Influence of type of precursors on the sol-gel synthesis of the LaCoO3 nanoparticles

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Perovskite-type LaCoO3 was prepared by sol-gel method using nitrates / chlorides as precursors and citric acid as chelating agent. Chemical composition was obtained by means of EDX method. The structures of sintered samples were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), IR and XRD analysis. The results of X-ray diffraction indicated that the LaCoO3nanopowders obtained using nitrate as precursors had a rhombohedral perovskite-type crystal structure (S. G: R-3c), while that obtained using chloride as precursors had a mixture of LaCoO3, LaOCl and Co3O4. The all lanthanum cobaltites exhibit catalytic activity on the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, ascribed to their higher surface and Co3+ concentration


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