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Núria Puig

between the public and private sectors in the sports system/. In J. Subirats (Ed.), Existe sociedad civil en España? Responsabilidades colectivas y valores públicos / Is there a civil society in Spain? Collective responsibilities and public values /, pp. 178-200. Madrid: Fundación Encuentro. Castejón Paz, B., De Dios García Martínez, J., & Carballada, R. (1973). Rationalising sports policies: Outline of a methodology . Strasbourg: Council of Europe/Committee for Out-of-School Education & Cultural Development. Claeys, U. (1982a). Rationalising sports

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Marina Gozalova, Alexey Shchikanov, Aleksandr Vernigor and Vardan Bagdasarian

References 1. Novikova N.G., Sakharchuk E.S., Ilkevich S.V. (2013). The factors of Russia's low competitiveness as a medical tourism destination. Applied Sciences 25, 104-108. 2. Gozalova M. (2013). Development of social competence in learning a foreign language. Bulletin of the Association of Universities for Tourism and Service 3, 49-52. 3. Hudson S. (2003). Sport and adventure tourism . Bingham-ton, NY: The Haworth Press Inc. 4. The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. (2005). Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian

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Sports Broadcasting

An Accelerator of Business Integration in the Media Industry

Harry Arne Solberg and Knut Helland

, sports rights and distribution. A case study of Telenor’s exploitation of footaballa agreement 2005.] Master thesis, University of Bergen, Department of Information and Media Science. Brown, W.S. (1995) Principles of Economics, St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Company. Cave, M. & Crandall, R. (2001) Sports Rights and the Broadcast Industry. The Economic Journal , 111 (February), F4-26. Cowie, C. & Williams, M. (1997) ‘The Economics of Sports Rights’, Telecommunications Policy . 21, 619–634. Desbordes, M. (2006) ‘The Relationship between Sport

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Žermēna Vazne and Rasma Jansone

. (1996) Tracking of Pysical Activity and Physical Fitness Across the Lifespan. Research Quatesly of Exercise and Sports (67), p. 48-57. Patte R. R., Shepard R. (1989) Characterics of physical Fitness in Youth in perspectives. Exercise and Sports Medicine (2), p. 1-43.

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Michał Marcin Kobierecki

/olympic_games/vancouver_2010/default.stm>. Sports and Public Diplomacy Envoys 2005-2013, 2013. Web. 05 June 2015, <>. Strategy for Norway’s culture and sports co-operation with countries in the South, eds. R. Bendiksen, M. Lendig, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo. Web. 10 June 2015, <>. U.S. Embassy gets a kick out of

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Otmar Weiss

References Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (2009). Sportmagazin. Unisport-Special. Wien: Sportverlag Canadian Interuniversity Sport (N.N.). Programs and Services. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from EUSA (2009, September.). European University Sports Newsletter 3/2009. Retrieved June, 1 st , 2010, from FISU (N.N.). Fisu History

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TV Sports Viewers – Who Are They?

A Norwegian Case Study

Harry Arne Solberg and Randi Hammervold

of Central Lancashire, Lanchashire Business School. Cave, M. & Crandall, R. (2001) ‘Sports Rights and the Broadcast Industry’, The Economic Journal, 111 (February), F4-26. Cowie, C. & Williams, M. (1997) ‘The Economics of Sports Rights’, Telecommunications Policy, 21, pp. 619-634. Danielson, M.N. (1997) Home Team: Professional Sports and the American Metropolis. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. Desbordes, M. (2006) ‘The Relationship between Sport and Television: The Case of TF1 and the 2002

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Miloš Stamenković

. Bespilotne letjelice-primjena i značaj u šumarstvu . Neobjavljeni završni rad. Sveučilište u Zagrebu: Šumarski fakultet, 2016. 15. . 16. Meehan, Joseph. Capturing Time & Motion: The Dynamic Language of Digital Photography . Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2009. 17. Streible, Dan. Fight Pictures: A History of Boxing and Early Cinema . University of California: Press, 2008. 18. Bedeian, Arthur. (2013). Frank B. Gilbreth, Walter C. Camp and the World of Sports

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Justyna Mokras-Grabowska

, WSHiU w Poznaniu, 26, Poznań. S tandeven J., D e K nop P., 1999, Sport Tourism , Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois. S zczechowicz B., 2015, Łączenie wartości turystyki i sportu w świetle analizy ofert rynkowych, [in:] Turystyka sportowa. Społeczno-kulturowy potencjał i perspektywy rozwoju , M. Kazimierczak (ed.), AWF w Poznaniu, Poznań, pp. 41-53. W eed M., 2008, Sports tourism experience, Journal of Sport and Tourism , 13, 1. W yszowska I., M alchrowicz -M ośko E., 2015, Muzea sportu i turystyki jako atrakcyjny cel podróży turystów

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Joanna Bauerfeind, Magdalena Koper, Jacek Wieczorek, Piotr Urbański and Tomasz Tasiemski

References Abel T, Platen P, Rojas Vega S, Schneider S, Strüder H. Energy expenditure in ball games for wheelchair users. Spinal Cord , 2008; 46: 785-790 Bhambhani Y. Physiology. In Y. Vanlandewijck W. Thompson (Eds.), Handbook of sports medicine and science, the paralympic athlete . Oxford, 51-73; 2011 Barfield JP, Malone LA, Arbo C, Jung AP. Exercise intensity during wheelchair rugby training. J Sports Sci , 2010; 28(4): 389–398 Berzen J, Hutzler YS. Evaluating performance progression in beginner wheelchair rugby. EUJAPA , 2012; 5