Study on the thermal behavior of casein in air

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The present paper is focused on the study of the thermal behavior of casein, the main protein in milk, by applying the TG-FTIR technique and calorimetric measurements. The research is of a great interest due to the large application areas of casein in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. The analysis of the thermal behavior by the TG-DTG-DTA methods allwos the finding of the temperature range where the casein is thermally stable and the caseincontaining cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products proper for using. The identification of the gaseous species released allwos the TG-FTIR coupled technique to give useful information on the possible environmental impact when the casein-containing products are used at temperatures above the casein initial degradation temperature. The combustion heat of casein estimated by means of the Berthelot calorimeter made evident this value to be close to those of the most important and used fuels which would recommend the waste casein-containing products to be used as fuels.

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