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Safe Open Science for Restricted Data

2020 program document on FAIR Data Management is that data should be open as possible and closed as necessary ( Rabesandratana, 2013 ). The options for carrying out open science on restricted data are limited. Informal sharing arrangements, where a researcher shares a dataset with a colleague under the assurance that the dataset will not be shared further, have existed for quite some time. These arrangements work where a high level of mutual trust exists between the sender of the dataset and its receiver. In the more prevalent case, where trust is low or

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Spatially Restricted Integrals in Gradiometric Boundary Value Problems

-49. Miranian L. (2004) Slepian functions on the sphere, generalized Gaussian quadrature rule. Inverse Problems , Vol. 20, 877-892. Pail R., Plank G. and Schuh W. D. (2001) Spatially restricted data distribution on the sphere: the method of orthonormalized functions and applications, Journal of Geodesy , Vol. 75, 44-56. Paul M.K. (1978) Recurrence relations for integrals of associated Legendre functions, Bulletin Geod esique , Vol. 52, 177-190. Rummel R. (1997) Spherical spectral properties of

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Addressing Disclosure Concerns and Analysis Demands in a Real-Time Online Analytic System

Section on Survey Research Methods. Gentleman, J.F. (2011). A Real-Time Online System for Analyzing Restricted Data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics’ National Health Interview Survey. Proceedings of the 58th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute. Available at: (accessed February 1, 2013). Gentleman, J.F. (2012). Using the National Health Interview Survey to Monitor the Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act. Proc. 2012 Joint Statistical

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Research on the Classification Ability of Deep Belief Networks on Small and Medium Datasets

References [1] G.E. Hinton, R.R. Salakhutdinov, Reducing the Dimensionality of Data with Neural Networks. Science, Vol. 313. No. 5786, 28 July 2006, pp. 504-507. [2] Y. Bengio, Learning Deep Architectures for AI Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning 1(2), 2009, pp. 1-127. [3] Y. Bengio, P. Lamblin, D. Popovici, H. Larochelle, Greedy Layer-Wise Training of Deep Networks Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19 (NIPS’06) 1(2), MIT Press 2007, pp. 153-160. [4] G.E. Hinton

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Report ofNeospirorchis schistosomatoides Price 1934 (Digenea: Spirorchiidae) infecting a Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas Linnaeus, 1758 (Testudines, Cheloniidae), from Brazil

. The heart was examined using the method described by Snyder and Clopton (2005) and simplified by Werneck et al . (2006) . Only two entires specimen of N. schistosomatoides and parts of others six were found. The helminth were fixed in alcohol-formalin-acetic acid solution, stained with carmine and cleared with eugenol. The morphometric data were determined using a microscope Nikon Eclipse 80i and the software NIS – Elements– BR. The helminths collected were deposited in the Helminthological Collection of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (CHIOC number 36739) Rio de

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Direct and Competition Additive Effects in Tree Breeding: Bayesian Estimation From an Individual Tree Mixed Model

missing records via full conjugate Gibbs. Can. J. For. Res. 36: 1276-1285. CASELLA, G. and E. I. GEORGE (1992): Explaining the Gibbs Sampler. Am. Stat. 46: 167-174. DEMPSTER, A. P., N. M. LAIRD and D. B. RUBIN (1977): Maximum likelihood from incomplete data via EM algorithm. Journal of the Royal Statistics Society 39: 1-38. DUANGJINDA, M., I. MISZTAL, J. K. BERTRAND, S. TSURUTA (2001): The empirical bias of estimates by restricted maximum likelihood, Bayesian method, and method R under selection for additive, maternal, and

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Effects of the Pitch Surface on Displacement of Youth Players During Soccer Match-Play

positioning systems (GPS) have contributed to new insights into the analysis of soccer players’ performance either in training or during a game ( Cummins et al., 2013 ). Portable GPS devices provide spatial-temporal data with the reasonable accuracy for tracking players trajectories on the pitch ( Coutts and Duffield, 2010 ; Gray et al., 2010 ). Positional data are critical to better understand players physical, technical or tactical demands ( Cummins et al., 2013 ; Stølen et al., 2005 ). Moreover, they also enable to analyse the interactions between player’s trajectories

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Potential methane production and oxidation along the soil chronosequence of the Rotmoos glacier forefield

dehydrogenase, ammonification, and DMSO reduction) along the chronosequence (n = 3). Data were standardized d ( z = x-μ σ ) . $\text{d}\left( \text{z =}\frac{\text{x- }\!\!\mu\!\!\text{ }}{\sigma } \right).$ (a) Enzyme parameters calculated per gram of DW, (b) enzyme parameters calculated per gram of SOM. Boxes represent means ± standard error and markers mean values. Abbildung 1. Enzymatische Parameter (Dehydrogenaseaktivität, Ammonifikation und DMSO Reduktion) entlang der Chronosequenz (n = 3). Die Daten wurden standardisiert ( z   = x

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Genetic Relationships Among Linear Type Traits and Milk Production Traits of Holstein Dairy Cattle

cattle in southern China. Turk. J. Vet. Anim. Sci., 38: 552-556. Lund T., Miglior F., Dekkers J.C.M., Burnside E.B. (1994). Genetic relationships between clinical mastitis, somatic cell count, and udder conformation in Danish Holsteins. Livest. Prod. Sci., 39: 243-251. Meyer K. (2007). Wombat -aprogram for mixed model analyses by restricted maximum likelihood. User notes. J. Zhejiang Univ. Sci. B, 8: 815-821, Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit, Armidale. Meyer K., Brotherstone S., Edwards M.R., Hill W.G. (1987

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Development of a Flexible Software Solution for Controlling Unmanned Air Vehicles via the Internet

on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTUCON), 2017, pp. 1-6. [15] D. Brodnevs and A. Kutins, “Reliable data communication link implementation via cellular LTE services for static or moving ground equipment control,” unpublished. [16] Sakaki, “Bootable 64-bit Gentoo image for the Raspberry Pi 3B/B+.” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: June 3, 2018]. [17] “Issue $1440: GCS Link Quality

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