Damage Detection of A T-Shaped Panel by Wave Propagation Analysis in the Plane Stress / Wykrywanie Uszkodzen W Tarczy Typu T Z Uzyciem Analizy Propagacji Fal W Płaskim Stanie Naprezenia

M. Rucka 1 , W. Witkowski 1 , J. Chróscielewski 1  and K. Wilde 1
  • 1 Department of Structural Mechanics and Bridge Structures, Faculty of Civil and Environmental


A computational approach to analysis of wave propagation in plane stress problems is presented. The initial-boundary value problem is spatially approximated by the multi-node C0 displacement-based isoparametric quadrilateral finite elements. To integrate the element matrices the multi-node Gauss-Legendre-Lobatto quadrature rule is employed. The temporal discretization is carried out by the Newmark type algorithm reformulated to accommodate the structure of local element matrices. Numerical simulations are conducted for a T-shaped steel panel for different cases of initial excitation. For diagnostic purposes, the uniformly distributed loads subjected to an edge of the T-joint are found to be the most appropriate for design of ultrasonic devices for monitoring the structural element integrity

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