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Oksana Petunova and Solvita Bērziša

References [1] A. Aurum, H. Petersson, and C. Wohlin, “State-of-the-art: software inspections after 25 years,” Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 133-154, 2002. [2] F. Elberzhager, J. Münch, and D. Assmann, “Analyzing the relationships between inspections and testing to provide a software testing focus,” Information and Software Technology, vol. 56, no. 7, pp. 793-806, Jul. 2014. [3] A. Goswami, G. S

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Padmaraj Nidagundi and Leonids Novickis

R eferences [1] M. Ide, Y. Amagai, M. Aoyama, Y. Kikushima, “A Lean Design Methodology for Business Models and Its Application to IoT Business Model Development,” in Agile Conference, AGILE, 2015, pp. 107–111. [2] R. Korosec, R. Pfarrhofer, “Supporting the Transition to an Agile Test Matrix,” in 2015 IEEE 8th Int. Conf. on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST), 2015, pp. 13–16. [3] U. Viswanath, “Lean Transformation How Lean Helped to Achieve

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Peili Yin, Jianhua Wang and Chunxia Lu

R eferences [1] Acko, B., Mccarthy, M., Haertig, F., Buchmeister, B. (2012). Standards for testing freeform measurement capability of optical and tactile coordinate measuring machines. Measurement Science & Technology , 23 (9), 94013-94025. [2] Frazer, R.C. (2007). Measurement uncertainty in gear metrology . Doctoral dissertation, Newcastle University, UK. [3] Greif, N. (2006). Software testing and preventive quality assurance for metrology. Computer Standards & Interfaces , 28 (3), 286-296. [4] Nieciąg, H. (2012). The assessment of the

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Nergiz Kılınç, Leyla Sezer and lok Mishra

Enabled Software Testing as a Service (n.d.). 11. Cloud Test (n.d.). 12. Cloud Testing (n.d.). 13. Neolan Cloud Testing (n.d.). 14. SOATEST (n.d.). 15. Cloud Based Browser Testing (n.d.).

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Aleksandr Sukhorukov

References G. Denaro, A. Polini, and W. Emmerich, "Early performance testing of distributed software applications," in 4th International Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP '04) , January 2004. USA: ACM, 2004, pp. 94-103. D. P. Olshefski, J. Nieh, and D. Agrawal, "Inferring client response time at the web server," in International Conference on Measurements and Modeling of Computer Systems (SIGMETRICS 2002) , June 2002. USA: ACM, 2002, pp. 160-171. B. M. Subraya

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Attila Kovács and Kristóf Szabados

[5] ETSI ES 201 873-1 v4.5.1: Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS), The Testing and Test Control Notation version 3; Part 1: TTCN-3 Core Language. →85 [6] FindBugs, →84 [7] M. Fowler, Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code, Addison-Wesley, 1999. →84 [8] FxCop, →80, 84 [9] S. Herbold, J. Grabovszki, S. Waack, Calculation and Optimization of Thresholds for Sets of Software Metrics. Empirical Software Engineering, Springer

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Jingliang Chen, Jun Su, Orest Kochan and Mariana Levkiv

). Thermocouples with built-in self-testing. International Journal of Thermophysics , 37 (4). [32] Woolley, J.W., Woodbury, K.A. (2009). Using computational models to account for thermocouple conduction error in cast metal/mold interfacial heat transfer experiments. In 113th Metalcasting Congress , 7-10 April 2009, Vol. 117, 31-40. [33] Shu, C., Kochan, O. (2013). Method of thermocouples self verification on operation place. Sensors & Transducers , 160 (12), 55-61. [34] Vasylkiv, N. (2010). Improvement of metrology software test in computer systems of

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Dragan Živanović, Milan Simić, Zivko Kokolanski, Dragan Denić and Vladimir Dimcev


Software supported procedure for generation of long-time complex test sentences, suitable for testing the instruments for detection of standard voltage quality (VQ) disturbances is presented in this paper. This solution for test signal generation includes significant improvements of computer-based signal generator presented and described in the previously published paper [1]. The generator is based on virtual instrumentation software for defining the basic signal parameters, data acquisition card NI 6343, and power amplifier for amplification of output voltage level to the nominal RMS voltage value of 230 V. Definition of basic signal parameters in LabVIEW application software is supported using Script files, which allows simple repetition of specific test signals and combination of more different test sequences in the complex composite test waveform. The basic advantage of this generator compared to the similar solutions for signal generation is the possibility for long-time test sequence generation according to predefined complex test scenarios, including various combinations of VQ disturbances defined in accordance with the European standard EN50160. Experimental verification of the presented signal generator capability is performed by testing the commercial power quality analyzer Fluke 435 Series II. In this paper are shown some characteristic complex test signals with various disturbances and logged data obtained from the tested power quality analyzer.

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João Matos, João Garcia and Nuno Coração

.; Wang, X.; Li, Z. Panalyst: Privacy-aware Remote Error Analysis on Commodity Software. Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Security Symposium. Berkeley, CA, USA, 2008; pp 291-306. [8] Andrica, S.; Candea, G. Mitigating Anonymity Challenges in Automated Testing and Debugging Systems. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 13). San Jose, CA, 2013; pp 259-264. [9] Louro, P.; Garcia, J.; Romano, P. MultiPathPrivacy: Enhanced Privacy in Fault Replication. Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC), 2012

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Joseph Gogodze

References [1] Auger, A., Hansen, N., Performance evaluation of an advanced local search evolutionary algorithm, in: Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2, 2005, 1777-1784. [2] Benson, H.Y., Shanno, D.F., Vanderbei, R.J., Interior-point methods for nonconvex nonlinear programming: Jamming and comparative numerical testing, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University, Technical Report ORFE-00-02, 2000. [3] Billups, S.C., Dirkse, S.P., Ferris, M.C., A comparison of algorithms for large-scale mixed