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Anayansi Escalante-Aburto, Juan de Dios Figueroa-Cárdenas, José Juan Véles-Medina, Néstor Ponce-García, Zorba Josué Hernández-Estrada, Patricia Rayas-Duarte and Senay Simsek

., 2016. Viscoelastic properties of tablets from Osborne solubility fraction, pentosans and flour and bread using relaxation tests. J. Cereal Science, 69, 207-212. Figueroa J.D.C., Hernández Z.J.E., Véles M.J.J., Rayas-Duarte P., Martínez-Flores H.E., and Ponce-García N., 2011. Evaluation of degree of elasticity and other mechanical properties of wheat kernels. Cereal Chemistry, 88, 12-18. Figueroa J.D.C., Maucher T., Reule W., and Peña, R.J., 2009. Influence of high molecular weight glutenins on viscoelastic properties of intact wheat kernel and relation

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Mehdi Koohmishi

References Chen, Y. (2009) Viscoelastic modeling of flexible pavement . A dissertation presented to the graduate faculty of the University of Akron. Cho, Y. H., McCullough, B. F. , Weissmann, J. (1996) Considerations on finite-element method application in pavement structural analysis . Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 1539, 1996, pp. 96-101. Duncan, J. M., Monismith, C. L., Wilson, E. L. (1968) Finite element analyses of pavements . Transportation Research Record. 228, Transportation

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Marek Pawlikowski

-46. Skalski K., Pawlikowski M., Suchocki C.: Constitutive equations and bone functional adaptation ([in Polish]: Równania konstytutywne I adaptacja funkcjonalna kości), Technical Mechanics v. XII, Biomechanics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 517-614, 2011. Carter D. R., Hayes W. C.: The compressive behavior of bone as a two-phase porous structure. J Bone Joint Surg [Am], 1977, 59:954-62. Linde F.: Elastic and viscoelastic properties of trabecular bone by a compression testing approach., Dan Med Bull., 1994, 41

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Sandra Carillo, Michel Chipot, Vanda Valente and Giorgio Vergara Caffarelli

References 1. G. Amendola, S. Carillo and A. Manes, Classical free energies of a heat conductor with memory and the minimum free energy for its discrete spectrum model, Bollettino U. M.l., sect. B , vol.3, pp. 421-446, 2010. 2. G. Amendola, S. Carillo, J.M. Golden and A. Manes, Viscoelastic fluids: free energies, differential problems and asymptotic behaviour, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B , vol. 19, pp.1815-1835, 2014. 3. M. Bertsch, P. Podio-Guidugli and V. Valente, On the dynamics of deformable ferromagnets, I. Global

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Tsviatko V. Rangelov, Petia S. Dineva and George D. Manolis

R eferences [1] G urtin , M. E., A. I. M urdoch . A Continuum Theory of Elastic Material Surfaces. Arch. Ration. Mach. Anal. , 57 (1975), 291-323. [2] S chanz , M. Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic and Poroelastic Continua: A Boundary Element Approach, Lecture Notes in Applied Mechanics, Vol. 2, Springer, Berlin, 2001. [3] B oltzmann , L. Theorie der elastischen nachwirkungen. Sitzungsbericht der Akademie der Wissenschaften (Wien): Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse , 70 (1874), No. 2 , 275-300. [4] M eyer , O. E. Theorie

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Merab Beraia, Fridon Todua and Irina Khomeriki

. Lakes RS. Viscoelastic materials. Cambrige: University Press; 2009. Ross R. Atherosclerosis - An inflammatory disease. N Engl J Med. 1999; 340(2): 115-126. Pedley TJ. The fluid mechanics of large blood vessels. Cambridge: University Press; 1980.

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Amel Atallah-Baraket and Maryem Trabelsi

References [1] S. Alinhac, P. Gérard, Opérateurs pseudo-differentiels et théoréme de Nash-Moser, Inter Éditions du CNRS, Meudon, France, 1991. [2] A. Atallah-Baraket, C. Fermanian Kammerer, High frequency analysis of solutions to the equation of viscoelasticity of Kelvin-Voight, J. Hyperbolic. Differ. Equ. 1 (2004), 789-812. [3] M.A. Ayadi, A. Bchatnia, M. Hamouda, S. Messaoudi, General decay in a Timoshenko-type system with thermoelasticity with second sound, Adv. Nonlinear Anal. 4 (2015), 263

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Thomas S. Brown, Shukai Du, Hasan Eruslu and Francisco-Javier Sayas

1 Introduction This paper offers a thorough introduction to mathematical tools to describe wave propagation in solids modeled with a wide collection of viscoelastic laws. Before we even attempt a general description of the models we will be addressing, let us emphasize what our goals are and what has not been tackled in the present paper. We aim for a unified mathematical description of a wide collection of known viscoelastic models, including basic well-posedness results. The models will include all classical viscoelastic wave models, fractional versions

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Jozef Sumec and Mária Minárová

References [1] BENČA, J. - KOSACZKÝ, E.: Foundations of Modeling Theory. /In Slovak/ Publ. House VEDA, Bratislava 1981. [2] BOLTZMANN, L.: Zur Theorie der elastischen Nachwirkung Sitzber. Acad. Wiss. Wien 70. S. 275 - 306. Wiss. Abhand. 1. S 616 - 639, 1874. [3] [BRILLA, J.: Linear Viscoelastic Bending of Anisotropic Plates. ZAMM, Sonderheft, Vol. 48, No. 10, 1968, pp 650 - 662. [4] BRILLA, J.: Viscoelastic Bending of Anisotropic Plates. /In Slovak/ Bulding Journal, ÚSTARCH SAV, 3, VII

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Paweł Ptaszek, Marcin Łukasiewicz, Anna Ptaszek and Mirosław Grzesik

thickeners and the clinical implications for dysphagia therapy. Dysphagia , 21, 264-269. DOI: 10.1007/s00455-006-9050-7. Dzuy Nguyen Q., Jensen C.T.B., Kristensen P.G., 1998. Experimental and modelling studies of the flow properties of maize and waxy maize starch pastes. Chem. Eng. J. , 70, 165-171. DOI: 10.1016/S1385-8947(98)00081-3. Eliasson A.C., 2004. Starch in food: Structure, function and applications . Woodhead Publishing, Cambrigde. Ferry J.D., 1980. Viscoelastic Properties of Polymers . Wiley, New York