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Petya P. Chaveeva, Slavcho T. Tomov and Atanas D. Shterev

twins by intrafetal laser. Fetal Diagn Ther. 2014;35(2):83-6. 13. Chaveeva P, Peeva G, Pugliese SG, Shterev A, Nicolaides KH. Intrafetal laser ablation for embryo reduction from dichorionic triplets to dichorionic twins. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2017;50(5):632-4. 14. Chaveeva P, Kosinski P, Puglia D, Poon LC, Nicolaides KH. Trichorionic and dichorionic triplet pregnancies at 10-14 weeks: outcome after embryo reduction compared to expectant management. Fetal Diagn Ther. 2013;34(4):199- 205. 15. Skiadas CC, Missmer SA, Benson CB, Acker D, Racowsky C

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Manol Karadaev, Ivan Fasulkov, Radina Vasileva and Nasko Vasilev

REFERENCES 1. Dawson, L.J., Sahlu, T., Hart, S.P., Detweiler, G., Gipson, T.A., Theh, T.H., Henry, G.A., Bahr, R.J. (1994). Determination of fetal numbers in Alpine does by real time ultrasonography. Small Rumin Res. 14, 225-231. 2. Erdogan, G. (2012). Ultrasonic assessment during pregnancy in goats – a review. Reprod Dom Anim. 47, 157-163. PMid:21771111 3. Yotov, S. (2007). Diagnostics of early pregnancy and determination of fetal sex and number in

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Georgi I. Amaliev, Maria L. Malinova, Blagovest K. Pehlivanov and Hristina A. Ivancheva

, Ville Y, Moscosco G, et al. Diagnosis of Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence in the first trimester by transvaginal color doppler ultrasound. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 1999;13:143-6. 10. Cavoretto P, Serafini A, Valsecchi L, et al. Early diagnosis, follow-up, and prenatal treatment of a case of TRAP sequence occurring in a dichorionic triamniotic triplet pregnancy. J Clin Ultrasound 2009;37(6):350-3. 11. Sepulveda W, Sfeir D, Reyes M, et al. Severe poly-hydramnios in Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence: successful management with intrafetal alcohol

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Anna Sawa, Małgorzata Jankowska, Wojciech Neja and Sylwia Krężel-Czopek

mortality of dairy calves and replacement heifers in France. J. Dairy Sci., 96: 2913-2924. Sawa A. (1994). Influence of twin pregnancy on usefulness of cows (in Polish). Zesz. Nauk. ATR Bydgoszcz, Zoot, 26: 7-14. Sawa A. (2001). Effect of birth type on performance, fertility and culling of Black-and-White cows. Ann. Anim. Sci., 1: 13-24. Sawa A., Bogucki M., Krężel - Czopek S. (2012). Reproduction performance of cows with single, twin and triplet calves. Acta Vet., Brno, 81: 347-352. Skrzypek R., Baraniak R

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Birgit Arabin

-analysis. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2012;40(3):257-66. 79. O’Brien JM. The safety of progesterone and 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate administration for the prevention of preterm birth: an evidence-based assessment. Am J Perinatol 2012;29(9):665-72. 80. Combs CA, Garite T, Maurel K, Das A, Porto M. Failure of 17-hydroxyprogesterone to reduce neonatal morbidity or prolong triplet pregnancy: a double-blind, randomized clinical trial. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2010;203(3):248 e1-9. 81. Arabin B, Kuizenga K, van Zoeren D, Eyck JV. Long

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Katarzyna Leszczyńska, Krzysztof Preis, Maria Respondek-Liberska, Maciej Słodki, Dennis Wood, Stuart Weiner, Ulli Gembruch, Giusseppe Rizzo, Reuven Achiron, Jay D Pruetz, Mark Sklansky, Bettina Cuneo, Birgit Arabin and Isaac Blickstein

template for defining the perinatal care of monochorionic twins: the Istanbul international ad hoc committee. J Perinat Med. 2010 Mar;38(2):107-10. doi: 10.1515/JPM.2010.058. Erratum in: J Perinat Med. 2010 May;38(3):343. Valideranu, Radu [corrected to Vladareanu, Radu]. 8. ISUOG Practice Guidelines: role of ultrasound in twin pregnancy. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2016; 47: 247–263 9. Blickstein I, Keith LG. The decreased rates of triplet births: temporal trends and biologic speculations. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2005 Aug;193(2):327-31. 10. Landy HJ, Weiner

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R Devjak, T Burnik Papler, I Verdenik, K Fon Tacer and E Vrtačnik Bokal

, Goossens V, de Mouzon J, Bhattacharya S, Castilla JA, Korsak V, et al . Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2008: Results generated from European registers by ESHRE. Hum Reprod. 2013; 27(9): 2571-2584. Ferraretti AP Goossens V de Mouzon J Bhattacharya S Castilla JA Korsak V et al. Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2008: Results generated from European registers by ESHRE Hum Reprod 2013 27 9 2571 2584 2 Keith L, Breborowicz G. Triplet pregnancies and their aftermaths. Part I: Basic considerations. Int J Fertil Womens Med. 2002; 47(6): 254-264. Keith L

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Anna Kozubska-Sobocińska, Barbara Danielak-Czech and Barbara Rejduch

-217. Sawa A., Bogucki M., Kr ę żel - Czopek S. (2012). Reproduction performance of cows with single, twin and triplet calves. Acta Vet. Brno, 81: 347-352. Sawa A., Bogucki M., G łowska M. (2015). Effect of single and multiple pregnancies on performance of primiparous and multiparous cows. Arch. Anim. Breed., 58: 43-48. Silva del Rio N., Stewart S., Rapnicki P., Chang Y.M., Fricke P.M. (2007). An observational analysis of twin births, calf sex ratio, and calf mortality in Holstein dairy cattle. J. Dairy Sci., 90: 1255

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Bangon Pinkaew, Paraya Assanasen and Chaweewan Bunnag

history of olfactory impairment, traumatic brain injury, or any other neurological or psychiatric disease known to cause olfactory dysfunction. A phenyl ethyl alcohol (PEA) olfactory threshold test was conducted by well-trained scientists to evaluate olfactory function in each participant. Only participants with normosmia, as evidenced by olfactory detection threshold more than –6.5 [ 13 ], were included in this study. SDT and SIT were then conducted. Smell discrimination test The SDT was conducted separately for each nostril by means of triplets of two odorous