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Vladimír Slobodník, Roman Slobodník and Miroslav Dravecký

: K problematice kroužkování ptáků na Slovensku [Bird ringing in Slovakia]. Tichodroma 2: 17-23. [In Czech with English summary] Formánek J & Škopek J 1992: Přehled ptáků kroužkovaných a zastižených na Slovensku, Část 1 - Non Passeriformes [Numbers of recoveries of birds ringed and recovered in Slovakia]. Tichodroma 4: 17-20. [In Czech with English summary] Hrdlovič F 1999: Výsledky krúžkovania vtákov Ferdinanda Hrdloviča v rokoch 1981-1997 [Bird ringing results of Ferdinand Hrdlovič from 1981-1997]. Tichodroma 12

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Štefan Danko, Jozef Mihók and Milan Fuňák

J, Karaska D, Vrlík P, Vrána J, Balla M, Boucný D & Kišac P 2008: Lesser Spotted Eagle ( Aquila pomarina ) colour ringing programme and its first results in the period 2000-2008 in Slovakia. Slovak Rapt J 2: 27-36. Meyburg B-U, Belka T, Danko S, Wójciak J, Heise G, Blohm T & Matthes H 2005: Geschlechtsreife, Ansiedlungsentfernung, Alter und Todesursachen beim Schreiadler Aquila pomarina. Limicola 19(3): 153-179. Slobodník V 2008: Summary on raptors and owls ringing in Slovakia in the period 2005-2006. Slovak

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Gergely Schally

References Arizaga, J., Crespo, A., Telletxea, I., Ibáñez, R., Díez, F., Tobar, J., Minondo, M., Ibarrola, Z., Fuente, J. & Pérez, J. 2015. Solar/Argos PTTs contradict ring-recovery analyses: Woodcocks wintering in Spain are found to breed further east than previously stated. – Journal of Ornithology 156: 515–523. DOI: 10.1007/s10336-014-1152-7 Benítez-López, A., Mougeot, F., Martín, C. A., Casas, F., Calero-Riestra, M., García, J. T. & Viñuela, J. 2010. An improved night-lighting technique for the selective capture of sandgrouse and other steppe

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Zoltán Németh

migratory population. - Journal of Animal Ecology 82: 863-871. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12052 Hegemann, A., van der Jeugd, H. P., de Graaf, M., Oostebrink, L. L. & Tieleman, B. I. 2010. Are Dutch Skylarks partial migrants? Ring recovery data and radio-telemetry suggest local coexistence of contrasting migration strategies. - Ardea 98: 135-143. DOI: 10.5253/078.098.0202 Hegemann, A., Marra, P. P. & Tieleman, B. I. 2015. Causes and consequences of partial migration in a passerine bird. - The American Naturalist 186: 531-546. DOI: 10

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Anastasios Bounas, Michele Panuccio, Angelos Evangelidis, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos and Christos Barboutis

. A., Fiedler W., Downie I. S., van Noordwijk A. J., Spina F., Wassenaar R., Baillie S.R. (2009): EURING Data Bank geographical index 2009. - []. Forsman D. (1999): The raptors of Europe and the Middle East: a handbook of field identification. - T & AD Poyser, London. Fransson T. (2001): To analyse ringing recoveries in a national atlas - examples from the Swedish project. - Ardea 89 (1): 21-30. Galea C., Massa B. (1985): Notes on the raptor migration across the central Mediterranean

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Petr Procházka and Jiří Reif

References Baker R. R. 1993. The function of post-fledging exploration: a pilot study of three species of passerines ringed in Britain. Ornis Scand. 24: 71-79. Bauer H.-G. 1987. Geburtsortstreue und Streuungsverhalten junger Singvögel. Vogelwarte 34: 15-32. Berthold P. 2000. Vogelzug. Eine aktuelle Gesamtübersicht. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt. Berthold P., Fliege G., Querner U., Winkler H. 1986. Die Bestandsentwicklung von

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Paweł Śliwa, Katarzyna Mokwa and Łukasz Rejt

References Adriaensen F., Verwimp N., Dhont A. A. 1997. Are Belgian Kestrels Falco tinnunculus migratory: an analysis of ringing recoveries. Ring. & Migr. 18: 91-101. Appleton G. F., Adams S.Y, Clark J. A., Simons J. R., Peach W. J. 1997. Ringing birds in Britain and Ireland in 1995. Ring. & Migr. 18: 142. Bijlsma R. G. 1993. Ecologische atlas van de Nederlandse roofvogels. Schuyt and Co., Haarlem. BirdLife International 2004. Birds in Europe

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Jelena Kralj, Dragan Radović, Vesna Tutiš and Davor Ćiković

dispersal? Auk   121 , 1: 203-209. Novčić I., Hulo I. 2005. Records of Reed Warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus) with Belgrade bands in Africa. Arch. Biol. Sci. Belgrade   57 , 1: 5-6. Procházka P., Reif J. 2000. Analysis of ringing recoveries of Great Reed Warblers (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) ringed or recovered in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sylvia   36 , 2: 91-105. Procházka P., Reif J. 2002. Movements and settling patterns of Sedge Warblers (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus) in the Czech

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Magdalena Formella and Przemysław Busse

. K. 2001. Differentiation of directional preferences of some nocturnal migrants on autumn migration across the central and eastern Europe. Ring 23, 1: 119-130. Busse P., Kania W. 1977. A quantitative estimation of distribution of ringed birds on the basis of recovery dispersal. Not. Orn. 18: 79-93. Busse P., Trocińska A. 1999. Evaluation of orientation experiment data using circular statistics - doubts and pitfalls in assumptions. Ring 21, 2: 107-130. Cramp S. (Ed.). 1992. The

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Tibor Csörgő, Péter Fehérvári, Zsolt Karcza and Andrea Harnos

References Aebischer, N., Potts, G. & Rehfisch, M. 1999. Using ringing data to study the effect of hunting on bird populations. - Ringing & Migration 19(Suppl. 1): 67-81. DOI: 10.1080/03078698.1999.9674213 Alerstam, T. 1976. Nocturnal migration of thrushes (Turdus spp.) in southern Sweden. - Oikos 27(3): 457-475. DOI: 10.2307/3543464 Ashmole, M. 1962. The migration of European thrushes: a comparative study based on ringing recoveries. - Ibis 104(3): 314-346. DOI: 10.1111/j.1474-919X.1962.tb08661.x