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What Students Tell Teachers about Practices that Integrate Subjects with English in a Lower Secondary School in Portugal

Integrated Learning . Cambridge UP, 2010. Cummins, Jim. “Bilingualism, Language Proficiency and Metalinguistic Development.” Childhood Bilingualism: Aspects of Linguistic, Cognitive and Social Development , edited by Peter Homel et al., Erlbaum, 1987, pp. 57-73. Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, and Tarja Nikula. “Pragmatics of Content-Based Instruction: Teacher and Student Directives in Finnish and Austrian Classrooms.” Applied Linguistics , vol. 27, no. 2, 2006, pp. 241-67, doi:10.1093/applin/aml007. Escobar Urmeneta, Cristina, and Natalia Evnitskaya. “Do

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Exploring the Role of Future Perspective in Predicting Turkish University Students’ Beliefs About Global Climate Change

and middle school Turkish students toward environmental issues. International Journal of Science Education, 26 (12), 1527–1546. Zelezny, L.C., & Chua, P.P., & Aldrich, C. (2000). Elaborating on gender differences in environmentalism. Journal of Social Issues, 56 , 443–457. Zimbardo, P.G., & Boyd, J.N. (1999). Putting time in perspective: A valid, reliable, individual-differences metric. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 77 , 1271–1288. Zimbardo, P.G., Keough, K.A., & Boyd, J.N. (1997). Present time perspective as a predictor of risky

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Interrelations Between Perspective Taking and Reading Experience: A Longitudinal View on Students in the Fifth Year of School

0000162 Auer, M., Gruber, G., Mayringer, H., & Wimmer, H. (2011). Salzburger Lese-Screening für die Klassenstufen 5-8 (SLS 5-8) [Salzburg reading assessment for fifth to eight grade students]. Bern: Hans Huber. Barnes-Holmes, Y., McHugh, L., & Barnes-Holmes, D. (2004). Perspective taking and theory of mind: A relational frame account. The Behavior Analyst Today, 5, 15-25. doi: 10.1037/h0100133 Baron-Cohen, S., Bowen, D. C., Holt, R. J., Allison, C., Auyeung, B., Lombardo, M. V. et al. (2015). The “reading the mind in the

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Second Language Teaching Effectiveness from the Perspective of University Students: A Case Study of Departments of Applied Linguistics

evaluation: The case of visual arts textbook. Sustainable Multilingualism, doi: . Kissau, S. P., Algozzine, B., & Yon, M. (2012). Similar but different: The beliefs of foreign language teachers. Foreign Language Annals , 45 (4), 580–598. Lee, J. (2010). Personal and social-contextual factors in K–12 academic performance: An integrative perspective on student learning. Educational Psychologist , 45 (3), 185–202. MacGregor, J. (2003). Students’ perceptions of quality in higher education. Quality Assurance in

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Rigour and Relevance: A PhD Student’s Perspective

: Oxford University Press. Encyclopedia Britannica, (30.40.2013). Fincham, R. and Clark, T. (2009). Introduction: Can We Bridge the Rigour-Relevance Gap? Journal of Management Studies, 46(3): 510-515, Guthrie, D. (2013) Corporate Universities: An Emerging Threat to Graduate Business Education. Forbes, January 22. Hatch, M.J. (2006) Organization Theory: modern, postmodern, and symbolic perspectives

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Mapping students’ organizations in post-communist Romania: a structuration perspective

Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung. Smużewska, M. (2018). The Polish student movement after the fall of the Iron Curtain: An organisational perspective. International Review of Social Research , 8 (1). Stan, A.-M. (2012). Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai” în perioada 1990–2010 [‘Babeș-Bolyai’ University during the period 1990-2010]. In O. Ghitta (Ed.), Istoria Universităţii „Babeș-Bolyai” [The History of ‘Babeș-Bolyai’ University] (pp. 299–384). Cluj-Napoca: Mega. State Council. (1954). DECRET nr. 31 din 30 ianuarie 1954 privitor la persoanele fizice şi

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Analysis of Refugee Students’ Interest, Attitudes and Learning in Social Sciences Lessons from the Perspectives of Teachers and Students

References Akpınar, M., & Kaymakcı, S. (2012). Ülkemizde sosyal bilgiler öğretiminin genel amaçlarına karşılaştırmalı bir bakış [A comparative view of basic aims of social sciences teaching in our country]. Kastamonu Eğitim Dergisi [Kastamonu Education Journal] , 20(2), 605–627. Aktekin, S. (Ed.) (2017). Sınıfında yabancı öğrenci bulunan öğretmenler için el kitabı [A handbook for teachers whose classes include foreign students] . Ankara: T.C. Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı. Çelik, S. (2017, May). In the discussion on “doing diversity” in education

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The Polish student movement after the fall of the Iron Curtain: An organisational perspective

References Altbach, Philip G. (2007) Student Politics: Activism and Culture. In: Forest J.J.F., Altbach P.G. (eds.), International Handbook of Higher Education . Springer International Handbooks of Education, vol 18. Springer, Dordrecht Antonowicz, Dominik (2015). Między siłą globalnych procesów a lokalną tradycją. Polskie szkolnictwo wyższe w dobie przemian . (UMK). Toruń. Antonowicz, Dominik & Bartosz Gorlewski (2011). Demograficzne Tsunami. Raport Instytutu Sokratesa na temat wpływu zmian demograficznych w Polsce na szkolnictwo wyższe do

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Long term perspectives on higher education: student movements, human capital and expert culture

structuration perspective. International Review of Social Research , 8 (1). Schmitter, P. C. (1974). Still the Century of Corporatism? The Review of Politics , 36 (1), 85–131. Schmitter, P. C., & Streeck, W. (1999). The Organization of Business Interests. Studying the Associative Action of Business in Advanced Industrial Societies. Köln: Max Planck Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung. Smużewska, M. (2018). The Polish student movement after the fall of the Iron Curtain: An organisational perspective

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The Stimulation of Students’ Interest in the Teaching by Competency-based Approach: Latin American Perspective

. Hamers, J. (1981). Psychological Approaches to the Development of Bilinguality. In: Baetens Beardsmore, H. (Ed.), Elements of Bilingual Theory . Brussels, Belgium : Vrije Universiteit te Brussel, pp. 28–47. 6. Marins de Andrade, P. (2010). Learning Strategies and Motivation Development: an Empirical Study with Brazilian E/LE Students. PORTA LINGUARUM , No 14, pp. 141–160. 7. Ospina Rodríguez, J. (2006). Motivation, Motor of Learning. Health Sciences Journal , Volume 4, pp. 158–160. 8. Pintrich, P., De Groot, A. (1990). Motivational and Self

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