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Pavol Rybár, Pavel Hronček, Lucia Domaracká, Dana Tometzová and Miloš Jesenský

, M. (ed.): Nerastné bohatstvo v lomoch. Stredné Slovensko. Zborník prednášok zo seminára, Slovenské banské múzeum, Banská Štiavnica, pp. 16 - 18. (in Slovak) Clébrt, J.P., (1972) Guide de la Provence mystérieuse, éd. Tchou, Paris, 1972. (in French) Cole, D. (2004) Exploring the Sustainability of Mining Heritage Tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 2004, vol. 12, nr. 6, 480-494. Conline, M. V. and Jolliffe, L. (2011) Mining Heritage and Tourism: A Global Synthesis. New York: Routledge, 2011. 280 pp

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Xiu-zhi Meng, Zong-sheng Wang, Zeng-zhi Zhang and Feng-qian Wang

References [1] Xin Qian (2008). Cross-border Mining: Curse of safety accidents. Safety and Healthy , 10, 16-17. [2] Sun Yingjie (2008). The study of micro-seismic source place inversion methods. Published master dissertation, China University of Petroleum, Dongying, China. [3] Zhang Naling (2010). Research on the image algorithms of the fracture of the micro-seismic monitoring oil well. Published master dissertation, Jilin University, Jinlin, China. [4] Cheng Yunhai (2006

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Agnieszka Trzcionkowska and Edyta Brzychczy

.P.J.C., van der Aalst, W.M.P. (2009). Abstractions in process mining: A taxonomy of patterns. Germany. 7 th International BPM Conference Proceedings, pp. 159-175. Brzychczy, E., Trzcionkowska, A. (2017). New possibilities for process analysis in an underground mine. In: Management in mining production, economic, social and technical perspectives and experiences. Zeszyty Naukowe. Organizacja i Zarządzanie, 111, pp. 13-25. Cook, D.J., Krishnan, N.C., Rashidi, P. (2013). Activity discovery and activity recognition: A new partnership. IEE T

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Marek Cała, Agnieszka Stopkowicz, Michał Kowalski, Mateusz Blajer, Katarzyna Cyran and Kajetan D’obyrn

REFERENCES [1] M ortazavi A., H assani F.P., S habani M.M., A numerical investigation of rock pillar failure mechanism in underground openings , Comput. Geot., 2009, 36, No. 5. [2] J ing L., H udson J.A., Numerical methods in rock mechanics , Int. J. Rock Mech. Mining Sci., 2002, 39, No. 4. [3] J ing L., A review of techniques, advances and outstanding issues in numerical modelling for rock mechanics and rock engineering , Int. J. Rock Mech. Mining Sci., 2003, 40, No. 3. [4] C hen L., D uveau G., P outrel A., J ia Y., S hao J

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Aleksandar Milutinović, Aleksandar Ganić and Rade Tokalić

References Ašanin S., 2003. Inženjerska geodezija 1. Ageo d.o.o., Beograd. Borshch-Komponiets V., Navitny A., Knysh G., 1989. Mine Surveying. Mir Publisher, Moscow. Ganić A., Đorđević D., 2005. Geometrical control of the inclined spiral shape underground room project. Podzemni radovi / Underground Mining Engineering, No 14, p. 101-106. Ghilani C.D., Wolf P.R., 2012. Elementary surveying - An Introduction to Geomatics. Pearson Education Inc., New Jersey. Kavanagh B.F., 2010

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Phu Minh Vuong Nguyen and Zbigniew Niedbalski

References [1] AHMED H.M., EBERHARDT E., DUNBAR W.S., Interaction between block caving and rock slope deformation kinematics as a function of cave position and orientation of discontinuities, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and The Aus. IMM, 2014. [2] BAI M., KENDORSKI F., VAN ROOSENDAAL D., Chinese and North American high-extraction underground coal mining strata behavior and water protection experience and guidelines, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, Morgantown 1995

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Krzysztof Tajduś

Numerical Methods in Geomechanics, Nagoya. Tajduś A., Cała M., Tajduś K., 2012. Geomechanika w budownictwie podziemnym. Projektowanie i budowa tuneli . Wydawnictwo AGH Kraków. Tajduś K., 2009. Determination of the value of the strain parameters for strata rock mass in the region of underground mining influence . Dissertation ISBN 978-3-86797-061-7, VGE Verlag GmbH, Essen, nr. 2. Tajduś K., 2010. The determination of the approximate value of a GSI index for Hoek’s rock mass classification for the rocks in the area of

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Ritesh Kumar Mishra and Mikael Rinne

References Barton N.R., Lien R., Lunde J., 1974. Engineering Classification of Rock Masses for the Design of Tunnel Support. Rock Mech., p. 184-239. Brady E.H., Brown E.T., 1993. Rock Mechanics for Underground Mining (2nd ed.). London: Chapman & Hall. Deere D.U., 1963. Technical Description of Rock Cores for Engineering Purposes. Felsmechanik und Ingenieurgeologie, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 16-22. Hamrin H., 2001. Underground Mining Methods and Application. [In:] W.A. Hustrulid, R.L. Bullock, Underground

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Dawid Szurgacz and Jarosław Brodny

fire zone in goaf with caving of operating longwalls. 16th Proceedings of International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2016, pp. 897-904. Johansson, M. (2010). Effective process monitoring in underground mining. 4th International Platinum Conference, Platinum in transition ‘Boom or Bust’. The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, pp. 223-229. Palka, D., Brodny, J. Stecula, K. (2017). Modern means of production and the staff awareness of the technical in the plant of the mining industry. CBU International

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Rafael Barrionuevo Giménez


TSM is escape pipe in case of collapse of terrain. The TSM is a passive security tool placed underground to connect the work area with secure area (mining gallery mainly). TSM is light and hand able pipe made with aramid (Kevlar), carbon fibre, or other kind of new material. The TSM will be placed as a pipe line network with many in/out entrances/exits to rich and connect problem work areas with another parts in a safe mode. Different levels of instrumentation could be added inside such as micro-led escape way suggested, temperature, humidity, level of oxygen, etc.). The open hardware and software like Arduino will be the heart of control and automation system.