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M.C. Oh, H. Yeom, Y. Jeon and B. Ahn

-4788 (2011). [6] R. Avilés, J. Albizuri, A. Lamikiz, E. Ukar, A. Avilés, International Journal of Fatigue 33 , 1477-1489 (2011). [7] M. Heitkemper, A. Fischer, Proceedings of the 6th International Tooling Conference 2 , 935-945 (2002). [8] H.B. Singh, S.M. Copley, M. Bass, Metallurgical Transactions A 12 , 138 (1981). [9] A. Gariepy, S. Larose, C. Perron, P. Bocher, M. Levesque, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 69 , 48-61 (2013). [10] P. Fe, C. Jiang, Materials & Design 56 , 1034-1038 (2013). [11] S. Bagherifard, I. Fernandez

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C. Jung, M.G. Lee and Y. Jeon

Strain Rate Loading Conditions, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 71.2 , 224-34 Web. (1997). [4] . [5] K. Dai, L. Shaw, Comparison between shot peening and surface nanocrystallization and hardening processes, Materials Science and Engineering A 463 (1-2), 46-53 (2007). [6] M.C. Oh, H. Yeom, Y. Jeon, B. Ahn, Microstructural Characterization Of Laser Heat Treated AISI 4140 Steel With Improved Fatigue Behavior, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 60 , 2 (2015). [7] Y. Furuya, H

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Małgorzata Szymiczek

Test Methods”, Zakopane. 10. Mackiewicz S., Góra G. (2012), Ultrasonic testing of carbon laminate Phased Array technique [in Polish: Ultradzwiekowe badania laminatów weglowych technika Phased Array], Procceding of 13th Seminar “Non Destructive Test Methods”, Zakopane. 11. Mallick P.K. (1997), Nondestructive tests. Composites Engineering Handbook, New York. 12. Mittal K.L. (2009), Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, VSP, Boston. 13. Rojek M., Stabik J., Sokół S. (2007), Fatigue and ultrasonic testing of

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Gabriel Wróbel, Maciej Rojek and Małgorzata Szymiczek

, England: Woodhead Publishing Limited. 24. Szymiczek, M., Rojek, M. & Wróbel, G. (2011).Test of composite pipe in the aspect of diagnostic of aging - fatigue changes. Proceedings of International Seminar on Science and Education, 16-23 April 2011(pp. 61-63). Rome, Italy. 25. Stabik, J., Szymiczek, M., Wróbel, G. & Rojek, M. (2012). New stand for composite pipes testing. Proceedings of X International Conference of the Quality, Reliability and Long Usage of Technical Systems and Technological Processes, 20-27 November 2012 (pp. 63

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Robert Owsiński and Adam Niesłony

REFERENCES [1] S. Gupta, A. Ray, E. Keller. Symbolic time series analysis of ultrasonic data for early detection of fatigue damage. Mech. Syst. Signal Process. 2007 (21), No. 2, 866 – 884. [2] Y. Furuya. Small internal fatigue crack growth rate measured by beach marks. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 2016 (678), 260 – 266. [3] M. E. Biancolini, C. Brutti, G. Paparo, A. Zanini. Fatigue cracks nucleation on steel, acoustic emission and fractal analysis. Int. J. Fatigue 2006 (28), No. 12, 1820 – 1825. [4] M. Kurek, T. Lagoda, D. Katzy

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Przemysław Stasiuk, Aleksander Karolczuk and Wiesław Kuczko

fatigue life calculations. Materials Testing. 53. 339-343. 7. Hou C-Y. (2007). Fatigue analysis of welded joints with the aid of real three-dimensional weld toe geometry. International Journal of Fatigue . 29. 772-785. 8. Kaffenberger M.. Malikoutsakis M.. Savaidis G.. Vormwald M. (2012). Fatigue resistance of weld ends. Computational Materials Science . 52. 287-292. 9. Kirkhope K.J.. Bell R.. Caron L.. Basu R.I.. Ma K.-T. (1999). Weld detail fatigue life improvement techniques. Part 1: review. Marine Structures. 12. 447-474. 10. Lee

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A. Katunin

thermography and X-ray tomography, Composites: Part B 48 (2013) 95-105. 13. Katunin A.: Analysis of temperature distribution in composite plates during thermal fatigue, Modelling in Engineering 16 (2013) 99-105. 14. Backe D., Balle F., Eifler D.: Fatigue testing of CFRP in the Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) regime at ultrasonic frequencies, Composites Science and Technology 106 (2015) 93-99. 15. Magi F., Di Maio D., Sever I.: Damage initiation and structural degradation through resonance vibration: Application to composite laminates in fatigue, Composites

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S. Kanchidurai

References 1. IS 5075-1985. Indian Standard “Method of Rotating Bar Bending Fatigue Testing of Metals”, 1985 Reaffirmed 2006. 2. F. Lefebvre and C. Peyrac.: Understanding of fatigue strength improvement of steel structures by hammer peening treatment. Procedia Engineering 2015, 133, 454-464. 3. W.C. Liua and J. Donga: Improvement of fatigue properties by shot peening for Mg-10Gd-3Y alloys under different conditions. Materials Science and Engineering A 2011, 528, 5935-5944. 4. H. Soyama and F

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J. Meško, R. Nigrovič and A. Zrak

analysis of welded joints after laser welding. Manufacturing technology, 14(3), 355-359. 341. J.E. Purkyne University, Ústinad Labem. ISSN 1213-2489. [7] Patek, M., Konar, R., Sladek, A. & Radek, N. (2014). Nondestructive testing of split sleeve welds by the ultrasonic TOFD method. Manufacturing technology, 14(3), 355-359. J.E. Purkyne University, Ústinad Labem. ISSN 1213-2489. [8] Lago, J., Guagliano, M., Novy, F. & Bokuvka, O. (2016). Influence of laser shock peening surface treatment on fatigue endurance of welded joints from S355

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D. Fydrych, J. Łabanowski, J. Tomków and G. Rogalski

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Fydrych D., Łabanowski J., Rogalski G.: Weldability of high strength steels in wet welding conditions. Polish Maritime Research, 2 (2013). 2. Gao W., Wang D., Cheng F., Deng C., Liu Y., Xu W.: Enhancement of the fatigue strength of underwater wet welds by grinding and ultrasonic impact treatment. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 223 (2015). 3. Zhang H.T., Dai X.Y., Feng J.C., Hu L.L.: Preliminary investigation on real-time induction heating-assisted underwater wet welding. Welding Journal, 1 (2015). 4. Guo N., Du