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The effect of loading rate as well as the cocoa content on the tensile strength of dark chocolate has been studied. Tensile strength was measured using the Brazilian test. The main advantage of this test consists in the use of a specimen of simple geometry in comparison with a specimen for tensile tests. Tensile strength increases with loading rate. The cocoa content exhibits the same effect.

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evidence of better strength) and ductility [ 3 ]. The results indicate that 79% joint efficiency is achieved with tensile strength of 289 MPa for FSW joints, whereas the best tensile strength of 210 MPa with 57 % joint efficiency is achieved using TIG welding [ 4 ]. A dissimilar FSW process was carried out by placing the high strength aluminum alloy AA204-T6 on the retreating side and alloy AA5083-H321 on the advancing side [ 5 ]. In AA7075-AA2024 dissimilar welds, the tensile properties in the longitudinal direction of the stirred zone were found to be better when the