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N. Żołek, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, S. Kudela and T. Dvorak


Two different barite ore (barium sulfate BaSO4) specimens from different localizations were tested and described in this paper. Analysis of the microstructure was performed on polished sections, and on thin sections using X-ray microtomography (micro-CT), and optical microscopy (MO). Microtomography allowed obtaining three-dimensional images of the barite aggregate specimens. In the tomograms, the spatial distribution of the other polluting phases, empty space as well as cracks, pores, and voids – that exceeded ten micrometers of diameter-were possible to visualize. Also, the micro-CT allowed distinguishing between minerals of different density, like SiO2 and BaSO4. Images obtained and analyzed on thin sections with various methods using the optical microscopy in transmitted light delivered additional information on the aggregate microstructure, i.e. allow for estimation of the different kinds of inclusions (like the different density of the minerals) in the investigated specimens. Above methods, which were used in the tests, completed each another in order to supply a set of information on inclusions’ distribution and to present the important differences of the barite aggregate specimens microstructure.

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Józef Szybiński and Piotr Ruta

’s theory of thin-walled systems, Ambrosini et al. (2000) . A modified Vlasov theory for dynamic analysis of thin-walled and variable open section beams. Engineering Structures . 22(8), 890-900. DOI: 0.1016/S0141-0296(99)00043-7. presented equations describing the vibrations of a nonprismatic thin-walled beam with an open cross section, which take into account the effects of shear flexibility and rotatory inertia in the stress resultants. The same beam model was used by F. de Borbón and Ambrosini (2010) . On free vibration analysis of thin-walled beams axially loaded

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Maciej Major, Mariusz Kosiń and Izabela Major

Environmental Engineering Computing . Stirling: Civil-Comp Press Ltd, 2013, pp. 1-6. ISSN 1759-3433. ISBN 978-1-905088-57-7. [10] FLODR, J., KREJSA M., MIKOLÁŠEK D., SUCHARDA O. & ŽÍDEK L. Mathematical Modelling of Thin-Walled Cold-Rolled Cross-Section. Applied Mechanics and Materials , Trans Tech Publications, 2014, vol. 617, pp. 171-174. ISSN 1662-7482. [11] FLODR, J., KREJSA M., MIKOLÁŠEK D., BROŽOWSKÝ J. & PAŘENICA P. Numerical Modeling of a Thin-Walled Profile with respect to the Redistribution of Bending Moments, In Kruis, J., Tsompanakis Y. & Topping B

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K. Brzezińska and A. Szychowski

REFERENCES 1. W. Bogucki, M. Żyburtowicz: Tables for the design of metal structures (in Polish), 7th ed., 2. P. S. Bulson: The stability of Flat Plates. Chatto and Windus, 1970. 3. A. Chudzikiewicz: General theory of thin-walled bars stability taking into account the cross-section deformability. Part II: Complex cross-sections bars (in Polish). Rozprawy Inżynierskie, Vol. VIII, 1960, Series 4, 805-841. 4. V. Kalyanaraman: Local buckling of cold-formed steel members. Journal of the Structural Division, vol. 105, pp. 813–828, 1979. 5

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P. Różyło, P. Wysmulski and K. Falkowicz

subjected to quasi-static compression. - Composite Structures; vol.136, pp.593-601. [7] Debski H., Teter A. and Kubiak T. (2014): Numerical and experimental studies of compressed composite columns with complex open cross-sections. - Composite Structures, vol.118, pp.28-36. [8] Doyle J.F. (2001): Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures. - Springer. [9] Falkowicz K., Mazurek P., Rozylo P., Wysmulski P. and Smagowski P. (2016): Experimental and numerical analysis of the compression of a thin-walled composite plate

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Ivan Balázs and Jindřich Melcher

., BLAAUWENDRAAT, J., BUČEK, J., TEPLÝ, B., NOVÁK, D. & ŠTEMBERA, V. Finite Element Analysis of Structures: Principles and Praxis. Aachen: Shaker Verlag, 2010. 638 pp. ISBN 978-3-8322-9314-7. [8] KINDMANN, R. & WOLF, C. Geometrische Ersatzimperfektionen für Tragfähigkeit zum Biegeknicken von Druckstäben. Stahlbau. Berlin, Germany: Ernst & Sohn, 2009, Vol. 78, Issue 1, pp. 25-34 (10 p). ISSN 0038-9145. [9] SNIJDER, H. H., HOENDERKAMP, J. C. D., BAKKER, M. C. M., STEENBERGEN, H. M. G. M., & DE LOUW, C. H. M. Design rules for lateral torsional

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Zbigniew Kołakowski and Andrzej Teter

., Sridharan S. (1985). Interactive buckling analysis with finite strips, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering , Vol. 21,145-161. 12. Bradford M.A. (1990), Lateral-distortional buckling of tee-section beams, Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 10, 13-30. 13. Budiansky B. (1966), Dynamic buckling of elastic structures: criteria and estimates . Report SM-7, NASA CR-66072, USA. 14. Budiansky B. (1966), Survey of some buckling problem. AIAA Journal, Vol. 4, 1505-1510. 15. Byskov E. (1979), Applicability of an asymptotic

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Mohd. Reyaz-Ur-Rahim, P. K. Bharti and Afaque Umer

References [1] Alexander JM. An approximate analysis of the collapse of thin cylindrical shells under axial loading. Q J Mech Appl Math 1960; XIII:10-5. [2] Pugsley SA, Macaulay M. The large-scale crumpling of thin cylindrical columns. Q J Appl Math 1960; XIII:1-9. [3] Alavi N.A, Hamedani J. H, Comparative analysis of energy absorption and deformations of thin-walled tubes with various section geometries, Thin-Wall Struct. 48 (2010) 946-954. [4] Marzbanrad, Javad, Mehdi Mehdikhanlo, An energy

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Tomasz Kubiak and Zbigniew Kołakowski

. (1977), Mode interaction in axially stiffened cylindrical shells, AIAA 15(7), 941-948 6. Chailleux A., Hans Y., Verchery G. (1975), Experimental study of the buckling of laminated composite columns and plates, Int. J. Mechanical Science 17, 489-498. 7. Chandra R., Raju B. (1973), Postbuckling analysis for rectangular orthotropic plates, Int. J of Mechanical Science 16, 81-97. 8. Dębski H., Kubiak T., Teter A. (2013), Buckling and postbuckling behaviour of thin-walled composite channel section column, Composite Structures

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Sylwia Brzychcy, Zbigniew Zagórski, Leszek Sieczko and Danuta Kaczorek

References ELLIOT T.R., HECK J. 2007. A comparison of optical and CT techniques for void analysis in soil thin sections. Geoderma 141, 60.70. FITZPATRICK R. W., TAYLOR R. M., SCHWERTMANN U., CHILDS C. W. 1985. Occurence and properties of lepidocrocite in some soils of New Zeland, South Africa and Australia. Australian J. Soil Research 23 (4): 543.567. SCHWERTMANN U., TAYLOR R.M. 1989. Iron oxides. Mineral in Soil Environments. Second ed. Soil Science Society of America. Book series 1: 379