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Ignition Activation Energy of Materials based on Polyamide 6

. (2015): Aluminum hypophosphite microencapsulated to improve its safety and application to flame retardant polyamide 6. Journal of Hazardous Materials . 2015, Vol. 294, pp. 186-94. ISSN 0304-3894. HERRERA, M.; MATUSCHEK, G.; KETTRUP, A. (2001): Main products and kinetics of the thermal degradation of polyamides. Chemosphere . 2001, Vol. 42, Iss. 5–7, pp 601-607. ISSN 0045-6535. ISO 871:2010. Plastics.Determination of ignition temperature using a hot-air furnace. KISSINGER, H.E. (1956): Variation of peak temperture with heating rate in differential

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Comparative Analysis of Peat Fibre Properties and Peat Fibre-Based Knits Flammability

References [1] Curteza, A. (2014) The sustainable fashion, a sensitive and complex approach from philosophy to research and innovation. 7th International Textile, Clothing & Design Conference – Magic World of Textiles, October 5-8, 2014,17-28. [2] Kozlowski, R., Mackiewicz-Talarczyk, M., Muzyczek, M., et al. (2016) Quo vadis Natural Fibers in 21st Century? Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 627(1), 198-209. [3] World energy. (accessed 10 December 2017). [4] Suoninen, A

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The Effect of the Heat Flux on the Self-Ignition of Oriented Strand Board

References: 1. KAČÍKOVÁ, D. 2012. Alterations of selected characteristics of oak and poplar wood after thermal loading by radiation sources. In: Wood and Fire Safety: 7th Scientific International Conference , pp. 107-110. ISBN 978-80-87427-23-1 2. DRYSDALE, D. An Introduction to Fire Dynamics. 1990. John Wiley and Sons, A Wiley – Interscience Publication, pp. 253-277. ISBN: 0-471-90613-1 3. KOŠÍK, M. 1986. Polymérne materiály a ich požiarna ochrana. (Polymeric materials and their fire protection.) Bratislava: ALFA, 90 p. 4. BABRAUSKAS

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Critical Heat Flux Determination of Electric Cable Insulation

ignitability test and proposed criteria. Fire and materials . 11 (4). pp. 195-199. 4. COURTY, L., GARO, J. P. 2017. External heating of electrical cables and auto-ignition investigation. Journal of hazardous materials . 321. pp. 528-536. 5. DELICHATSIOS, M. A., PANAGIOTOU, T. H., KILEY, F. (1991). The use of time to ignition data for characterizing the thermal inertia and the minimum (critical) heat flux for ignition or pyrolysis. Combustion and Flame . 84 (3-4). pp. 323-332. 6. FATEH, T., ROGAUME, T., LUCHE, J., FRANCK, R., JABOUILLE, F. 2014

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Prediction Model for Cigarette Yields Derived from Data Obtained under Two Different Machine Smoking Regimes

; Report of the Ad Hoc WG9 Smoking Review Team to ISO TC126 WG9, 2005, available at (accessed June 2015). 11.World Health Organization (WHO): The Scientific Basis of Tobacco Product Regulation; Second Report of a WHO Study Group (TobReg); WHO Technical Report Series 951, ISBN 978 92 4 120951 9, 2008, available at (accessed June 2015). 12. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): The Family Smoking Prevention

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Generation of shock waves in dense plasmas by high-intensity laser pulses

References 1. Tabak, M., Hammer, J., Glinsky, M. E., Kruer, W. L., Wilks, S. C., Woodworth, J., Campbell, W. M., Perry, M. D., & Mason, R. J. (1994). Ignition and high gain with ultrapowerful lasers. Phys. Plasmas , 1 , 1626–1634. . 2. Nuckolls, J., Wood, L., Thiessen, A., & Zimmerman, G. (1972). Laser compression of matter to super-high densities: thermonuclear (CTR) applications. Nature , 239 , 139–142. 3. Tabak, M., Hammer, J., Campbell, H. E. M., & et al . (2001). IL8826B, 1997 . Lawrence Livermore

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Application of Alcohols to Dual - Fuel Feeding the Spark-Ignition and Self-Ignition Engines

References 1. Luf S.: Study on a self-ignition engine fed with methyl alcohol (in Polish). Professor degree dissertation. Publ.of Technical University of Radom, Radom 1997. 2. Luf S.: Analysis of infuence of chocking suck-in air in dual-fuel ZS engine fed with methanol vapour on its operational parameters (in Polish). Journal of KONESInternal Scientifc, Conference on Combustion EnginesKONES’97, 1997. 3. Kowalewicz A., Paj?czek Z.: Dual-Fuel Engine Fuelled with Ethanol and Diesel Fuel . Journal of KONES, International Combustion Engines, vol. 1

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Infrared Spectrometry Options With ATR Method for Oxidation Evaluation of Oils

References ATR Theory and Applications [online]. 1999 [cit. 2018-10-10]. Available at: . Čablík, V., Pertile, E. 2006. Instrumental methods of analysis. Ostrava. ISBN 80-248-1049-2. (in Czech) Čůta, F. 1986.Instrumental analysis. Praha. (in Czech) Hájek, J., Machovič, V., Křížová, O., Sedláčková, V., Novotná, M. 1998. Use of infrastructured spectrophotometry for monitoring changes in rapid oil oxidation. Praha. (in Czech) How does the ftir spektrometer work and how to set. 2006. (in

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The Testing of Surface Fire Retardants

References DRYSDALE, Dougal (1999). An Introduction to Fire Dynamics . 2nd edit. University of Edinburg, West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1999. 576 p. ISBN 0 471 97290 8. HORROCKS, Richard, PRICE, Dennis (2001). Fire retardant materials . Cambridge England: Woodhead Publishing Limited and CRC Press LLC, 2000. 429 p. ISBN 1 85573 419 2. OSVALD, Anton (1997). Evaluation of fire safety materials and products of wood and based on wood . Textbook. Zvolen: Technical University in Zvolen, 1997. 104 p. ISBN 80

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Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Metal-Based Ignition Propensity Test Thermodynamics

Conference (2007) pp. 145–55, London, UK. 7. Mehta, S.: Cigarette Ignition Risk Project; U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Maryland, US, 2012. 8. Guindos, P., C. Michel, and C. Weichert: Numerical Model to Quantify the Influence of the Cellulosic Substrate on the Ignition Propensity Tests; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 27 (2016) 102–112. 9. Mitler, H.E. and G.N. Walton: Modeling the Iignition of Soft Furnishings by a Cigarette; US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 1993. 10. Gann, R.G., M.C. Bruns, E

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