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D. Srinivasacharya and P. Jagadeeshwar

convectively heated stretching sheet with heat generation . – Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.2012. [5] Shehzad S.A., Alsaedi A. and Hayat T. (2013): Influence of thermophoresis and Joule heaating on the radiative flow of Jeffrey fluid with mixed convection. – Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol.30, No.4, pp.897- 908. [6] Reddy M.G. (2014): Effects of thermophoresis, viscous dissipation and Joule heating on steady MHD flow over an inclined radiative isothermal permeable surface with variable thermal conductivity. – Journal of Applied

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B. Zigta

. – Chamchuri, Journal of Mathematics, vol.1, No.2, pp.79-92. [7] Mahajan R.L. and Gebhart B.B. (1989): Viscous dissipation effects in Buoyancy- Induced flows . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.32, No.7, pp.1380-1382. [8] Suneetha S., Bhaskar Reddy N. and Ramachandra Prasad V. (2008): The thermal radiation effects on MHD free convection flow past an impulsively started vertical plate with variable surface temperature and concentration . – Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, vol.2, pp.57-70. [9] Suneetha S., Bhaskar Reddy N. and

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Tasawar Hayat, Muhammad Waqas, Sabir Ali Shehzad and Ahmed Alsaedi

simulation of MHD nanofluid flow and heat transfer considering viscous dissipation. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 79, 212–222. Tripathi, D., Ali, N., Hayat, T., Chaube, M.K., Hendi, A.A., 2011. Peristaltic flow of MHD Jeffrey fluid through a finite length cylindrical tube. Appl. Math. Mech. Engl. Edit., 32, 1148–1160. Turkyilmazoglu, M., 2012a. Three dimensional MHD stagnation flow due to a stretchable rotating disk. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 55, 6959–6965. Turkyilmazoglu, M., 2012b. Solution of Thomas-Fermi equation with a convergent approach. Commun

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K.V. Prasad, P. Mallikarjun and H. Vaidya

References [1] Aung W. and Worku G. (1986): Theory of fully developed combined convection including flow reversal . – ASME J. of Heat and Transfer, vol.108, pp.485-488. [2] Zanchini E. (1998): Effect of viscous dissipation on mixed convection in a vertical channel with boundary conditions of the third kind . – Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.41, pp.3949-3959. [3] Barletta A. (1998): Laminar mixed convection with viscous dissipation in a vertical channel . – Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.41, pp.3501-3513. [4] Boulama K. and

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K.G. Kumar, B.J. Gireesha and S. Manjunatha

): Melting heat transfer of hyperbolic tangent fluid over a stretching sheet with fluid particle suspension and thermal radiation . – Communications in Numerical Analysis, vol.2, pp.125-140. [5] Hayat T., Anum Shafiq and Alsaedi A. (2016): Characteristics of magnetic field and melting heat transfer in stagnation point flow of Tangent-hyperbolic liquid . – Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol.405, pp.97-106. [6] Ganesh Kumar K., Gireesha B.J., Prasannakumara B.C. and Ramesh G.K. (2017): Phenomenon of radiation and viscous dissipation on Casson

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M.M. Nandeppanavar and M.N. Siddalingappa

sheet . - Transp. Porous Med., vol.64, pp.375-392. Mahantesh M. Nandeppanavar, Abel M.S. and Vajravelu K. (2010): Flow and heat transfer characteristics of viscoelastic fluid in a porous medium over an impermeable stretching sheet with viscous dissipation . - Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.53, pp.4707-4713. Mahantesh M. Nandeppanavar, Vajravelu K. and Abel M.S. (2011): Heat transfer in MHD viscoelastic boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with thermal radiation and non-uniform heat source/sink . - Communications in Non

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M. Madhu, B. Balaswamy and N. Kishan

. – Meccanica, vol.47, pp.31-50. [14] Hunegnaw Dessie and Kishan N. (2014): MHD effects on heat transfer over stretching sheet embedded in porous medium with variable viscosity, viscous dissipation and heat source/sink . – Ain Shams Eng. J., vol.5, pp.967-977. [15] Lok Y.Y., Ishak A. and Pop I. (2011): MHD stagnation-point flow towards a shrinking sheet . – Int. J. Numer. Methods Heat Fluid Flow, vol.21, pp.61-72. [16] Van Rij J., Ameel T. and Harman T. (2009): The effect of viscous dissipation and rarefaction on rectangular microchannel convective heat

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N. Kishan and B. Shashidar Reddy

The problem of a magneto-hydro dynamic flow and heat transfer to a non-Newtonian power-law fluid flow past a continuously moving flat porous plate in the presence of sucion/injection with heat flux by taking into consideration the viscous dissipation is analysed. The non-linear partial differential equations governing the flow and heat transfer are transformed into non-linear ordinary differential equations using appropriate transformations and then solved numerically by an implicit finite difference scheme. The solution is found to be dependent on various governing parameters including the magnetic field parameter M, power-law index n, suction/injection parameter ƒw, Prandtl number Pr and Eckert number Ec. A systematical study is carried out to illustrate the effects of these major parameters on the velocity profiles, temperature profile, skin friction coefficient and rate of heat transfer and the local Nusslet number.

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N. Kishan and P. Kavitha


A fluid flow and heat transfer analysis of an electrically conducting non-Newtonian power law fluid flowing over a non-linear stretching surface in the presence of a transverse magnetic field taking into consideration viscous dissipation effects is investigated. The stretching velocity, the temperature and the transverse magnetic field are assumed to vary in a power-law with the distance from the origin. The flow is induced due to an infinite elastic sheet which is stretched in its own plane. The governing equations are reduced to non-linear ordinary differential equations by means of similarity transformations. By using quasi-linearization techniques first linearize the non linear momentum equation is linearized and then the coupled ordinary differential equations are solved numerically by an implicit finite difference scheme. The numerical solution is found to be dependent on several governing parameters, including the magnetic field parameter, power-law index, Eckert number, velocity exponent parameter, temperature exponent parameter, modified Prandtl number and heat source/sink parameter. A systematic study is carried out to illustrate the effects of these parameters on the fluid velocity and the temperature distribution in the boundary layer. The results for the local skin-friction coefficient and the local Nusselt number are tabulated and discussed.

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B. Awasthi

. Science, vol.42, pp.217-230. [4] Chaudhary R.C., Sharma and B.K. and Jha A.K. (2006): Radiation effect with simultaneous thermal and mass diffusion in MHD mixed convection flow from a vertical surface with Ohmic heating . – Rom. Journ. Phys., vol.51, No.7–8, pp.715–727. [5] Chaudhary R.C. and Jha A.K. (2008): Heat and mass transfer in elastico-viscous fluid past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate with hall effect . – Latin American Applied Research, vol.38, pp.17-26. [6] Soundalgekar V.M. (1972): Viscous dissipation effects on unsteady