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Abdominal Ultrasonography in Cattle

References 1. Behr, M. A., Collins, D. M., 2001: Paratuberculosis: Organism, Disease, Control. CAB International, Oxfordshire, England, 138-188. 2. Braun, U., 2003: Ultrasonography in gastrointestinal disease in cattle. Vet. J., 166, 112-24. 3. Braun, U., 2009: Ultrasonography of the gastrointestinal tract in cattle. Vet. Clin. N. Am. Food Anim. Pract., 25, 567-590. 4. Braun, U., Iselin, U., Lischer, C., Fluri, E., 1998: Ultrasonographic findings in five cows before and after treatment of

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Visualization and Measurement of Teat Structures in Black-and-White Cows Through Ultrasonography

References 1. Bleul, U.T., Schwantag, S.C., Bachofner, C., Hässig, M.R., Kähn, W.K. (2005). Milk flow and udder health in cows after treatment of covered teat injuries via theloresectoscopy: 52 cases (2000-2002). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 226: 1119-1123. 2. Cartee, R.E., Ibrahim, A.K., McLeary, D. (1986). B-mode ultrasonography of the bovine udder and teat. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 188: 1284-1287. 3. Caruolo, E.V., Mochrie, R.D. (1967). Ultrasonograms of lactating mammary gland. J Dairy Sci. 50: 225-230. 4

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Practical use of High-Resolution 20 MHz Ultrasonography in Dermatovenerology

REFERENCES 1. Schmid-Wendtner MH, Burgdorf W. Ultrasound Scanning in Dermatology. Arch Dermatol 2005 Feb; 141 (2): 217–224. 2. Polańska A, Dańczak-Pazdrowska A, Silny W, Sadowska A, Jenerowicz D, Osmola-Mańkowska A, Olek-Hrab K. High-frequency ultrasonography in monitoring the effects of treatment of selected dermatoses. Dermatol Alergol 2011; XXVIII, 4: 255–260. 3. Alexander H, Miller DL. Determining skin thickness with pulsed ultrasound. J Invest Dermatol. 1979 Jan; 72 (1): 17–19. 4. Jasaitiene D, Valiukeviciene J, Linkeviciute G

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Evaluation of the utility of cardiac ultrasonography of patients in a surgical intensive care unit

Ultrasonography (US) has become an essential tool in almost every subdivision of medical practice including critical care medicine. Various applications of US have been used in ICUs, for instance, monitoring of hemodynamic parameters such as intravascular volume (preload) and cardiac contractility [ 1 - 8 ]. Despite the fact that US has some inherent limitations and is largely operator dependent, it enables clinicians to rapidly assess unstable patients by the bedside and is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, US also aids in performing various bedside

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Clinical value of ultrasonography in diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in critically ill patients

2014 ESC Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism already included cardiac ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment procedures of high-risk patients[ 1 ]; however, PE can be diagnosed or ruled out easily if we adopt critical care ultrasonography strategy to perform a goal-oriented, multiorgan, point of care (POC) ultrasonography on probable PE patients rather than limited to cardiac ultrasonography. PE can also be treated under the guidance of ultrasonography. This paper is intended to describe the ultrasound images of PE and the

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Advanced ultrasonography technologies to assess the effects of radiofrequency ablation on hepatocellular carcinoma

, Murakami T, Kuzushita N, Minamitani K, Nakajo K, Osuga K, et al. Effectiveness of real-time virtual sonography-guided radiofrequency ablation treatment for patients with hepatocellular carcinomas. Hepatol Res 2008; 38: 565-71. 7. Kawasoe H, Eguchi Y, Mizuta T, Yasutake T, Ozaki I, Shimonishi T, et al. Radiofrequency ablation with the real-time virtual sonography system for treating hepatocellular carcinoma difficult to detect by ultrasonography. J Clin Biochem Nutr 2007; 40: 66-72. 8. Nakai M, Sato M, Sahara S, Takasaka I, Kawai N

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Ultrasonography: New Insights in its Applicability to Explore Muscle Mass and Musculoskeletal Inflammation in Critically ill Patients

managing the global epidemic. Report of a WHO Consultation. WHO Technical Report Series 894. Geneva, Switzerland. 2000. 12. Nakanishi N, Oto J, Tsutsumi R, Iuchi M, Onodera M, Nishimura M. Upper and lower limb muscle atrophy in critically ill patients: an observational ultrasonography study. Intensive Care Med. 2018; 44:263-264. 13. Coste J, Judet O, Barre O, Siaud JR, Cohen de Lara A, Paolaggi JB. Inter- and intraobserver variability in the interpretation of computed tomography of the lumbar spine. J Clin Epidemiol. 1994; 47:375-81.

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The Diagnostic Value of Ultrasonography in a Case of Unusual Pilomatrixoma


Introduction: Pilomatrixoma or pilomatricoma is a benign appendageal growth, originating from hair cortex cells.

Case presentation: We present an unusual case of a 65-year-old female patient who has been diagnosed and treated for a presumed recurrent furunculosis localized on the abdominal area. Ultrasonography raised the suspicion of pilomatrixoma. A large excision was performed and histopathology confirmed the diagnosis.

Conclusions: Ultrasonography could be a simple and reliable diagnostic tool in daily practice.

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Three-dimensional imaging of living transplanted kidney vasculature by 3D color Doppler ultrasonography

time/intensity curves. Radiol Med. 2007; 112: 64-73. 4. Mancini M, Mainenti PP, Speranza A, Liuzzi R, Soscia E, Sabbatini M, et al. Accuracy of sonographic volume measurements of kidney transplant. J Clin Ultrasound. 2006; 34: 184-9. 5. Khosroshahi HT, Tarzamni M, Oskuii RA. Doppler ultrasonography before and 6 to 12 months after kidney transplantation. Transplant Proc. 2005; 37: 2976-81. 6. Li JC, Ji ZG, Cai S, Jiang YX, Dai Q, Zhang JX. Evaluation of severe transplant renal artery stenosis with Doppler sonography. J

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The Use of Ultrasonography in Diagnostic Imaging of Reptiles

REFERENCES 1. Girling, S. J., Raiti, P., 2004: Manual of Reptiles . 2nd edn., BSAVA, 392 pp. 2. Mader, D. R., Divers, J. S., 2013: Current Therapy in Reptile Medicine and Surgery . Saunders, 488 pp. 3. Nylannd, T. G., Matton J. S., 2002: Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound . 2nd edn., Saunders, 461 pp. 4. Pees, M., Hänse, M., Schlömer. J., Schroff, S., 2010: Legenot bei Reptilien. Ausgewählter Kongressbeitrag , 38, 69—72. 5. Schumacher, J., Toal, R. L., 2001: Advanced radiography and ultrasonography in reptiles. Seminars in

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