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Roman Gogola, Justín Murín and Juraj Hrabovský

References [1] White F.M.: Fluid Mechanics, 3rd. ed., pp 269-270, McGraw-Hill New York (1994) [2] Hung P.V., Yamaguchi H., Isozaki M., Gull J. H.: Large amplitude vibrations of longspan transmission lines with bundled conductors in gusty wind. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 126 (2014) 48-59. [3] Wang J.: Overhead Transmission Line Vibration and Galloping. International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application, Chongqing, China, November 9-13, 2008. [4

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Aleksandrs Urbahs, Margarita Urbaha and Kristīne Carjova

. Fateev, Vetrodvigateli i vetroustanovki. Moscow: OGIZ, 1948. [5] P. Jamieson, Innovation in Wind Turbine Design . Wiley & Sons, 2011. [6] V. Lyatkher, Wind Power: Turbine Design, Selection, and Optimization . Wiley & Sons, 2013. [7] National Research Council. Assessment of Research Needs for Wind Turbine Rotor Materials Technology. Washington: National Academies Press, 1991. [8] V. Rodionov, Problemy nastojashhego i vozmozhnosti budushhego. Moscow: JeNAS, 2010

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Dominik Banat

1 Introduction Composite structures are one of the most commonly used structural materials that have been increasingly used in the recent years with significant developments in the aviation, automotive, wind power, sport equipment and transport industries. This is due to the growing demand for lightweight and high-strength materials in order to meet the stringent requirements of modern industry. In fact, however, the rapid development and the use of composite structures began truly after the production of synthetic resins whose adhesion properties are the