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M.N. Firoza, N.C. Roy and Md. A. Hossain

-146. [11] Kandasamy R., Muhaimin I. and Khamis A.B. (2009): Thermophoresis and variable viscosity effects on MHD mixed convective heat and mass transfer past a porous wedge in the presence of chemical reaction . – Heat Mass Transf., vol.45, pp.703-712. [12] Uddin Z., Kumar M. and Harmand S. (2014): Influence of thermal radiation and heat generation/absorption on MHD heat transfer flow of a micropolar fluid past a wedge considering hall and ion slip currents . – Thermal Sci., vol.18, No.2, pp.489-502. [13] Yih K.A. (2001): Radiation effect on mixed

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Nikola Mišić, Darko Zigar, Aca Božilov and Dušica Pešić

.4.4 - Technical Documentation. Seattle: s.n. Mannan, S. 2012. Transport. In: Lees’ Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (Fourth Edition). s.l.:Elsevier, 1986-2080. Moorhouse, J. & Pritchard, M. 1982. Thermal radiation hazards from large pool fires and fireballs. In: Industrial Chemical Engineering Symposium Series. s.l.:s.n. P.H., T. 1963. The size of flames from natural fires. Pittsburgh, s.n. Pitbaldo, R. 2010. Global process industry initiatives to reduce major accident. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 24: 57

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B. Zigta

.A. and Takhar H.S. (1996): Radiative effects on mixed convection along a vertical plate with uniform surface temperature . – J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.31, No.4, pp.243-248. [5] Abd-El-Naby M.A., Elbarbary Nader Y. and Abdelzem (2003): Finite difference solution of radiative effects on MHD free convection flow over a vertical plate with variable surface temperature . – J. Appl. Math, vol.2, pp.65- 86. [6] Deka R.K. and Neog B.C. (2009): Unsteady MHD flow past a vertical oscillating plate with thermal radiation and variable mass diffusion

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M.T. Darvishi, F. Kani and R.S.R. Gorla

References Abu-Hijleh (2003): Enhanced forced convection heat transfer from a cylinder using permeable fins. - ASME J. Heat Transfer, vol.125, pp.804-811. Darvishi M.T. (2007): Spectral collocation method and Darvishis preconditionings for Tchebychev-Gauss-Lobatto points. - International Mathematical Forum, vol.2(6), pp.263-272. Gorla R.S.R. and Bakier A.Y. (2011): Thermal analysis of natural convection and radiation in porous fins. - Int. Commun. Heat Mass Transfer, vol.38, pp.638

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M. M. Bhatti, A. Zeeshan and R. Ellahi

References [1] Hayat, T., M. Awais, A. Alsaedi, A. Safdar. On Computations for Thermal Radiation in MHD Channel Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer. PloS one., 9 (2014), e86695. 1-5. [2] Rashidi, M. M., B. Rostami, N. Freidoonimehr, S. Abbasbandy. Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer for MHD Fluid Flow over a Permeable Verti- cal Stretching Sheet in the Presence of the Radiation and Buoyancy Effects. Ain Shams Eng. J., 5 (2014), 901-912. [3] Sheikholeslami, M., D. D. Gangi, M. M. Rashidi. Ferrofluid Flow and Heat

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J. Zych and J. Mocek

thermal radiation of the liquid metal. Archives of Foundry Engineering. vol. 14 spec. iss. 4, 143-148. ISSN 1642-5308

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K. Das, R. P. Sharma and P.R. Duari

-30. [4] Rashad A.M. and Bakier A.Y. (2009): MHD effects on non-Darcy forced convection boundary layer flow past a permeable wedge in a porous medium with uniform heat flux. - Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, vol.14, pp.249-261 [5] Kandasamy R., Muhaimin I., Khamis A.B. and Roslan R. (2013): Unsteady Heimenz flow of Cu-nanofluid over a porous wedge in the presence of thermal stratification due to solar energy radiation: Lie group transformation. - International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol.65, pp.196-205. [6] Das K. (2014

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K.V. Prasad, P. Mallikarjun and H. Vaidya

-701. [7] Raptis A. (2001): Radiation and flow through a porous medium . – J. of Porous Media, vol.4, pp.271-273. [8] Bakier A.Y. (2001): Thermal radiation effects on mixed convection from vertical surfaces in saturated porous media . – Int. Comm. of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.28, pp.243-248. [9] Raptis A. and Perdikis C. (2004): Unsteady flow through a highly porous medium in the presence of radiation . – Transport Porous Media, vol.57, pp.171-179. [10] Grosan T. and Pop I. (2007): Thermal radiation effect on fully developed mixed convection flow

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Ivančica Trošić, Ivan Pavičić, Ana Marjanović and Ivana Bušljeta

GHz). Environmental Health Criteria 137. Geneva: WHO; 1993. Cleary SF. In vitro studies of the effects of nonthermal radiofrequency and microwave radiation. In: Bernhard JH, Matthes R, Repacholy MH, editors. Non-thermal effects of RF electromagnetic fields. ICNIRP 3/97. München: Märkl-Druck Print; 1997. p. 119-30. Dasdag S, Bilgin HM, Akdag MZ, Celik H, Aksen F. Effect of long term mobile phone exposure on oxidative processes and nitric oxide in rats. Biotechnol & Biotechnol Eq 2008

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M.M. Nandeppanavar and M.N. Siddalingappa

sheet . - Transp. Porous Med., vol.64, pp.375-392. Mahantesh M. Nandeppanavar, Abel M.S. and Vajravelu K. (2010): Flow and heat transfer characteristics of viscoelastic fluid in a porous medium over an impermeable stretching sheet with viscous dissipation . - Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.53, pp.4707-4713. Mahantesh M. Nandeppanavar, Vajravelu K. and Abel M.S. (2011): Heat transfer in MHD viscoelastic boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with thermal radiation and non-uniform heat source/sink . - Communications in Non