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Euroregion as a Tool for Sustainable Development of Border Areas: The European Experience and Ukrainian Features

Cooperation System: Concept and its Pilot Application. Uzhgorod, 2012. 128 p. RECOMMENDATION 296. Sustainable development of mountain regions and the experience of the Carpathian mountains. In Of the Congress of local and regional authorities. Electronic resource. Access mode: STUDENNIKOV, І. 2006. Transboarding cooperation and its role in process of European integration of Ukraine. In International relations of Ukraine: Sctentific Researches and Foundations, no. 15: Interdepartmental collection

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The Web of the EU'S Neighbourhood Policy: Between Bilateralism and Multilateralism

References Adamkus, Valdas, President of Lithuania. "Black Sea Vision." Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review 15+16 (2005): 7-11 // March 12, 2009). Adamkus, Valdas, President of Lithuania. "Lithuania as a Centre of Regional Cooperation." Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review 13+14 (2004): 17-20 // March 13, 2009). http

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Regional development and regional policy in the Netherlands: are there peripheral regions?

cooperation (cross-border, transnational and inter-regional cooperation). The debate on whether EU Cohesion Policy should be more geographically oriented and what the most appropriate criteria would be to decide over the allocation of Structural Funds is, however, still ongoing. The Netherlands from a European perspective: are there peripheral regions? Looking at the Netherlands from a European perspective, the country seems all but peripheral. The Netherlands are one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. While the population density in 2006 in the

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Appearance of European employment policy in the rural areas of Hungarian-Croatian border region

Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia. Mexico City: World Planning Schools Congress. Sodupe, K., 1999. ‘The European Union and Interregional Cooperation’, Regional and Federal Studies. Vol. 9 (1). Rechnitzer J., 1999. Határ menti együttműködések Európában és Magyarországon [Cross-border co-operations in Europe and Hungary]. In: Nárai, M. and Rechnitzer, J. (ed.) Elválaszt és összeköt - a határ [Separates and connects - the border]. Pécs-Győr: MTA RKK. Rechnitzer J., 2001. A határ menti regionális együttműködés

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The Challenging Task of Governing Cross-Border Investment in Peripheral Regions: Polish Investors in Northeast Germany

-22. Krätke S., Borst R., 2004. Die deutsch-polnischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen als Chancen für die Region Berlin-Brandenburg. Perspektiven eines regionalen Kompetenzzentrums für Ost-West-Kooperation im Rahmen der EU-Osterweiterung (German-Polish economic relations as a chance for the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Perspectives of a regional centre of competence for East-West cooperation in the context of EU eastern expansion). Otto-Brenner-Stiftung, Berlin. Kuiper J., 2007. Hilfe, die Polen kommen! (Help - the Poles are comming!) www

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Towards a New Comprehensive Partnership - Economic and Trade Relations between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union

Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council < >. Giardullo Cono, ‘The Gulf Cooperation Council as a New Regional Power: Time for the EU to Propose a Strategic Partnership’, < >. Gürler Oker, ‘Role and Function of regional Blocs and Arrangements in the Formation of the Islamic Common Market’ (2000) 21(4) Journal of Economic Cooperation. Hertog Steffen, ‘EU-GCC Relations in the Era of the Second Oil Boom’ < http

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Cross-Border Co-Operation in the Euroregions at the Polish-Czech and Polish-Slovak Borders

References [1] Belof, M. et al. (2008). Uwarunkowania rozwoju przestrzennego Polski wynikające z sąsiedztwa z republiką Czech (pp. 233-274). In Ekspertyzy do KPZK 2008-2033, t. III , Warszawa: Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego. [2] Cappellin, R. (1993). Interregional cooperation in Europe: an introduction. In Cappellin, R. & Batey, P. W. J., eds., Regional Networks, Border Regions and European Integration London: Pion. [3] Church, A. & Reid, P. (1996). Power, International Networks and Competition

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Causes of Regionalism. How ASEAN-China FTA Fits the (New) Wave of Regionalism?

July 2015. Asia Regional Integration Center. Tracking Asian Integration Cross-border Infrastructure Association of Southeast Asian Nations Plus Three (ASEAN+3) cooperation on energy, transport, and information & communications technology. available at: { } accessed 23 July 2015. Baldwin, D. A. (2013), Power and International Relations, In W. Carlsnaes, T. Risse and B. A. Simmons (eds), Handbook of

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Opportunities and restrictions for the local-endogenous development in metropolitan areas of high industrial concentration: the case of Thriasio Pedio in Attica

, S. (editing-introduction) 2003: Innovation clusters and interregional competition, Berlin: Springer. Brusco, S. 1990: The idea of industrial district: its genesis. In: Pyke, F., Becattini, G., and Sengenberger, W. editors, Industrial districts and inter-firm cooperation in Italy , Geneva: International Institute for Labour Studies, pp. 10-19. Christofakis, M. 2010: Strategic options for tourism impacts on local sustainability: a conceptual approach. In: Local Economy , Vol. 25 (7), pp. 589

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Smart Specialization and EU Eastern Innovation Cooperation: A Conceptual Approach

task: On the way towards the entrepreneurial university – A German Case Study,’ in G. Prause, U. Venesaar (eds.) University-Business Cooperation: Tallinn 2011, Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts- Verlag, pp. 52–63. Radosevic, S. (2002), ‘Regional innovation systems in Central and Eastern Europe: determinants, organizers and alignments,’ The Journal of Technology Transfer, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 87–96. Sternberg, R. (2011), ‘Interregional Disparities, Entrepreneurship, and EU Regional Policy,’ in M. Minniti (ed.) The Dynamics of

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