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References [1] MALINOWSKI M., MILCZAREK A., KOT R., GORYCA Z., SZUSTER J.T., Optimized Energy-Conversion Systems for Small Wind Turbines: Renewable energy sources in modern distributed power generation systems, IEEE Power Electronics Magazine, Sept. 2015, 2, 3, 16-30. [2] WANG Y., XU L., Peak Power Improvement of Interior Permanent Motor for Electrified Vehicles, IEEE Electrification Magazine, June 2014, 2, 2, 25-30. [3] EL-REFAIE A.M., Motors/generators for traction/propulsion applications: A review, IEEE

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An Induction Motor Based Wind Turbine Emulator

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Model test of new floating offshore wind turbine platforms

References Bulder, B., van Hees, M.T.h., Henderson, A.R., Huijsmans, R.H.M., Pierik, J.T.G., Snijders, E.J.B., Wijnants, G.H. and Wolf, M.J., 2002. Study to feasibility of and boundary conditions for floating offshore wind turbines. ECN, MARIN, TNO, TUD, MSC, Lagerway the Windmaster. Jensen, J.J., Olsen, A.S. and Mansour, A.E., 2011. Extreme wave and wind response predictions. Ocean Engineering, 38 (17-18), pp.2244-2253. Jonkman, J., Butterfield, S., Musial, W. and Scott, G., 2009. Definition of a 5-MW reference

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Modeling Wind Turbines in the Simulation of Power System Dynamics

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Roof Pitch Angle Examination for Wind Turbine Installation

, building height and urban configuration on the energy yield and positioning of roof mounted wind turbines . Renewable Energy, 50. (2013) 1106–1118. [4] Ledo L., Kosasih P. B., Cooper P.: Roof mounting site analysis for micro-wind turbines, Renewable Energy, 36. (2011) 1379–1391. [5] World Wind Energy Association: 2017 Small Wind World Report . WWEA Head Office, Bonn 2017. [6

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Maintenance Grouping Optimization for Offshore Wind Turbine Considering Opportunities Based on Rolling Horizon Approach

REFERENCES 1. Arshad, M., O’Kelly, B.C.: Offshore wind-turbine structures: a review. Proc. Inst. Civ. Eng. Energy 2013.166 (4) 139-152. 2. Besnard, F., Bertling, L.: An approach for condition-based maintenance optimization applied to wind turbine blades. IEEE Trans. Sustain. Energy 2010, 1 (2) 1-7. 3. Carlos, S., Sanchez, A., Martorell, S., Marton, I.: Onshore wind farms maintenance optimization using stochastic model . Math. Comput. Model. 2013, 57 (708) 1884-1890. 4. Carroll, J., McDonald, A.: Failure rate, repair time and

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The Performance of Direct-Driven Variable Speed Wind Turbine with PMSG and Converter Systems

References [1] EL HANI S., GUEDIRA S., EL ALAMI N., Maximum Power Tracking Control Wind Turbine Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with Complete Converter, International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, 2014, Vol. 3, No. 1, 15-21. [2] GAJEWSKI P., PIEŃKOWSKI K., Control of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine System With PMSG Generator, Maszyny Elektryczne - Zeszyty Problemowe, 2015, Vol. 107, No. 3, 75-90. [3] GAJEWSKI P., PIEŃKOWSKI K., Analysis of a Wind Energy Converter System with PMSG

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Model test of an inverted conical cylinder floating offshore wind turbine moored by a spring-tensioned-leg

References Bulder, B., van Hees, M.T.h., Henderson, A.R., Huijsmans, R.H.M., Pierik, J.T.G., Snijders, E.J.B.,Wijnants, G.H. and Wolf, M.J., 2002. Study to Feasibility of and Boundary Conditions for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines. ECN, MARIN, TNO, TUD, MSC, Lagerway the Windmaster. Jensen, J.J., Olsen, A.S. and Mansour, A.E., 2011. Extreme wave and wind response predictions. Ocean Engineering, 38. pp.2244-2253. Jonkman, J., 2010. Definition of the floating system for phase IV of OC3. [online] National

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The Influence of Wind Turbines on Radio Astronomical Observations in Irbene

REFERENCES 1. Jessner, A. (2011). Report on Windfarms and Radio Astronomy. Available at . 2. Jessner, A. (2010). Wind Power and Radio Astronomy. Available at . 3. Mattsson, S. (2010). Windturbines vs Radiosystems. Available at . 4. Bendz, E. (2010). Electromagnetic Interference from Wind Turbines on Onsala Space Observatory. Available at http

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An experimental study of the effect of mooring systems on the dynamics of a SPAR buoy-type floating offshore wind turbine

REFERENCES Butterfield, S., Musial, W., Jonkman, J. and Sclavounos, P., 2007. Engineering challenges for floating wind Turbines. Report number NREL/CP-500-38776 . Colorado: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Dodaran, A.A. and Park, S.K., 2012. Development of design static property analysis of mooring system caisson for off-shore floating wind turbine. International Journal of Ocean System Engineering , 2(2), pp.97-105. Goupee, A.J., Koo, B.J., Lambrakos, K.F. and Kimball, R.W., 2012. Model tests for three floating wind turbine

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