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Maciej Kostecki, Krystyna Janta-Koszuta, Katarzyna Stahl and Bartosz Łozowski

lakes of different trophy, Inżynieria Ekologiczna, 74, pp. 187-195. Olsen, S.R., Cole, C.V., Watanabe, F.S. & Dean, L.A. (1954). Estimation of available phosphorus in soils by extraction with sodium bicarbonate, in: USDA Circular. USDA Washington DC, pp. 1-939. Psenner, R. (1988). Fractionation of phosphorus in suspended matter and sediment, Ergabnisse der Limnologie, 30, pp. 98-113. Pettersson K., Bostrom, B. & Jacobsen, O.S. (1988). Phosphorus in sediments - speciation and analysis, Hydrobiologia, 170, pp. 91

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Joanna Kluczka, Maria Zołotajkin and Jerzy Ciba

.P. Baker, J.J. Bisogni, C.L. Schofield: Effect of aluminium speciation on fish in dilute acidified waters, Nature , 284 , 161-164 (1980). Neville Ch.M., P.G.C. Campbell: Possible Mechanisms of Aluminum Toxicity in a Dilute, Acidic Environment to Fingerlings and Older Life Stages of Salmonids , Water Air Soil Pollut., 42 , 311-327 (1988). Guibaud G., C. Gauthier: Aluminium speciation in the Vienne river on its upstream catchment (Limousin region, France) , J. Inorg. Biochem., 99 , 1817-1821 (2005

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Agnieszka Jeske

References Allison J.D., Brown D.S., Novo-Gradac K.J., 1999. MINTEQA2/ PRODEFA2, a geochemical assessment model for environ-mental systems: Version 4.0. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Exposure Research Laboratory Ecosystems Research Division Athens, Georgia: 75 pp. BackstrSm M., Nilsson U., Hakansson K., Allard B., Karlosson S., 2003. Speciation of heavy metals in road runoffand road-sidetotal deposition. Water, Air, SoilPollution 147: 343-366. Bonazountas M., 1986. Chemical Fate Modelling in Soil Systems: A State-of-the-Art Review

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Semaghiul Birghila, Georgiana Baronescu and Anca Dumbrava

References [1]. N. N. Greenwood, A. Earnshaw, Chemistry of the Elements, second edition, Greenwood Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997. [2]. X. Pu, B. Hu, Z. Jiang, C. Huang, Speciation of dissolved iron(II) and iron(III) in environmental water samples by gallic acid-modified nanometer-sized alumina micro-column separation and ICP-MS determination, Analyst 130 (2005) 1175-1181. DOI: 10.1039/b502548f [3]. X. Zhu, R. Zhang, S. Liu, Y. Wu, Z. Jiang, J. Zhang, Seasonal distribution of dissolved iron in the surface water

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Beata Rutkowska and Wiesław Szulc

References Allison J.D.. Brown D.S..Novo-Gradac K.J„ I99I.MINTEQA2/ PRODEFA2, a gcochcmical computer assessment model for environmental systems. EPA/6003-91/021 USEPA Publica- tion, Athens. USA: 77 pp. Alloway B.J, 2008. Micronutricnts and Crop Production: An Introduction. [In:] Micronutricnt Deficiencies in GlobalCrop Production. Ed. Alloway B J, Spriisjcr Science + Business Media, B.V.: 1-39. Cancćs B., Ponthicu M„ Caarcc-Pouclle M.Aubrv E„ Bencdct- ti M.F., 2003. Metal ions speciation in asofl and its sofl

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C Liu, CG Wright, KG McAdam, C Taebunpakul, J Heroult, J Braybrook and H Goenaga-Infante

; Food Chem. Toxicol. 46 (2008) 1–8. 7. Liu, C., J. Hu, and K.G. McAdam: A feasibility study on oxidation state of arsenic in cut tobacco, mainstream cigarette smoke and cigarette ash by X-ray absorption spectroscopy; Spectrochim. Acta. B 64 (2009) 1294–1301. 8. Taebunpakul, S., C. Liu, C. Wright, K.G. McAdam, J. Heroult, J. Braybrook, and H. Goenaga-Infante: Determination of total arsenic and arsenic speciation in tobacco products: from tobacco leaf and cigarette smoke; J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 26 (2011) 1633

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J. Jeřábková, V. Tejnecký, L. Borůvka and O. Drábek

–702. doi: 10.1007/s11368-013-0776-1. Balarama Krishna MV, Chandrasekaran K, Rao SV, Karunasagar D, Arunachalam J (2005): Speciation of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in waters using immobilized moss and determination by ICP-MS and FAAS. Talanta, 65, 135–143. doi: 10.1016/j.talanta.2004.05.051. Banks MK, Schwab AP, Henderson C (2006): Leaching and reduction of chromium in soil as affected by soil organic content and plants. Chemosphere, 62, 255–264. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2005.05.020. Barceloux DG, Barceloux D (1999): Chromium. Journal of Toxicology: Clinical

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József Fail


Based on DNA sequences of the mitochondrial COI gene, Thrips tabaci has been divided into three lineages: a tobacco-associated (T) and two leek-associated types (L1, L2). It is believed that the arrhenotokous leek-associated type (L1) is the ancient form of T. tabaci and that the T type diverged from it and adapted to solanaceous host plants. The third lineage of T. tabaci, the so-called thelytokous leek-associated type (L2) and the L1 form share many host plants. According to a recent study, the L2 form of T. tabaci could outcompete the L1 type on cabbage plants; it might therefore be more accurate to identify it as the thelytokous cabbage-associated type.

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Maciej Kostecki, Malwina Tytła, Joanna Kernert and Katarzyna Stahl

speciation and analysis, Hydrobiologia , 170, pp. 91–101. Sapek, A. & Sapek, B. (2011). Phosphorus in atmospheric deposition, Ochrona Środowiska i Zasobów Naturalnych , 50, pp. 122–133. (in Polish) Sharpley, A.N., Troeger, W.W. & Smith, S.J. (1991). The measurement of bioavailable phosphorus in agricultural runoff, Journal Environmental Quality , 20, pp. 235–238. Siuda, W. (2001). Enzymatic regeneration of orthophosphate in lake water, Postępy Mikrobiologii , 40, 2, pp. 187–217. (in Polish) Smal, H., Ligęza, S., Baran, S., Wójcikowska-Kapusta, A

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Sylwia Lutyńska and Krzysztof Labus

chemism of mine waters from south-west part of GZW, Współczesne Problemy Hydrogeologii, 11, pp. 201-201. (in Polish) Paradysz, J. (2005). Statistics, Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej, Poznań 2005. (in Polish) Parkhurst, D. & Appelo, C.A.J. (1999). User’s Guide to PHREEQC (Version 2) - A computer program for speciation, batch-reaction, one-dimensional transport, and inverse geochemical calculations, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S.Department of the Interior. Skoczyńska-Gajda, S. & Labus, M. (2011). Metal speciation in river