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High-energy seismic events in Legnica–Głogów Copper District in light of ASG-EUPOS data

many unexpected seismic events as in the areas of multi-seam exploitation, where seismic phenomena seem likely to occur even in the situation of the lack of strata capable of accumulating elastic energy and its dynamic release ( Majcherczyk and Niedbalski, 2017 ). While geodetic surveys play an important role in many scientific programs, observatories, networks or test fields involved in an integrated system of interdisciplinary observations, providing fundamentally important datasets in earthquake studies, as far their insufficient role in country studies on

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Recent Vs. Historical Seismicity Analysis For Banat Seismic Region (Western Part Of Romania)

. [29] Shebalin N. V., Leydecker G., Mokrusina N. G., Tatevossian R. E., Erteleva O. O, Vassiliev V. YU. (1998). Earthquake Catalogue for Central-Southeastern Europe 342BC-1990AD. European Commission, Report No. ETNU CT 93 - 0087, Brussels. [30] Havskov and Ottemoller, SeisAn Earthquake analysis software, Seis. Res. Lett., 70, 1999. [31] Wiemer S, Baer W. (2000). Mapping and removing quarry blast events from seismicity catalogs. Bulletin of Seismological Society of America, 90, 2, 525

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Recurrence interval of strong earthquakes in the se Altai, Russia revealed by tree-ring analysis and radiocarbon dating

seismic events. The most direct methods (fault scarp formation applying scarp degradation modeling, cosmogenic surface exposure dating, analysis of scarp soils etc .) return relatively large age uncertainties ( McCalpin, 2009 ). Dating landforms is typically less precise than dating sediments ( Burbank and Anderson, 2001 and McCalpin, 2009 ), although relatively precise indirect dating of associated deposits also may not provide close constraints of ancient seismic events. Today radiocarbon analysis is the most exploitable and widely applicable technique in

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Late Glacial and Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Mondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and historical rockfall activity revealed by reflection seismics and sediment core analysis

References Andersen, N., Lauterbach, S., Erlenkeuser, H., Danielopol, D. L., Namiotko, T., Huls, M., Belmecheri, S., Dulski, P. Nantke, C., Meyer, H., Chapligin, B., von Grafenstein, U. and Brauer, A., 2017. Evidence for higher-than-average air temperatures after the 8.2 ka event provided by a Central European δ18O record. Quaternary Science Reviews, 172, 96-108. Baster, I., Girardclos, S., Pugin, A. and Wildi, W., 2003. High-resolution seismic stratigraphy of an Holocene

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Evaluation of Llaima volcano activities for localization and classification of LP, VT and TR events

, Chile (2007–2010)”, III Congr. Latinoam. Sismol. , 2014. [7] M. Muñoz, “Eruption Patterns of the Chilean Volcanoes Villarrica, Llaima, and Tupungatito”, Pure Appl. Geophys. PAGEOPH 121:835–852, doi: 10.1007/BF02590184, 1983. [8] M. Curilem, J. Vergara, C. S. Martin et al , “Pattern Recognition Applied to Seismic Signals of the Llaima Volcano (Chile): An Analysis of the Events’ Features”, J. Volcanol Geotherm Res. 282:134–147, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2014.06.004, 2014. [9] B. A. Chouet and R. S. Matoza, “A Multi-Decadal View of Seismic Methods

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Seismic and non-seismic soft-sediment deformation structures in the Proterozoic Bhander Limestone, central India

. & Bose, P.K., 1990. Synsedimentary seismic activity in an immature passive margin basin, lower member of Katrol Formation, Upper Jurassic, Kutch, India. Sedimentary Geology 68, 279-291. Seilacher, A., 1984. Sedimentary structures tentatively attributed to seismic events. Marine Geology 55, 1-12. Seilacher, A., 2001. Concretion morphologies reflecting diagenetic and epigenetic pathways. Sedimentary Geology 143, 41-57. Uner, S., 2014. Seismogenic structures in Quaternary lacustrine deposits of Lake Van (eastern Turkey). Geo- logos 20, 79-87. Valente, A

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Late Pleistocene-Holocene earthquake-induced slumps and soft-sediment deformation structures in the Acequion River valley, Central Precordillera, Argentina

paleolake (California). Geology 39, 1055-1058. Gibert, L., Sanz de Galdeano, C., Alfaro, P., Scott, G. & Lopez Garrido, A.C., 2005. Seismic induced slump in Early Pleistocene deltaic deposits of the Baza Basin (SE Spain). Sedimentary Geology 179, 279-294. He, B., Qiao, X., Jiao, C., Xu, Z., Cai, Z., Guo, X., Zhang, Y. & Zhang, M., 2014. Paleo-earthquake events in the late Early Palaeozoic of the central Tarim Basin: evidence from deep drilling cores. Geologos 20, 105-123. Karlin, R.E., Holmes, M., Abella, S. & Sylwester, R., 2004. Holocene landslides and a 3500

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Neogene uplift and erosion in the Alpine Foreland Basin (Upper Austria and Salzburg)

. 2006: Seismic facies and reservoir characteristics of a deep marine channel belt in the Molasse foreland basin. AAPG Bull. 90, 735-752. Donelick R. A., Ketcham R. A. & Carlson W. D. 1999: Variability of apatite fission-track annealing kinetics. II. Crystallographic orientation effects. Amer. Mineralogist 84, 9, 1224-1234. Dumitru T. A. 1993: A new computer-automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis. Nucl. Tracks Radiat. Meas 21, 575-580. Farley K. A. 2002: (U

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The palaeogeographical background of Late Devonian storm events in the western part of the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland)

References Aigner, T., 1985. Storm depositional systems. Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences 3, 1-174. Bábek, O., Přikryl, T. & Hladil, J., 2007. Progressive drowning of carbonate platform in the Moravo-Silesian Basin (Czech Republic) before the Frasnian/ Famennian event: facies, compositional variations and gamma-ray spectrometry. Facies 53, 293-316. Bełka, Z. & Narkiewicz, M., 2008. Devonian. [In:] T. Mc- Cann (Ed.): The geology of central Europe. Vol.1: Precambrian and Paleozoic. The Geological Society

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Seismic activity on the territory of Slovakia in 2017

References ESI SAS (Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences), 2004: National Network of Seismic Stations of Slovakia. Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, Other/Seismic Network, doi: 10.14470/FX099882. Fojtíková L., Kristeková M., Málek J., Sokos E., Csicsay K., Záhradník J., 2015: Quantifying capability of a local seismic network in terms of locations and focal mechanism solutions of weak earthquakes. Journal of Seismology, 20 , 1, 93–106, doi: 10.1007/s10950-015-9512-1. GEOFON Data Center, 1993: GEOFON Seismic Network

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