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Katarzyna Grabowska

REFERENCES Martyn D., 1992, Climates of the world , Developments in atmospheric science 18, Elsevier, Amsterdam. Słownik meteorologiczny [Dictionary of meteorology], 2003, Polskie Towarzystwo Geofizyczne IMGW, Warszawa. Okołowicz W., 1969, Klimatologia ogólna [General climatology], PWN, Warszawa. Okołowicz W., 1991, Strefy klimatyczne świata, Geograficzny atlas świata [Climatic zones of the world, World atlas of geography], PPWK, Warszawa-Wrocław. Stopa M., 1962, Burze w Polsce [Storms in Poland], Prace Geograficzne , 34

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Miloš Revallo, Fridrich Valach, Pavel Hejda and Josef Bochníček

References Alves M. V., Echer E., Gonzalez W. D., 2006: Geoeffectiveness of corotating interaction regions as measured by Dst index. J. Geophys. Res., 111, A7, doi: 10.1029/2005JA01 1379. Cramer W. D., Turner N. E., Fok M.-C., Buzulukova N. Y., 2013: Effects of different geomagnetic storm drivers on the ring current: CRCM results. J. Geophys. Res., 118, 1062-1073, doi: 10.1002/jgra.50138. Kim R.-S., Cho K.-S., Moon Y.-J., Kim Y.-H., Yi Y., Dryer M., Bong S.-C., Park Y.-D., 2005: Forecast evaluation of the

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Miloš Revallo, Fridrich Valach and Magdaléna Váczyová

The geomagnetic storm of August 2010 as a lesson of the space weather modeling

A model of the magnetic storm of August 4, 2010, is presented in the paper. Simulated Dst index series is obtained from an empirical model of the solar wind magnetosphere interaction and is compared with real data. In broader context, the underlying study can be conceived as an example of the space weather modeling. A brief survey of the approaches to this topic is provided in the paper. In particular, the link is made to the previous studies based on artificial neural networks which could be beneficial for the magnetic storm modeling as well.

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Brindusa Chiotoroiu, Veneta Ivanova and Liviu Apostol

References Apostol L. (2008), The Mediterranean cyclones-the role in ensuring water resources and their potential of climatic risk, in the east of Romania, Present environment and sustainable development, no.2. Bocheva Lilia, Georgiev C.G., Simeonov P. (2007), A climatic study of severe storms over Bulgaria produced by Mediterranean cyclones in 1990-2001 period, Atmospheric research, vol. 83, issue 2-4, pp. 284-293. Chiotoroiu Brindusa (1999), Les tempêtes dans le bassin occidental de la mer Noire, Presses

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Rasmus Storm

. [The Game Without the Ball. On Money, Management and Identity in Norwegian Football] (vols. 1) Oslo: Abstrakt Forlag. Gammelsaeter, H., Storm, R. K., & Södermann, S. (2010). Commercialization, organization and performance of professional football in Scandinavia. Ref Type: Unpublished Work Garcia, B. (2007). UEFA and the European Union: From Confrontation to Co-operation? Paper presented at the 10th Biennial International Conference of the European Union Studies Association, Motreal, Canada. Ref Type: Unpublished

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Andrzej Krankowski and Irk Shagimuratov

Published on the Occasion of the Anniversary: "50 Years of Ionospheric Research in Lindau", edited by Kohl H., Ruster R. and Schlegel K., European Geophysical Society, Katlenburg-Lindau, pp. 371-390. Kersley L., Pryse S.E., Wheadon N.S., (1988a): Amplitude and phase scintillation at high latitudes over northern Europe , Radio Science, Vol. 23, pp. 320-330. Kersley L., Chandra H., (1988b): Scintillation at high latitudes during winter magnetic storms , Journal of Atmosphere and Terrestrial Physics, Vol. 50, pp. 565

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David Lester

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G. A. Filipescu, Oana Alina2 Solomon, Nicoleta Clim, Amelia Milulescu, Andreea Gratiana Boiangiu and M. Mitran

References 1. Shapter, A.P. & McLellan, R. (2001) Gestational Trophoblastic Disease. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 28(4), 805-17. 2. Altieri, A., Franceschi, S., Ferlay, J., Smith, J. & La Vacchia, C. (2003) Epidemiology and Aetiology of Gestational Trophobalastic Diseases. Lancet Oncol, 4, 670-8 3. Moskovitz, J.B. & Bond, M.C. (2010) Molar Pregnancy-Induced Thyroid Storm. J Emerg Med, 38, 71

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Astrid Hendriks and Tamás Szili-Török

LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS: AHF acute heart failure CA catheter ablation ES electrical storm ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator MI myocardial infarction PVC premature ventricular contraction RF radiofrequency VA ventricular arrhythmia VF ventricular fibrillation VT ventricular tachycardia REFERENCES 1. Israel CW, Barold SS. Review article. Electrical Storm in Patients with an Implanted Defibrillator: A Matter of Definition. A.N.E. 2007;12(4):375-382. 2. Exner DV, Pinski SL, Wyse DG, et al. Electrical storm presages

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Markus Wilmsen, Marisa Storm, Franz Theodor Fürsich and Mahmoud Reza Majidifard

facies development of the Yazd Block, Khur area, Central Iran. Darius Newsletter, 2 , 9-10. Wilmsen, M., Fürsich, F.T. and Majidifard, M.R. 2012. Porosphaera globularis (Phillips, 1829) (Porifera, Calcarea) from the Maastrichtian Farokhi Formation of Central Iran. Cretaceous Research, 33 , 91-96. Wilmsen, M., Fürsich, F.T. and Majidifard, J. 2013. The Shah Kuh Formation, a latest Barremian - early Aptian carbonate platform of Central Iran (Khur area, Yazd Block). Cretaceous Research, 39 , 183-194. Wilmsen, M., Storm, M