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Eugene Kopytov, Alexander Urbach, Valery Kutev, Vladimir Labendik and Sergey Yunusov

Information Support System for Technology of Applying the Multi-Component Nano-Structured Protective Coatings

The given article considers the process of arranging informational support in carrying out experiments on applying the nanostructured protective covering on different materials. For nano-coverings coating, there is used special plant, which is given different modes of performance. For accounting all parameters and for accumulating the data, which characterize the results of the experiments, there is suggested an information system which employs the database designed for these purposes. The authors suggest an approach to defining the main requirements and functions of an information system on the basis of functional simulation and consider the issues of its realization. This information system also allows processing the results of the experiments with the use of statistical methods. The analytical module of the information system is supposed for solving the tasks of determining the thickness of covering depending on the specified mode of plant operation (pressure, voltage, current); it is also employed for determining what operation mode is required for receiving the covering with certain designated properties and parameters. Consequently, the task of scientific prognostication of the covering properties is solved.