitis is the most common and most feared complication of danger space. Authors describe a case of extensive dental infection that despite intensive surgical and antibiotic treatement spread to other anatomical areas and caused descending necrotizing mediastinitis.


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