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The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly changed our world and shifts in our societies continue to accelerate at an alarming speed. This medial response will require deeper thought and it is vital that social scientists contribute to the international debates. In response to this challenge, we have produced this pamphlet, ‘12 Perspectives on the Pandemic'. The free publication provides a virtual space for key thinkers in that field to begin these very conversations, observe the zeitgeist, draw breath. We hope it will become a useful part of the academic response to the global crisis.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the big ideas discussed in the pamphlet:

  • People want more than statistics when the scale of the crisis calls out for a moral or religious response
  • This virus may be the covert midwife of authoritarian regimes if we are not careful
  • In China, the idea of the monolingual ideology (so prominent in West) was ditched in 48 hours
  • In Europe, the pandemic has amplified the second colonial drain of skills by employing foreign-trained and foreign-born doctors, nurses and medical staff
  • The area of peak globalization is not over
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Gerhard Boomgaarden
Gerhard Boomgaarden
Editorial Director, Social Sciences