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Mansour Hadji Hosseinlou and Shahab Kabiri

transportation networks, in 14th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering. 2015: Tehran, Iran. 20. Keyhani, A., et al., An assessment of wind energy potential as a power generation source in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Energy, 2010. 35(1): p. 188-201. 21. Rashidi, M. and M. Massoudi, A study of the relationship of street level carbon monoxide concentrations to traffic parameters. Atmospheric Environment (1967), 1980. 14(1): p. 27-32. 22. Sarabi, E.R., An analysis to energy consumption rate in road transportation sector of Iran and

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F. Popa, C. Alexescu and B. Popa

5. REFERENCES [1] Rangoni B. A contribution on electricity storage: the case of hydro-pumped storage appraisal and commissioning in Italy and Spain. Util. Policy, 23; 2012. p. 31–9. [2] Popa B, Paraschivescu A. Introduction in water energy uses. Politehnica Press Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007. [3] Mosonyi E. Water Power Development. Akademiai Kiado, Budapesta, 1987. [4] Popa F, Popa B, Popescu C Assessment of Pumped Storage Plants in Romania. EENVIRO 2016, 26-28 October 2016, Bucharest. Accepted for publication in Energy Procedia

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Marta Grzyb and Konrad Stefański

References [1] Akmal H., Qu Y., Estimation of Wind Field Velocity and Aircraft States with an F-16 Lateral Guidance Control System, Proceeding of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, China, 2015, pp. 2293-2298. [2] Alexis K., Nikolakopoulos G., Tzes A., Switching model predictive attitude control for a quadrotor helicopter subject to atmospheric disturbances, ‘Control Engineering Practice’, 2011, 19(10), pp. 1195-1207. [3] Bociek S., Gruszecki J., Układy sterowania automatycznego

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M. Gaiceanu, S. Epure, C. R. Dache and S. Ciuta

References [1] [2] M. Kazmierkowski, Control in Power Electronics: Selected Problems, 2002, Academic Press - Elsevier [3] Leonhard, W., Control of electrical drives, Springer- Verlag, Berlin, 1996. [4] M. Molinas, B. Naess, W. Gullvik, and T. Undeland "Cage induction generators for wind turbines with power electronics converters in the light of the new grid codes", 2005 European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, 2005. [5] Y. Guo, X. Wang, H

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Nicolae Vasile, Bogdan Tene, Andrei Nedelschi, Nicolae Fidel and Ionuţ Craiu

References [1] Vasile, N, Stan, MF: The market of electrical products and technologies. Publishing House Bibliotheca, Târgoviște, 2012. [2] Măgureanu, R, Vasile, N, Solar and/or wind power plants with hydraulic energy storage, Patent application: RO 130 933 A2 din 21. 08. 2014, published on site-ul OSIM. [3

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Otilia Elena Dragomir and Florin Dragomir

] Chiras D. The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy: Achieving Energy Independence Through Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Hydropower, Gabriola Island: New Society Publishers, 2011. [15] Boyle G. Renewable Electricity and the Grid, London, 2007. [16] Rapier R. Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil, Apress, 2012. [17] Saglam S., Oral B., Gorgulu S., Comparaison of regional photovoltaic energy production: Marmara region, Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering, 2014, 111-116. [18] Bouallegue A., Power conscience solution for user’s energy

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Ana Camelia Sauca, Tudor Milchiș and Ferdinánd-Zsongor Gobesz

J. H., Banks D.: Wind Loads on Utility Scale Solar PV Power Plants. 2015 SEAOC Convention Proceedings. 1–8. [9] Alluri S. K. R., Shit T., Gujjula D., Phani Kumar S. V. S., Ramana Murthy M. V.: Feasibility study on fixed platforms for offshore wind turbine in India . Journal of Structural Engineering (India), 41/1. (2014) 1248–1256. [10] E nergy Street: Global solar radiations (letöltve 2018. november 20.) [11] Kelvin PDC: Panouri solare