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Sustainable Urban Transport Planning

, ILIESCU MIHAI, "Determining the population data in the transport planning process" In Materials and technologies in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges and Traffic Safety Symposium, Cluj-Napoca, 2013. ISSN 2069-749X. (in Romanian) [4]. CITY HALL OF CLUJ-NAPOCA n.d, The Strategy of Development for the city of Cluj-Napoca, < .pdf> [5]. EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Green Paper: Towards a new culture for urban mobility Communication from the Commission

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Geographical input to local public transport planning in Poland

Geography 19, pp. 1130-1137. Faron, A., 2010: Integracja planowania przestrzennego i zrównoważonego transportu w procesie decyzyjnym (Land Use Planning and Sustainable Transport Integration in Decision-Making Process - in Polish). In: Czasopismo Techniczne , Technical Transactions, Zeszyt 3, 107, Kraków: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Krakowskiej, pp. 171-179. Geurs, K.T., and van Wee B., 2004, Accessibility evaluation of land-use and transport strategies: review and research directions. In: Journal of Transport Geography , 12, 2, pp. 127

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Local public transport planning in Poland - geographical input

(Regional bus transport organised by local and regional governments - results of inspection - in Polish), Supreme Audit Office of Poland 2011. Jastrzębski, W., 2009: Prognozy wielkości przewozow jako podstawa konstrukcji planow transportu publicznego (Travel forecasts as a basis for public transport plans - in Polish), Konferencja naukowo-techniczna - Plan transportowy w ustawie o publicznym transporcie zbiorowym, Warszawa, 25 listopada 2009 r., pp. 38-50. Kaczkowski, Ł., 2008: Region miejski Krosna (Urban region of Krosno - in Polish

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Spatial politics and infrastructure development: Analysis of historical transportation data in Gauteng - South Africa (1975–2003)

, ‘A GIS-Based context sensitive solution for multimodal road planning’, Proceedings of the 30th Annual Southern African Transport Conference. Available from: <>. [28 August 2014]. Brits, A 2010, ‘The financial burden of the national road infrastructure and the equity thereof: A South African perspective’, Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 39-56. Burgess, R 2000, ‘The compact city debate: a global perspective

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Planning and Financing Schemes Linked to the Decision-Making for the Interconnection of Long-Short Distance Transport

Project. Brussels, Belgium: Prospects Consortium. 8. Emberger, G., Pfaffenbichler, P., Jaensirisak, S. & Timms, P. (2009). Ideal decision-making processes for transport planning: A comparison between Europe and South East Asia. Transport Policy, 15, 341-349. 9. Ward, D. (June 2001). Stakeholder involvement in transport planning: participation and power. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal , 19(2), 119-130. 10. Szyliowicz, J. (2003). Decision-making, intermodal transportation, and sustainable mobility: towards a new

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The Time Window for Vessels Without Ice Strengthening On the Northern Sea Route

, pp. 17-28, [in: DeGruyter open]. [7] Pastusiak T., Ship’s route planning in ice infested areas of Northern Svalbard following ice charts made by remote sensing methods, [in:] Maritime Navigation and Safety at Sea Transportation. Miscellaneous problems in maritime navigation, transport and shipping, ed. A. Weintrit, London 2015, pp. 181-192. [8] Pastusiak T., The Northern Sea Route as a shipping lane. Expectations and Reality, Springer International Publishing, 2016. [9] Petrov M. K., Navigation in ice [in Russian

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Analysis of Circular Development and Investment Possibilities (Transport, Energy and Building) Related to International Sports Event Planning

Development, Budapest, Hungary, 2012. [15] nfm. Magyarország Megújuló Energia Hasznosítási Cselekvési Terve 2010-2020 [Hungary’s Renewable Energy Action Plan 2010-2020]. Ministry of National Development, Budapest, Hungary, 2011. [16] fogarassycs., kovac s a. The cost-benefit relations of the future environmental related development strategies in the Hungarian energy sector. YBL Journal of Built Environment, Volume 4 (2016), No. 1, pp. 33-48. [17] fogarassy cs., kovacs a., horvath b

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Analysis of Common Governance Transport System Development Possibilities in the East-west Transport Corridor

References 1. European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and the role of macro-regions in the future Cohesion policy . (2010) Draft report by MEP Wojciech Olejiczak. Committee of Region Development European Parliament. 4.2.2010. 2. Discussion paper Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures . Thematic Programming Workshop. 24 April, 2013, Riga. 9 p. 3. Bazaras, D., Bartulis, V., Batarliene, N., Palšaitis, R. (2013) Governance of East BSR countries common transport system development. Reliability and

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Urban travel characteristics in relation with jobs-housing balance and accessibility: results of a survey in Lahore, Pakistan

Practice 30(5): 361–377. Cervero R (1996b) Jobs-housing balance revisited: Trends and impacts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Journal of the American Planning Association 62: 492–511. Cervero R (2002) Built environments and mode choice: toward a normative framework. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 7(4): 265–284. Cervero R, Duncan M (2006) Which reduces vehicle travel more: Jobs-housing balance or retail-housing mixing? Journal of the American Planning Association 72: 475–490. Cervero R, Kockelman K (1997) Travel demand and

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The Problems of Planning a Timetable for Transport by Road in Terms of Theft Protection

vodiča ako dôležitý prvok bezpečnej prepravy. 19. – 20. 10. (2016), 213-220. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference. (cited 2017-07-03). [5] Kos-Łabędowicz, J. (2015). Dependencies between Development of Information and Communications Technologies and Transport, Tools of Transport Telematics, (15-17 April 2015), pp 362-370), Wrocław, Poland, Communications in Computer and Information Science. [6] ESPORG. (2017). Certification Of Secure Truck Parkings, (cited 2017-10-03). . [7] ESPORG

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