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Aleksejs Grocevs, Natalya Prokofyeva and Stefan Leye

References [1] A. Bongio et al., Designing data-intensive Web applications, Massachusetts: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2003 [2] S. Salva, I. Rabhi, “Stateful Web Service Robustness” in ICIW, 2010 Fifth International Conference, 2010, pp. 167-173 [3] S. K. Beck, “Systems and methods for suspending and resuming of a stateful web application,” U. S. Patent 7757239 B2, August 29, 2005. [4] F. Bellucci et al., “Engineering JavaScript state persistence of web applications migrating across multiple

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Lorena Daiana Muresan, Ulrich L. Rohde and A. M. Silaghi


In computing, a web application is a client-server software application in which the client runs in a web browser. This paper presents the process of developing a web application for the tourists of São Miguel.

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Peichao Guan, Guobin Zhu and Bing Yan

. A Framework and Ontology for Dynamic Web Services Selection. – IEEE Internet Comput., Vol. 8 , 2004, No 5, pp. 84-93. 16. Bensaber, D. A., M. Malki. Development of Semantic Web Services: Model Driven Approach. – In: Proc. of 8th International Conference on New Technologies in Distributed Systems. Lyon, France, ACM, 2008, pp. 1-11. 17. Cheng, Z. Mechanism and Methodology of Web Service Registry and Repository for Semantic Interoperability. Wuhan University, 2010. 18. Hui, W. Construction and Application of Web Service Infrastructure for Internet

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Anca Vasilescu

coordinated by Anca Vasilescu, Master Program in Computer Science, University Transilvania of Braşov, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, UTBv-MI-2013-B, 2013. [4] Collins, G., High Performance Web Applications in Haskell , Track: Functional Web, QConLondon 2011, Intl Software Development Conference, March 9-11, 2011. [5] Dhyani, D., Ng, W.K., Bhowmick, S.S., A Survey of Web Metrics , ACM Computing Surveys 34 , 4 (December 2002), 469-503, 2002. [6] Luccio, F., Pagli, L., Steel, G., Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of the Internet

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Pavel Osipov and Arkady Borisov

References Araya S., Silva M., Weber R. Identifying web usage behavior of bank customers // Berlin: Springer, October 2003. - P 951-958. Ajith A., Vitorino R. Web Usage Mining Artificial Ant Colony Clustering and Linear Genetic Programming // CEC'03 - Congress on Evolutionary Computation / IEEE Press, ISBN 078-0378-04-0, 8-12 December 2003. - Canberra, Australia P. 1384-1391. Software Discipulus™ Web Site URL: Ye S., Wen J., Ma W. A

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József Domokos and Zsolt Attila Szakács

Technology and Human–Computer Dialogue (SpeD), 2013, pp. 77–82. [9] J. Domokos, S. László, O. Buza, G. Toderean “Romanian language voice browsing for web applications using grapheme level acoustic modeling” in Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 8–9, 2013, pp. 29–36. [10] J. Domokos, O. Buza, G. Toderean, “Romanian phonetic transcription dictionary for speeding up language technology development” in Language Resources and Evaluation, Vol. 49, Issue 2,, 2015, pp. 311-325. [11] A. Stan, M. Giurgiu, “Romanian Language Statistics and Resources for Text

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Daniela Borissova, Ivan Mustakerov and Dilian Korsemov

References 1. Alonso, S., E. Herrera-Viedma, F. Chiclana, F. Herrera. A Web Based Consensus Support System for Group Decision Making Problems and Incomplete Preferences. - Information Sciences, Vol. 180, 2010, pp. 4477-4495. 2. Borissova, D. Group Decision Making for Selection of k-Best Alternatives. - Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci., Vol. 69, 2016, No 2, pp. 183-190. ISSN 1310-1331. 3. Canadas, J., J. Palma, S. Tunez. A Model-Driven Method for Automatic Generation of Rule-Based Web Applications. - In: Proc. of 5

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Joaquín Cañadas, José Palma and Samuel Túnez

Semantic Web rules, in I. F. Cruz, S. Decker, J. Euzenat and D. L. McGuinness (Eds.), Proceedings of SWWS'01, The First Semantic Web Working Symposium, Stanford University, California, USA , pp. 381-401. Brachman, R. J. and Levesque, H. J. (2004). Knowledge Representation and Reasoning , Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA. Cañadas, J., Palma, J. and Túnez, S. (2009). InSCo-Gen: A MDD tool for Web rule-based applications, in M. Gaedke, M. Grossniklaus and O. Díaz (Eds.), Web Engineering: 9th International

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Tomáš Štefanička, Renata Ďuračiová and Csaba Seres

-1118 DOI: 10.1109/ICACCI.2013.6637333 Jeon, J. - Kong, Y. - Kangbin, Y. - Nam, Y. - Yim, K. (2015) An Indoor Positioning System using Bluetooth RSSI with an Accelerometer and a Barometer on a Smartphone. 2015 10th International Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications: (BWCCA): IEEE Conference Publications, pp. 528-531. DOI: 10.1109/BWCCA.2015.142 Koyuncu, H. - Yang, S. H. (2010) A Survey of Indoor Positioning and Object Locating Systems. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security

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Veena Goswami, S. S. Patra and G. B. Mund

., Yaksha: A self-tuning controller for managing the performance of 3-tiered web sites, Proceedings of International Workshop on Quality of Service , 2004, 47-58. [7] Kundu A., Banerjee A.D., Saha P., Introducing New Services in Cloud Computing Environment, International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications , 4, 5, 2010, 143-152. [8] Reddy K.V., Rao B., Reddy L.S.S.,Kiran P.S., Research Issues in Cloud Computing, Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology , 11, 11, 2011, 59-64. [9] Urgaonkar B