Selected aspects of endometritis – pyometra complex in dogs – current troubles and treatment perspectives

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Pyometra is the most common gynecological disease in female dogs. It usually occurs in middle age female dogs, usually about two months after the completion of heat. This disease is the accumulation of purulent fluid inside the uterus. Etiology of pyometra is not fully understood. It is assumed, that pyometra is a result of hormonal disorders in the endometrium combined with bacterial superinfection. The diagnosis is based on the interview, clinical examination, additional laboratory tests and ultrasound or x-ray of the abdomen. There are two treatments: ovariohysterectomy and conservative treatment with pharmacological agents for example prostaglandin, aglepriston, antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. Currently conducted molecular studies have a large influence on the development of the present knowledge on the pathogenesis and course of pyometra, whose conclusions may be used to change the current therapeutic protocols.

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