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Antibiotic resistance in lactococci and enterococci: phenotypic and molecular-genetic aspects

Resistance Transfer in the Gut, Assessment of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Transfer in the Gut. Int J Microbiol Int J Microbiol 2011; 2011:e312956. 8. Ammor MS, Mayo B. Selection criteria for lactic acid bacteria to be used as functional starter cultures in dry sausage production: An update. Meat Sci 2007; 76(1): 138-46. 9. Salyers AA, Gupta A, Wang Y. Human intestinal bacteria as reservoirs for antibiotic resistance genes. Trends Microbiol 2004; 12(9): 412-6. 10. Teuber M, Meile L, Schwarz F. Acquired antibiotic

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