Splenic Leiomyoma in Dog

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Leiomyoma is a benign tumour, originating from smooth muscles cells. This tumor commonly involves the uterus, vagina, stomach, intestine, urinary bladder and other organs. Only a few cases of splenic leiomyoma in dogs have been reported in the available literature. Much more frequently malignant leiomyosarcoma was found. The aim of this study was to compile rare clinical case of splenic leiomyoma in dog, which developed with no clinical signs and no abnormalities in blood findings. A 14-year-old, spayed bitch was examined with ultrasonography, where lesions on the spleen were identified. Based on the clinical findings (blood test in norm, no metastases in X-ray examination) surgical removal of spleen was recommended. Two fragments of tumors were prepare for histopathological examination. The lesion was described as smooth muscle benign tumor, therefore a diagnosis of leiomyoma was made. About a year after splenectomy no signs of metastases were present in a ultrasound and X-ray examinations. This report indicates the necessity of taking the occurrence of benign lesions in the spleen into account. Splenectomy based on the presence of tumor lesion should be associated with histopathological examination to identify the nature of change. This clinical case, despite a marked morphological lesion shown during intraoperative examination, was benign with successful prognosis.

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