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D. Buła and M. Pasko

three-phase capacitive diode rectifier”, Proc. APEC 2011 1, 91-97 (2011). [16] S. Srianthumrong, H. Fujita, and H. Akagi, “Stability analysis of a series active filter integrated with a double-series diode rectifier”, IEEE Trans. Power Electronics 17 (1), 117-124 (2002). [17] Tong Liqing, Qian Zhaoming, Yantao Song, Kuang Naixing, and F.Z. Peng, “Analysis and design of a novel phase-lead compensation control strategy for the SHAPF”, Proc. APEC 2007 1, 692-697 (2007). [18] D. Basic, V.S. Ramsden, and P.K. Muttik

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Péter Polcz and Szederkényi

analysis of an uncertain bioreactor model, Proc. Int. Symp. Stability, Vibration, and Control of Machines and Structures (SVCS 2016, Budapest, Hungary) pp. 1-12, 2016 [7] Rocha Filho, T.M.; Gléria, I.M.; Figueiredo, A.; Brenig, L.: The Lotka-Volterra canonical format, Ecol. Mod. 2005 183(1), 95-106 DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2004.07.023 [8] Noonburg, V.W.: A neural network modeled by an adaptive Lotka-Volterra system, SIAM J. Appl. Math. 1989 49(6), 1779-1792 DOI: 10.1137/0149109 [9] Bhargava, S.: Generalized Lotka

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Lesław Zabuski

References Arellano D., Stark T. D. (2000) Importance of three-dimensional slope stability analysis in practice, [in:] Griffiths D. V. et al (Editors), Slope Stability 2000 , GSP No. 101, Reston, ASCE, 18–32. Bober L., Thiel K., Zabuski L. (1997) Zjawiska osuwiskowe w polskich Karpatach fliszowych – geologiczno-inżynierskie właściwosci wybranych osuwisk , IBW PAN, Gdansk (in Polish). Bober L., Zabuski L. (1993) Flysch Slope Classification from Viewpoint of the Landslide Prediction, Proc. Int. Symp. Geotechnical Eng. of Hard Soils-Soft Rocks

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Ivo Senjanović, Nikola Vladimir and Dae-Seung Cho

geometric stiffness modelling in the hydroelastic analysis of ship structures. Transactions of FAMENA, 34(4), pp.1-10. Shah, S.J., 2001. Finite-element geometric stiffness matrix lumping by numerical integration for stability analysis. Transactions, SMiRT 16. Washington DC, Paper 2057. Szilard, R., 2004. Theories and applications of plate analysis. John Wiley & Sons. Timoshenko, S.P. and Gere, J.M., 1961. Theory of elastic stability. McGraw-Hill. Zienkiewicz, O.C., 1971. The finite element method in

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Marek Cała, Michał Kowalski and Agnieszka Stopkowicz

References Aringoli D., Calista M., Gentili B., Pambianchi G., Sciarra N., 2008. Geomorphological features and 3D modeling of Montelparo mass movement (Central Italy). Engineering Geology, Vol. 99, p. 70-84. Berge I., Li B., 1968. Report concerning testing of ore and siderock NTH. Trondheim, unpublished. Cała M., 2007a. Numerical slope stability analysis. AGH University of Science and Technology. Series: Monographs, No. 171, (in polish). Cała M., 2007b. Convex and concave slope stability analysis with numerical methods. Archives of Mining

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B.S. Bhadauria, M.K. Singh, A. Singh, B.K. Singh and P. Kiran

B.S., Srivastava A. K., Sacheti N.C. and Chandran P. (2012): Gravity modulation of thermal instability in a viscoelastic fluid-saturated-anisotropic porous medium. – Z. Naturforch, vol.67a, pp.1-9. [13] Bhadauria B.S., Siddheshwar P.G., Kumar J. and Suthar O. P. (2012): Non-linear stability analysis of temperature / gravity modulated Rayleigh-Benard convection in a porous medium. – Transp. Porous Med., vol.92, pp.633-647. [14] Siddheshwar P.G., Bhadauria B.S., Mishra P. and Srivastava A.K. (2012): Study of heat transport by stationary magneto

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Joanna Grzechulska-Damszel, Agata Markowska-Szczupak and Antoni W. Morawski

Antioxidant. Oxid. Med. Cell. Longev. Article ID 7478523, 13 pages. DOI: 10.1155/2017/7478523. 7. Postaire, E., Le Hoang, M.D., Anglade, P., Martinez, D., Brion, F., Navarro, J., Prognon, P. & Pradeau, D. (1989). Stability and behaviour of selenium in total parenteral nutrition solutions. Int. J. Pharm. 55(2-3), 99-103. DOI: 10.1016/0378- 5173(89)90029-X. 8. Bagnicka, E., Kościuczuk, E.M., Jarczak, J., Jóźwik, A., Strzałkowska, N., Słoniewska, D. & Krzyżewski, J. (2017). The effect of inorganic and organic selenium added to diets on milk

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Tomasz Zubowicz and Mietek A. Brdyś

2006 , Island of Kos, Greece , pp. 3105-3108. Domański, P., Brdyś, M.A. and Tatjewski, P. (1999). Design and stability of fuzzy logic multi-regional output controllers, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 9 (4): 883-897. Feng, G. (2006). A survey on analysis and design of model-based fuzzy control systems, IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems 14 (5): 676-697, DOI: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2006.883415. Gomes da Silva, Jr., J.M., Corso, J. and Castelan, E. (2008). Output feedback stabilization for

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P.M. Balagondar and M. Kempe Gowda

References Aristov S.N. and Gitman I.M. (2002): Viscous flow between two moving parallel disks: exact solutions and stability analysis. - J . Fluid Mechanics, vol.464, pp.209-215. Chandrasekhar S. (1997): Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability . - Dover. Craik A. (1989): The stability of unbounded two-and three-dimensional flows subject to body forces: some exact solutions. - J. Fluid Mechanics, vol.198, pp.275-293. Craik A. and Criminale W. (1986): Evolution of wavelike

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Ivan Slávik

geotechnických informácií a pronóza stability odkaliska), Department of Geotechnics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology. [11] Sarma, S.K. (1973) Stability analysis of embankments and slopes, Geotechnique 23, pp. 423 - 433. [12] Bishop, A.W. (1955) The Use of the Slip Circle in the Stability Analysis of Slopes, Geotechnique 5, pp. 7-17. [13] Petterson, K.E. (1955) The early history of circular sliding surfaces, Geotechnique 5, pp. 275-296. [14] GEO 5.14 - user guide manual - FINE - Civil