Mini review article. Human herpesvirus-6 and the etiology of multiple sclerosis: a literature review

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Background: There is no consensus in the literature on the role of human herpes virus-6 (HHV-6) in multiple sclerosis (MS) onset or progression.

Objective: We evaluated a possible role for HHV-6 in MS onset and progression.

Methods: We conducted a literature search of PubMed and Google scholar with the following search terms: (“multiple sclerosis” OR “MS”) and (“Human Herpes Virus-6” OR “HHV-6”).

Results: A total 21 publications were retrieved, of which 19 case-control studies were included. A further 25 articles were retrieved for background information.

Conclusion: There was insufficient evidence to support a role of HHV-6 in MS onset and progression.

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