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Radosław Zimroz, Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Walter Bartelmus, Fabien Millioz and Nadine Martin

. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 23, 1724-1749. Baydar, N., Ball, A. (2002). Detection of gear deterioration under varying load conditions by using the instantaneous power spectrum. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 14(6), 907-921. Urbanek, J., Barszcz, T., Sawalhi, N., Randall, R. B. (2011). Comparison of amplitude based and phase based methods for speed tracking in application to wind turbines. Metrology and Measurement Systems , 18(2), 295-304. Barszcz, T. Randall, R. B

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Yagang Zhang, Chenhong Zhang, Yuan Zhao and Shuang Gao

R eferences [1] “Global wind energy council” (GWEC) [DB/OL]. [2] E. T. Renani, M. F Mohamad Elias and N. A. Rahim, “Using data-driven approach for wind power prediction: A comparative study”, Energy Conversion and Management , vol. 118, pp. 193-203.June.2016.doi: 10.1016/j.enconman.2016.03.078. [3] A. Khosravi, R. N. N. Koury, L. Machado and J. J. G. Pabon, “Prediction of wind speed and wind direction using artificial neural network, support vector regression and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system”, Sustainable Energy Technologies and

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Yagang Zhang, Guifang Pan, Chenhong Zhang and Yuan Zhao

R eferences [1] Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) [DB/OL]. [2] J. Z. Wang, Y. L. Song, F. Liu, and R. Hou, “Analysis Application of Forecasting Models in Wind Power Integration: A Review of Multi-Step-Ahead Wind Speed Forecasting Models”, Renewable Sustainable Energy Reviews vol. 60, pp. 960–981, 2016. [3] A. Jackson and B. Turnbull, “Identification of Particle-Laden Flow Features from Wavelet Decomposition”, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena vol. 361, pp. 12–27, 2016. [4] K. Y. Zhang, R. Gencay, and M. E. Yazgan, “Application of Wavelet

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Florenţiu Deliu, Petrică Popov and Paul Burlacu

References [1] Babescu M., Synchronous Electrical Machines – Modeling-Identification-Simulation , ISBN 973-625-021-0, POLITEHNICA Timişoara, 2003. [2] Boldea I., Unified treatment of core losses and saturation in the othogonal axis model of electric machines , IEEE Proceedings, Vol. 134, Pt.B., No.6, 1987. [3] Celanovic N., Boroyevich D., A fast space-vector modulation algorithm for multilevel three-phase converters , IEEE Trans. Ind. Appl., vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 637-641, Mar. 2001. [4] Puttonen P, Salo M., Tuusa H., Wind power plant

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Marek Nowosad, Mateusz Dobek, Adam Kieliszek and Krzysztof Siwek


This paper presents and analysis of the highest wind speed values recorded at the Meteorological Observatory of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. The study uses values recorded data (3 times a day) for the period 1981-2005. During the 25 years of the study period there were 19 occasions of wind speed ≥ 10 m·s-1 and 14 cases of winds gusting at or over 20 m·s-1. Both kinds of situation were noticed most often in January and did not occur in May, June, July or August.

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Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Nader Sawalhi and Robert Randall

, F., El Badaoui, M., Randall, R.B., Danie‵re, J., Guillet, F. (2005). Use of the acceleration signal of a gearbox in order to perform angular resampling (with limited speed fluctuation). Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 19, 766-785. Borkowski, D. (2005). On-line instantaneous frequency estimation and voltage/current coherent resampling metod. Metrology and Measurement Systems , 12(1), 59 - 75. Sedlacek, M., Krumpholc, M. (2005). Digital measurement of phase difference - a comparative study of DSP

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V. Bezrukovs, A. Zacepins, Vl. Bezrukovs and V. Komashilovs

potential and acoustic noise distribution when designing wind power plants. The 52nd International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering . Riga Technical University, October, 2011. 4. Bezrukov, V., Domburs, L., Pugachev, V. (1995). The performance evaluation of the efficiency of the TW 600 wind power converter in Ainazi region. Latvian Journal of Physical and Technical Sciences , 2, 35–45. 5. Bezrukovs, V., Bezrukovs, Vl. (2012). Wind speed and energy at different heights on the Latvian shore of the Baltic Sea. WREF 2012 , Denver

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Hana Středová, Jana Podhrázská, Tomáš Litschmann, Tomáš Středa and Jaroslav Rožnovský

porosity. MendelNet 2010, Proceedings of International Ph.D. Students Conference, Brno, 24.11.2010, 412-426 (in Czech). Muzikova B., Toman F., Jares V., 2010: Partial study of windbreak effect on wind speed reduction. 18th International Poster Day Transport of Water, Chemicals and Energy in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System, Bratislava, 11.11.2010 (in Czech). Straight R., Brandle J., 2007: Windbreak density: Rules of thumb for design. Agro­forestry notes, USDA, 4 p. Sudmeyer R. A., Scott P. R., 2002: Characterisation of a

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V. Bezrukovs, Vl. Bezrukovs, A. Zacepins and V. Komashilovs

. International Conference on Alternative Energy in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies. Thailand (Bangkok), 614 - 619. 5. Bezrukovs, V., & Bezrukovs, V.l. (May 13-17, 2012). Wind speed and energy at different heights on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea. WREF, Denver (Colorado), 13-17. 6. Bezrukovs, V., Bezrukovs, V.I., & Zacepins, A. (2014). Comparative efficiency of wind turbines with different heights of rotor hubs: performance evaluation for Latvia. Journal of Physics, Conference Series, 1-9. 7. Manwell, J

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Xing Yang, Xiaodong Hu and Zhiqing Li

REFERENCES Chen, Q., Wang, L.X., Zhao, H.H. and Douglass, S.L., 2007. Prediction of storm surges and wind waves on coastal highways in hurricane-prone areas. Journal of Coastal Research , 23(5), pp.1304-1317. Dong, S., Fan, D.Q. and Tao, S.S., 2012. Joint occurrence period of wind speed and wave height based on both service term and risk probability. Journal of Ocean University of China , 11(4), pp.488-494. Genest, C., Ghoudi, K. and Rivest, L.P., 1995. A semiparametric estimation procedure of dependence parameters in multivariate families of