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Pengfei Sun and Jun Qin

References 1. AudioMiCro, Free Industrial and Machinery Sound Effects, Retrived November 29th, 2015, from 2. Bahoura M., Rouat J. (2006), Wavelet speech enhancement based on time-scale adaptation, Speech Communication, 48, 12, 1620-1637. 3. Bahoura M., Rouat J. (2001), Wavelet speech enhancement based on the teager energy operator, Signal Processing Letters, IEEE, 8, 1, 10-12. 4. Boll S.F. (1979), Suppression of acoustic

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Zhi Tao, He-Ming Zhao, Xiao-Jun Zhang and Di Wu

References Boll S. (1979), Suppression of Acoustic Noise in Speech Using Spectral Subtraction , IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2, 113-120. Berouti M., Schwartz R., Makhoul J. (1979), Enhancement of speech corrupted by acoustic noise , Proc. IEEE ICASSP, Washington, DC, 208-211. Donoho D. L. (1995), De-noising by soft-thresholding , IEEE Transactions inform Theory, 41 , 3, 613-627. Ephraim Y., Malah D. (1984), Speech

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Chengli Sun, Jianxiao Xie and Yan Leng

References 1. Abolhassani A.H., Selouani S.-A., O’Shaughnessy D. (2007), Speech enhance-ment using PCA and variance of the reconstruction error model identification, Automatic Speech Recognition & Understanding. 2. Bakamides S., Dendrinos M., Carayannis G. (1991), SVD analysis by synthesis of harmonic signals, IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 39, 472-477. 3. Boll S.F. (1979), Suppression of acoustic noise in speech using spectral subtraction, IEEE Trans. Acoust. Speech Signal Process, 27, 113

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Mikolaj Kundegorski, Philip J.B. Jackson and Bartosz Ziółko

References [1] ALINAGHI A., WANG W., JACKSON P.J.B. (2011), Integrating binaural cues and blind source separation method for separating reverberant speech mixtures , [in:] Proc. of ICASSP, Prague, pp. 209-212. [2] BLAUERT J. (1997), Spatial Hearing: The Psycho-physics of Human Sound Localization , 2nd Edition, MIT Press. [3] BOLL S.F. (1979), Suppression of acoustic noise in speech using spectral subtraction , Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, IEEE Trans., 27, 2, 113-120. [4] CHIEN J.T., LAI P.Y. (2005), Car speech enhancement using a

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Mariusz Latos and Marek Pawełczyk

References Benesty J., Sondhi M. M., Huang Y. [Eds.] (2008), Springer Handbook of Speech Processing , Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heilderberg. Elliott S. (2001), Signal Processing for Active Control , Academic Press, London. Haykin S. (1986), Adaptive Filter Theory , Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Michalczyk M. I. (2004), Adaptive Control Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Zones of Quiet , Jacek Skalmierski Computer Studio, Gliwice

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Chengwei Huang, Guoming Chen, Hua Yu, Yongqiang Bao and Li Zhao

spectral subtraction, IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 27, 2, 113-120. 4. Cai L. (2005), Speech emotion analysis and recognition based on data fusion, Master Thesis, Department of Radio Engineering, Southeast University, China. 5. Chen G., Zhao L., Zhou C. (2007), Speech Enhance- ment Based on Masking Properties and Short-Time Spectral Amplitude Estimation, Journal of Electronics & Information Technology, 29, 4, 863-866. 6. Clavel C., Vasilescu I., Devillers L., Richard G., Ehrette T. (2008

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Deividas Eringis and Gintautas Tamulevičius

monosyllabic word recognition in continuously spoken sentences,” IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 357-366, Aug. 1980. [4] J. Pelecanos, S. Slomka, and S. Sridharan, “Enhancing automatic speaker identification using phoneme clustering and frame based parameter and frame size selection,” in Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications ISSPA99 (IEEE Cat. No.99EX359), vol. 2, pp. 633-636. [5] K. Paliwal and K. Wojcicki, “Effect of Analysis Window Duration

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Jiří Přibil, Anna Přibilová and Ivan Frollo

.C.K., Nayak, K.S. (2014). Evaluation of an independent linear model for acoustic noise on a conventional MRI scanner and implications for acoustic noise reduction. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 71, 1613-1620. [8] Oveisi, A., Nestorović, T. (2016). Mu-synthesis based active robust vibration control of an MRI inlet. Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering, 14 (1), 37-53. [9] Sun, G., Li, M., Rudd, B.W. et al. (2015). Adaptive speech enhancement using directional microphone in a 4-T scanner. Magnetic Resonance Materials in

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Jędrzej Kociński and Edward Ozimek

Enhance Word Comprehen- sion by People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, American Journal of Audiology, 12, 17-22. 10. Houtgast T., Steeneken H.J.M., Plomp R. (1980), Predicting speech intelligibility in rooms from the mod- ulation transfer function. I. General room acoustics, Acustica, 46, 60-72. 11. Nabelek A.K., Mason D. (1981), Effects of noise and reverberation on binaural and monaural word identifi- cation by subjects with various audiograms, Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 24, 375-383. 12. Noe C.M., Davidson

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Ewa Guz

References Aijmer, K. 1996. Conversational Routines in English. Longman: London and New York. Altenberg, B. 1990. Speech as linear composition. In Caie, G. Haastrup, K., Jakobsen, A.L., Nielsen, J.E., Sevaldsen, J., Specht, H. and A. Zettersten, (eds.) Proceedings from the Fourth Nordic Conference for English Studies, Vol. 1. Department of English, University of Copenhagen: 133–143. Anderson. J. R. 1983. The Architecture of Cognition. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Biber, D., S. Johansson, S. G. Leech, S. Conrad, and E. Finegan