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Investigating People’s Privacy Risk Perception

Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy , Arlington, VA, USA, 2014. [21] Vaibhav Garg, L. Jean Camp, Katherine Connelly, and Lesa Lorenzen-Huber. Risk Communication Design: Video vs. Text. In Simone Fischer-Hübner and Matthew Wright, editors, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS 2012). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7384 , pages 279–298, 2012. [22] Nina Gerber, Benjamin Reinheimer, and Melanie Volkamer. Home Sweet Home? Investigating Users’ Awareness of Smart Home Privacy Threats. In Proceedings of An Interactive Workshop on the

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Smart and Connected Health: What Can We Learn from Funded Projects?

1 Introduction Increasing health awareness and widespread adoption of wearable devices, wireless communications and big data in the context of smart cities have led to the needs for smart and connected health (SCH). SCH refers to any digital healthcare solutions or systems that can operate remotely with integration of innovative computational and engineering approaches to support the transformation of health and medicine services ( Clancy, 2006 ; National Science Foundation). It is a young but promising field of study at the intersection of medical

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Integration of personal health systems into intelligent living environments

References Becker E, Le Z, Park K, Lin Y, Makedon F. Event-based experiments in an assistive environment using wireless sensor networks and voice recognition. In: PETRA '09 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments. New York: ACM Press, 2009. Kervina D. Osebni zdravstveni sistemi v inteligentnih bivalnih okoljih. Magistrsko delo. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, 2010. OECD Health Data 2005, CD-ROM, OECD, 2005

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A User Perspective on the Vulnerabilities of Smart Watches: Is Security a Concern?

of Communication (pp. 1-10). Silver Spring, MD, USA : ACM. Guo, A., & Ma, J. (2017, February 8). Context-Aware Scheduling in Personal Data Collection From Multiple Wearable Devices. (IEEE, Ed.) IEEE Access, 5, 2169-3536. Haselton, T. (2017, June 21). Smart clothing and smartwatches will help double wearable market by 2021: IDC. Retrieved from CNBC: Hughes, A. (2014). Threat assessment of wearable technology. Ann Arbor : ProQuest. Kim, K. J., & Shin, D.-H. (2015). An

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SHM Supporting Damage Tolerance Design Philosophy As a Challenge for Designers of Future Airframes

. Stanford, CA, September 8-10, 1999. Giurgiutiu, V., Jingjing, B., Zhao, W.: Active Sensor Wave Propagation Health Monitoring of Bean and Plate Structures. Proceedings of the SPIE International Symposium on Smart Structures and Material. Newport Beach, California, March 5-8 2001. Qing, X. P., Beard, S. J., Kumar, A., Ooi, T. K., Chang, F.-K.: Built-in Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structure. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures , Vol. 18, No. 1, SAGE Publications, 2007

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Optimal Response-Related Weighting Matrices to Control Semi-Active Base Isolation Systems

Mechanics, Vol. 119, No. 11, pp. 2317-2332. Narasimhan, S. - Nagarajaiah, S. (2006) Smart base isolated buildings with variable friction systems: H∞ controller and SAIVF device. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Vol. 35, No. 8, pp. 921-942. Ramallo, J.C. - Johnson, E.A. - Spencer, B.F. (2002) Smart base isolation systems. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 128, No. 10, pp. 1088-99. Sahasrabudhe, S.S. - Nagarajaiah, S. (2005) Semi-active control of sliding isolated bridges using MR dampers: an experimental

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Smart city concept in the light of the literature review

living is measured by existing cultural facilities, living conditions (health, safety, housing), educational facilities, tourist attractiveness and social cohesion. Smart governance is expressed by the transparency of city management, social participation, the level of public services and the implementation of development strategies ( Stawasz & Sikora-Fernandez, 2016 ; Zanella et al., 2014 ; Caragliu et al., 2011 ). Many authors have attempted to formulate the definition of a “smart city” by binding it with different terms, which is indicative of the lack of a

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Research on Poppers Used as Electrical Connectors in High Speed Textile Transmission Lines

. (Ed.). (2007). Smart Textiles for Medicine and Healthcare, Materials, Systems and Applications, (I ed.). Woodhead Publishing. [5] Bouwstra S. et al., (2009). Smart Jacket Design for Neonatal Monitoring with Wearable Sensors, BSN ‘09 Proceedings of the 2009 Sixth International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA, 162-167. [6] Amato G., Chessa S., Conforti F., Macerata A., Marchesi C.,(2005). Health Care Monitoring of Mobile Patients, ERCIM News, 60, 69-70. [7] Carole A. et al., (2005

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Determination of musculoskeletal system pain, physical activity intensity, and prolonged sitting of university students using smartphone

., Wells R.P., Amick B.C. (2011) Musculoskel­etal symptoms among mobile hand-held device users and their relationship to device use: A preliminary study in a Canadian University Population. Appl. Ergon., 42(2): 371-378. 5. Caglar E., Bilgili N., Karaca A., Deliceoglu G. (2017) Screen time differences among Turkish university stu­dents as indicator for sedentary lifestyle and inactivity. Croat. J. Educ., 19(4): 1105-1130. 6. Cakır F., Demir B.N. (2014) A Study on determining preferences of university students’ purchasing smart­phone. Dokuz

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The Use of Smartphone in Medical Practice

.1097/MD.0000000000005934. 10. Dang S, Karanam C, Gómez-Marín O. Outcomes of a Mobile Phone Intervention for Heart Failure in a Minority County Hospital Population. Telemed J E Health. 2017 Jan 4. doi: 10.1089/tmj.2016.0211. [Epub ahead of print] 11. De D, Mukherjee A, Sau A, Bhakta I.Design of smart neonatal health monitoring system using SMCC. Healthc Technol Lett. 2016 Nov 2;4(1):13-19. doi: 10.1049/htl.2016.0054. eCollection 2017. 12. den Hollander D, Mars M. Smart phones make smart referrals: The use of mobile phone technology in burn care - A

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