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Trace elements balance in a refinery

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Macro-Elements and Trace Elements in Cereal Grains Cultivated in Latvia

-227. Fries, G. F. (1995). A review of the significance of animal food products as potential pathways of human exposures to dioxins. J. Animal Sci., 73 (6), 1639-1650. Gilucis, A. (2007). Mikro- un makroelementu satura un izplatîbas likumsakarîbas Latvijas augðòu virsçjos horizontos. Disertâcijas darbs [Relevancies of Content and Distribution of Trace and Major Elements in the Latvian Topsoils. Doctoral thesis]. LU, Rîga, 88 lpp. (in Latvian). Available at: (accessed 5 July 2015

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The Influence of Trace Elements on Anaerobic Digestion Process

-233. 22. Pobeheim H., Bernhard M., Johansson J., Guebitz G.: Influence of trace elements on methane formation from a synthetic model substrate for maize silage , Bioresource Technology 101(2010) 836-839. 23. Rother M., Krzycki J.A.: Selenocysteine, pyrrolysine, and unique energy metabolizm of methanogenic Archaea . Archaea, 2010, ID: 453642. 24. Scherer P., Lippert H., Wolff G.: Composition of the major elements and trace elements of 10 methanogenic bacteria determined by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry . Biology Trace Elements Research

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Quantification of Selected Trace and Mineral Elements in Royal Jelly from Bulgaria by Icp-Oes and Etaas

-85. Kump, P., Necemer, M., & Šnajder, J. (1996). Determination of trace elements in bee honey, pollen and tissue by total reflection and radioisotope X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 51(5), 499-507. DOI:10.1016/0584-8547(95)01435-7 Madejczyk, M., & Baralkiewicz, D. (2008). Characterization of Polish rape and honeydew honey according to their mineral contents using ICP-MS and F-AAS/AES. Analytica Chimica Acta, 617(1-2), 11-17. Mureşan, C

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Trace elements in arable Cambisols and Luvisols developed from boulder loam and fluvioglacial sands of the Skierniewicka Upland (central Poland)

REFERENCES Abgottspon F., Bigalke M., Wolfgang Wilcke W., 2014. Fast colloidal and dissolved release of trace elements in a carbonatic soil after experimental flooding. Geoderma 259–260: 156–163. Boratyński K., Roszyk E., Ziętecka M., 1971. A survey of investigations on trace elements carried out in Poland. Part I. Boron, copper and manganese. Roczniki Gleboznawcze – Soil Science Annual 22 (1): 205–264. Chojnicki J., 2002. Soil – forming processes in alluvial soils of central Vistula valley and Żuławy. Wyd. SGGW: 1–83. Czarnowska K., 1996

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Toxicity, Deficiency and Dysmetabolism of Trace Elements in Ghanaian Clinically Stable Schizophrenics

. 1988; 3: 135-140. 41. Brown Jr. JS, Foster HD. Schizophrenia: An update of the selenium deficiency hypothesis. J Orthomol Med. 1996; 11 (4): 211-222. 42. Tada K, Nogami Y, Nagashima M, Nagase T, Ishiwata H, Motegi Y, Ikeda M. Trace elements in the hair of schizophrenics. Biol Psychiatry. 1986; 21: 325-328. 43. Alertsen AR, Aukrust A, Skaug OE. Selenium concentrations in blood and serum from patients with mental diseases. Acta Psychiatr Scan. 1986; 74(2): 217-9. 44. Andrews RC. Unification of the findings

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Soil Pollution with Trace Elements in Territories of Military Grounds in Latvia

Lithuanian). Clausen, J., Robb, J., Curry, D., Korte, N. (2004). A case study of contaminants on military ranges: Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, USA. Environ. Pollut. , 129, 13-21. Gilucis, A. (2007). Mikro- un makroelementu satura un izplatības likumsakarības Latvijas augšņu virsējos horizontos [Regularities of the contents and distribution of trace elements and macroelements in the upper horizons of Latvian soils]. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Latvia, Rīga, Latvia. Maloney, K

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Zinc asparaginate supplementation induces redistribution of toxic trace elements in rat tissues and organs

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Prognosis of environmental impact of trace elements from brown coal-fired power plant “Bełchatów”

). [8] Kasztelewicz Z.: Węgiel brunatny - optymalna oferta energetyczna dla Polski , Związek Pracodawców Porozumienie Producentów Węgla Brunatnego, Górnictwo Odkrywkowe, Bogatynia-Wrocław (2007). [9] Konieczyński J., Zajusz-Zubek E.: Distribution of selected trace elements in dust containment and fl ue gas desulphurisation products from coal-fi red power plants , Archives of Environmental Protection, 37 (2) , 3-14 (2011). [10] Maciak F.: Ochrona i Rekultywacja Środowiska , Wydawnictwo SGGW, Warszawa (2003). [11] Ofi

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Determination of Selected Trace Elements in Dietary Supplements Containing Plant Materials

:// Gasser U., Klier B., Kühn A. V., Steinhoff B., Current findings on the heavy metal content in herbal drugs. Pharmeur. Sci. Notes, 2009, 1, 37-50. Gawęcki J., Żywienie człowieka. Podstawy nauki o żywieniu. 2010, PWN, Warszawa (in Polish). Kabata-Pendias A., Soil-plant transfer of trace elements - an environmental issue. Geoderma, 2004, 122, 143-149. Leśniewicz A., Jaworska K., Żyrnicki W., Macro- and micronutrients and their bioavailability in Polish herbal medicaments. Food Chem., 2006, 99

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