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Alina Trejgell and Andrzej Tretyn

Artemisia judaica L. Plant Cell Reports 21: 525-530. Martin KP. 2003. Rapid in vitro multiplication and ex vitro rooting of Rotula aquatica Lour., a rare rhoeophytic woody medicinal plant. Plant Cell Reports 21: 415-420. Murashige T, and Skoog F. 1962. A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue cultures. Physiologia Plantarum 15: 437-497. Orlikowska T, Nowak E, Marasek A, and Kucharska D. 1999. Effect of growth regulators and incubation period on in vitro

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Katarzyna Wróblewska and Przemysław Bąbelewski

References Aloni R., Aloni E., Langhans M., Ullrich Cl., 2006. Role of cytokinin and auxin in shaping root architecture: regulating vascular differentiation, lateral root initiation, root apical dominance and root gravitropism. Ann. Bot. 97: 883-893. Arteca R.N., 1996. Plant growth substances: principles and applications. Chapter 5: Rooting. Chapman & Hall 115 Fifty Avenue, New York: 127-147. Biddington N.L., D earman A.S., 1982. The involvement of the root apex and cytokinins in the control of lateral

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Noushin Ghazijahani, Ebrahim Hadavi, Chul Hwan Hwang and Byoung Ryong Jeong

and malic acid on chlorophyll content and post-harvest vase life of Lilium cv. Brunello. Front. Plant Sci. 2: 106. Day D.A., Hanson J.B., 1977. Pyruvate and malate transport and oxidation in corn mitochondria. Plant Physiol. 59: 630-635. de Vries D., Dubois L.A., 1988. The effect of BAP and IBA on sprouting and adventitious root formation of ‘Amanda’ rose single-node softwood cuttings. Sci. Hortic. 34 :115-121. Eidyan B., Hadavi E., Moalemi N., 2014. Pre-harvest foliar application of iron sulfate and citric acid

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B. Kovacevic, V. Guzina, M. Kraljevic-Balalic, M. Ivanovic and E. Nikolić-Đorić

variance and “C” effects in balsam poplar rooting. Silvae Genetica 38: 62-65. FEGE, A. S. (1983): The practice and physiological basis of collecting, storing and planting Populus hardwood cuttings. Gen. Tech. Report. NC-91. FEGE, A. S. and G. N. BROWN (1984): Carbohydrate distribution in dormant populus shoot and hardwood cuttings. Forest Science 30: 999-1010. HAN, K. H., H. D. JR. BRADSHAW, M. P. GORDON and K. H. HAN (1994): Adventitious root and shoot regeneration in vitro is under major gene control in an F2 family of

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Marta Zawadzka, Paweł Trzciński, Katarzyna Nowak and Teresa Orlikowska

: 313-317. Larraburu E.E., Carletti S.M., Cáceres E.A.R., Llorente B.E. 2007. Micropropagation of photinia employing rhizobacteria to promote root development. Plant Cell Reports 26: 711-717. DOI: 10.1007/s00299-006-0279-2. Leifert C., Ritchie J.Y., Waites W.M. 1991. Contaminants of plant tissue and cell cultures. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 7: 452-469. DOI: Lloyd G., McCown B. 1981. Commercially feasible micropropagation of Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia, by use of shoot tip

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Hanna Szajsner and Przemysław Bąbelewski


The aim of this work is to compare the effect of three- and sixfold irradiation with a semiconductor laser beams of 200 mW power and wavelength equal to 670 nm and the rooting agent on the percentage and quality of rooted cuttings of leatherleaf viburnum. The most effective for root number and root length was threefold irradiation and for fresh root weight threefold irradiation applied together with the rooting agent.

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R. S. Zalesny, R. B. Hall, E. O. Bauer and D. E. Riemenschneider

References ALLEN, R. M. and A. L. MCCOMB (1956): Rooting of cottonwood clones. USDA For. Serv. Occ. Pap. SO-OP-151. BLOOMBERG, W. J. (1963): The significance of initial adventitious roots in poplar cuttings and the effect of certain factors on their development. For. Chron. 39: 279-289. BRADSHAW, H. D., JR. (1996): Molecular genetics of Populus, pp. 183-199. In: R. F. STETTLER, H. D. BRADSHAW, JR., P. E. HEILMAN, and T. M. HINCKLEY (eds). Biology of Populus and its implications for management and conservation

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A. H. Wiese, J. A. Zalesny, D. M. Donner and R. S. Zalesny

References BÖHM, W. (1979): Methods of Studying Root Systems. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg. CARMER, S. G. and W. M. WALKER (1985): Pairwise multiple comparisons of treatment means in agronomic research. J. Agron. Educ. 14: 19-26. CARMER, S. G. and W. M. WALKER (1982): Baby Bear’s dilemma: a statistical tale. Agron. J. 74: 122-124. CODY, R. P. and J. K. SMITH (1997): Applied Statistics and the SAS® Programming Language (4th ed). Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

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R. S. Zalesny and A. H. Wiese

References ALLEN, R. M. and A. L. MCCOMB (1956): Rooting of cottonwood clones. USDA For. Serv. Occ. Pap. SO-OP-151. BLOOMBERG, W. J. (1963): The significance of initial adventitious roots in poplar cuttings and the effect of certain factors on their development. For. Chron. 39: 279-289. BLOOMBERG, W. J. (1959): Root formation of black cottonwood cuttings in relation to region of the parent shoot. For. Chron. 35: 13-17. BOWERSOX, T. W. (1970): Influence of cutting size on juvenile growth and

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Stanisława Szczepaniak, Zdzisław Guzikowski and Monika Henschke

REFERENCES A nicua -S anchez R., G utierrez -C astorena M.C., S anchez -G arcia P., 2008. Physical and micro-morphological properties of organic and inorganic materials for preparing growing media. Acta Hort. 779: 557-563. B eckmann -C avalcante M.Z., L opez -P ivetta K.F., M einken E., R oeber R., 2009. Growth of Chrysanthemum × grandiflorum in different peats and change of peat properties during cultivation. Acta Hort. 819: 181-184. B lok C., V erhagen J.B.G.M., 2009. Trends in rooting media in Dutch horticulture during the period