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Program of experimental atmospheric corrosion tests of weathering steels

References 1. P. Albrecht, T.T. Hall: Atmospheric corrosion resistance of structural steels, Journal of Materials in Engineering 2003, 15, pp. 2-24. 2. D.M. Buck: Copper in Steel - The Infl uence on Corrosion, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry 1913, 5 (6), pp. 447-452. 3. G.B. Godfrey: The use of weathering steels in composite bridges 1988, London: Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK. 4. R.L. Nickerson: Performance of weathering steel in highway bridges A third Phase Report 1995, Washington: American Iron and Steel

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Influence of heat transfer on corrosion behaviour of materials for radioactive waste canisters in synthetic bentonite pore water and bentonite suspension

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Condition evaluation of steel X65 in one of the sections of “Soyuz” gas main after long-term operation

REFERENCES 1. Kryzhanivs’kyi E. I., Nykyforchyn H. M. Specific features of hydrogen-induced corrosion degradation of steels of gas and oil pipelines and oil storage reservoirs, Mat. Sci., 2011 , 47(2), 127-136. 2. Bolzon G., Zvirko O. An indentation based investigation on the characteristics of artificially aged pipeline steels, Proc. Struct. Integr. , 2017 , 3, 172-175. 3. Nykyforchyn H. M., Zvirko O. I., Tsyrulnyk O. T. Hydrogen assisted macrodelamination in gas lateral pipe, Proc. Struct. Integr., 2016 , 2, 501-508. 4

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LDX 2101 duplex steel for concrete reinforcement

References 1. Kuiry, S. C.; et al. Corrosion behaviour of low nickel stainless steel vis-a-vis conventional and corrosion resistant structural steels for rebar applications. Transactions of the Indian Institute of metals 2000 , 53 , 63-69. 2. Alonso-García, M. C.; a kol. Corrosion behaviour of new stainless steels reinforcing bars embedded in concrete. Cement and Concrete Research 2007 , 37 , 1463-1471. 3. Song, H. W.; Saraswathy V. Corrosion Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structures - A Review

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Parameters influencing the low-cycle fatigue life of materials in pressure water reactor nuclear power plants / Parametry ovlivòující únavové chování materiálù pro tlakovodní jaderné reaktory v režimu nízkocyklové únavy

. 2013. 8. Hanley, B. C.; Dolant, T. J. Metals Engineering - Design; Soc. Mech. Engrs., 1953. 9. Narayanan, R.; Kalyanaraman, V.; Sathakumar, A.; Seetharaman, S.; Satish Kumar, S.; Arul Jayachandran, S.; Senthil, R. Teaching Material on Structural Steel Design for Civil/ Structural Engineering; 2001. 10. Coffin, L. The Problem of Thermal Stress Fatigue in Austenitic Steels at Elevated Temperatures. Symposium on Effect of Cyclic Heating and Stressing on Metals at Elevated Temperatures. 1954. 11. Iida, K

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Analysis of the Coating for Heavy Liquid Metal Applications

References 1. Gromov B.F. et al., “Use of Lead-Bismuth Coolant in Nuclear Reactors and Accelerated-Driven Systems”. Nucl. Eng. Design 1997, 173, 207. 2. Structural materials for Generation IV nuclear reactors. Waltham, MA: Elsevier, 2016. ISBN 0081009127, 978008 1009123. 3. Hojna A., Di Gabriele F., Klecka J. Characteristics and Liquid Metal Embrittlement of the steel T91 in contact with Lead-Bismuth Eutectic. Journal of Nuclear Materials 2016, 472, 163-170. 4. Auger T., Lorang G., Guerin G., et

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Behaviour of creep-resistant steels in a transpassive zone

.; Bystrianský, J.; Svobodová, M. Detection of structural changes in chromium martensitic steels using electrochemical methods. In Metal 2011 , Brno, Czech republic; 2011.

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Influence of Fe-Zn intermetallic layer on corrosion behaviour of galvanized concrete reinforcement

Science Publishers Ltd., 137-182. 60. Sistonen E., Service life of hot dip galvanized reinforcement bars in carbonated and chloride contaminated concrete, Dissertation Thesis - Structural Enginnering and Building Technology, Helsinki University of Technology. 61. Bellezze T., Malavolta M., Quaranta A., Ruffi ni N., Roventi G.; Corrosion behaviour in concrete of tree differently galvanized steel bars, Cement and Concrete Composites 2006, 28, 246-255.

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Influence of the adhesive type and metal substrate on adhesion of bonded joints after salt spray test

on steel, Metalurgija 2015, 54 (4), 707-710. 11. Kuklík, V. Metalurgie tvorby povlaku žárového zinku, Tribotechnika 2014, 6(1), 38-41. 12. Marder, A. R. The metallurgy of zinc-coated steel, Progress in Materials Science 2000, 45, 191-271. 13. Shibli, S.M.A. et al. A review on recent approaches in the field of hot dip zinc galvanizing process, Surface and Coating Technology 2008, 262, 210-215. 14. Bicao, P. et al. Effects of zinc bath temperature on the coatings of hot-dip galvanizing, Surface and

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Cathionic corrosion inhibitors for protection of steel in chloride containing concrete pore solution

. Sixth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Rome, 2017, pp. 40-44. 20. 2500 (accessed 11 Jan 2019) 21. ASTM C876-15. Standard Test Method for Corrosion Potentials of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete. West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM International, 2015. 8 p. 22. Novak, P., Mala, R. Comparison of electrochemical data and mass loss corrosion rate measurements for steel reinforcement in

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