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Tanmoy Saha, Shreyasi Chakrabarty, Subhankar Bhattacharjee and Sanjib Sil

. Broadcast., vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 143-148, Mar. 2011. [7] J. Tellado, “Peak to average power reduction for multicarrier modulation,‘’ Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA, USA, Sep. 1999. [8] B. S. Krongold and D. L. Jones, “An active-set approach for OFDM PAR reduction via tone reservation,” IEEE Trans. Signal Process., vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 495-509, Feb. 2004. [9] A. Ghassemi and T. A. Gulliver, “A simplified suboptimal algorithm for tone reservation OFDM,” in Proc. IEEE ICC, Jun. 2009, pp. 1-5. [10

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Ioannis D. Moscholios

Network Communications, doi: 10.1007/s11107-016-0660-1 [5] Cruz-Pérez, F., Vázquez-Ávila, J., Ortigoza-Guerrero, L. (2004). Recurrent formulas for the multiple fractional channel reservation strategy in multiservice mobile cellular networks, IEEE Commun. Letters, 8(10), 629–631 [6] Deng, Y., Prucnal, P. (2011). Performance analysis of heterogeneous optical CDMA networks with bursty traffic and variable power control, IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Commun. Netw., 3(6), 487–492 [7] Fodor, G., Telek, M. (2007). Bounding the Blocking Probabilities in

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Viorel Pocora

Diurnal birds of prey from Letea Forest (The Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, Romania)

Letea Forest has always represented a favorable place for the nesting of preying birds. In the past 3 decades, in Letea Forest, as well as in the entire Danube Delta, the number of species of birds of prey has fallen dramatically. In the current paperwork we tried to analyze the situation of the species of diurnal birds of prey identified in Letea Forest. During the study, that took place between November 2003 until September 2009, there were 24 species of preying birds observed, from which 6 are nesting species (Circus aeruginosus, Haliaeetus albicilla, Falco vespertinus, F. subbuteo, F. tinnunculus, Buteo buteo and Pernis apivorus), and the rest are winter guests, passing species and species with accidental presence in the study area.

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M. Rebezova, N. Sulima and R. Surinov

Development Trends of Air Passenger Transport Services and Service Distribution Channels

Alongside their core service, i.e., passenger transportation, air carriers are nowadays providing numerous extra services, which are not directly related to transport. On the one hand, airlines are enlarging the scope of paid services provided on board an aircraft by, among other ways, splitting the air ticket fee and singling out the costs of such services as catering on board, checked-in luggage, airport check-in, etc. On the other hand, airline companies tend to provide mass services to their sales partners - ground transportation, car rental, insurance, hotel booking, etc.

Provision of both the core and the extra services is closely connected with computerized reservation systems and the corresponding agent and customer access networks. These systems and networks form the basis of IT channels of service distribution.

The present paper analyses the indicators and development trends of air transport services in combination with the development of service distribution channels and the information technologies lying at the basis of such channels. The paper also describes the structure and IT support of distribution channels. The authors have paid attention to the potential qualitative changes in the structure and possibilities of distribution of air passenger transportation services in view of the Next Generation Network (NGN) concept whose implementation has been started in the world.

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Josef Kuře


The paper deals with conscientious objection in health care, addressing the problems of scope, verification and limitation of such refusal, paying attention to ideological agendas hidden behind the right of conscience where the claimed refusal can cause harm or where such a claim is an attempt to impose certain moral values on society or an excuse for not providing health care. The nature of conscientious objection will be investigated and an ethical analysis of conscientious objection will be conducted. Finally some suggestions for health care policy will be proposed.

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Romanian Neurosurgery

The Journal of Romanian Society of Neurosurgery

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Daniela Strat


Marsilea quadrifolia L. (water clover) is a unique species from Romanian flora that belongs to the Marsileaceae family and is one of the most vulnerable plants in Europe due to the loss of its habitats. In this paper, the demographic evolution of a new M. quadrifolia population in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and its natural and anthropic threats are reported. The aquatic fern, M. quadrifolia, has colonized a suitable man-made water body. After a decade of monitoring, the demographic trend is positive but the support capacity of habitat for the water clover remains limited in the long term. The population is vulnerable due to succession of vegetation and its vicinity with a human settlement. The establishment of a micro-reserve represents a suitable method to protect and maintain this threatened M. quadrifolia population.

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Sylwester Kaczmarek, Magdalena Młynarczuk, Marcin Narloch and Maciej Sac

Configurations and Benchmarks, v1.1.1. ETSI Technical Specification TS 186 008-3 (2007). Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking (TISPAN); IMS/NGN Performance Benchmark, Part 3: Traffic Sets and Traffic Profiles, v1.1.1. Detrez, J.-L. (2007). ETSI TS 186.008: a Standard-Based Benchmark for IMS. In 11 th International Conference on Intelligence in service delivery Networks, ICIN 2007 , Bordeaux, France. Braden, R., et al. (1997). Resource ReSerVation

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Anna Krausová

and Treaties . Vol. 2. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1904. Print. McNally, Michael D. Honoring Elders: Aging, Authority, and Ojibwe Religion . New York: Columbia UP, 2009. Print. McNally, Michael D. Ojibwe Singers: Hymns, Grief, and a Native Culture in Motion . St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 2009. Print. Meyer, Melissa L. The White Earth Tragedy: Ethnicity and Dispossession at a Minnesota Anishinaabe Reservation, 1889-1920 . Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1999. Print. Mixed-Blood Council. Resolutions of the Mixed

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Alžběta Čejková and Simona Poláková

vývoji locality (Flora of the Zbytka Nature Reserve near České Meziříčí in north-eastern Bohemia in relation to the historical development of the locality), Libri, občanské sdružení Dobré: 98pp (in Czech). [32] Hermann Z, ed., 1995. Litá-Zbytka. Přírodní rezervace. Hydrogeologické a biologické zhodnocení (Litá-Zbytka. Nature reservation. Hydrogeological and biological judgment). MS Aquatest, a.s. Praha: 93pp (in Czech). [33] Hermann Z, ed., 2005. Litá — monitoring 1999–2004. MS Aquatest, a.s. Praha (in Czech