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Sustainable Regional Development Policy in Romania - Coordinates

References Moşteanu N. R., (2003), Finanţarea dezvoltării regionale în Romania (Funding Regional Development in Romania), Bucureşti, Editura Economică, p. 73. Planul Naţional de Dezvoltare 2000-2002 (The Romanian National Development Plan) (2000), Agenţia Naţională de Dezvoltare Regională (National Agency of Regional Development), Bucureşti. Toderoiu F., Bucur Carmen (2005), “Economia agroalimentară a României: multifuncţionalitate, resurse, oportunităţi şi restricţii în perspectivă globală” (Romania’s Agrofood

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Entrepreneurship and regional development. A bibliometric analysis

References Audretsch, D.A., Belitski, M. & Desai, S. (2015). Entrepreneurship and economic development in cities. Annals of Regional Science, 55 (1), 33-60. Ault, J. (2016). An institutional perspective on the social outcome of entrepreneurship: Commercial microfinance and inclusive markets. Journal of International Business Studies, 47 (8), 951-967. Benneworth, P. (2004). In what sense “regional development”?: entrepreneurship, underdevelopment and strong tradition in the periphery. Entrepreneurship & Regional

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Multiplier Effects in Local and Regional Development

. Stryjakiewicz T. (ed.), 2004. Wpływ inwestorów zagranicznych na rozwój regionalny i lokalny na przykładzie GlaxoSmith-Kline Pharmaceuticals S. A. w Poznaniu (Impact of foreign investors on regional and local development: The case of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals in Poznań). Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Poznań. Weisbrod G. & Weisbrod B., 1997. Measuring economic impacts of projects and programs. Economic Development Research Group , 1-11 Wiedermann K., 2006. Czynniki i

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The Clusters - Collaborative Models of Sustainable Regional Development

implementarea în România a conceptului de cluster inovativ. available at retrieved on 0.07.2013 Ministry of Industry, (2013) Harta parcurilor industriale şi a clusterelor din România , available at retrieved on 10.07.2013 Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, The Regional structures and Strategies available at and retrieved on 10

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

References 1. Andrei T., Stancu S., (2008), Econometric methods used to study the informal economy and regional development, Informatica Economica Bulletin no. 3, pg. 120-128 2. Cziraki D., Regional development in Croatia 3. Dascalu I., Cojocaru A. (2011), Perspective comparate privind taxarea, nivelul castigului si sustenabilitatea in Uniunea Europeana 4. Dornean A. (2015), Financing regional development through european funds. A review of the effects in Romania (2007-2013), Eurint Proceedings

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Regional Development in Advanced Countries: a Within-Country Application of the Human Development Index for Austria

References Alkire, S. and Santos, E. (2010). Acute Multidimensional Poverty: A New Index for Developing Countries, University of Oxford, OPHI Working Paper No. 38. Bahattacharya, N. and Mahalanobis, B. (1967). Regional Disparities in Household Income in India. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 62, 143-161. Bagolin, I. (2004). Human Development Index (HDI) - A poor representation to Human Development Approach. University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUCRS, Brazil. Becker, G. S. et al

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A Place-Based Approach in EU Regional Development and Its Application in Latvia

References Acemoglu, D. (2010), ‘Institutions, Factor Prices and Taxation: Virtues of Strong States?’ American Economic Review, vol. 100, no. 2, pp. 115–29. Adams, N.; Alden, J. & Harris, N. (2012), Regional Development and Spatial Planning in an Enlarged European Union, Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing. Aghion, P. & Howitt, P. (2009), The Economics of Growth, Cambridge: The MIT Press. Alexiadis, S. (2013), Convergence Clubs and Spatial Externalities

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Tourism as a Factor of Regional Development: The Case of Eastern Slovakia

References 1. Andraz J. M., Norte N. M., Goncalves H. S. (2015), Effects of tourism on regional asymmetries: Empirical evidence for Portugal. Tourism Management, vol. 50, pp. 257 - 267. 2. Bohlin M., Brandt D., Elbe J. (2016), Tourism as a vehicle for regional development in peripheral areas - myth or reality? A longitudinal case study of Swedish regions. European Planning Studies, vol. 24, pp. 1 - 18. 3. Dwyer L. et al. (2004), Evaluating tourism’s economic effects: new and old approaches. Tourism Management

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Working in Regional Agro-food Networks – Strengthening Rural Development through Cooperation

landlicher Raume 2007-2013’ [‘German National Strategy Plan for Rural Development 2007-2013’]. Berlin/ Bonn. Bocher, M., 2009. Faktoren fur den Erfolg einer nachhaltigen und integrierten landlichen Regionalentwicklung [Factors for a successful sustainable and integrated rural regional development]. In: Friedel R. and E. A . S pindler (eds.), 2009. Nachhaltige Entwicklung landlicher Raume. Chancenverbesserung durch Innovation und Traditionspflege [Sustainable development of rural regions. Improving opportunities by innovation and maintenance of traditions

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Disparities in Regional Economic Development in Romania

References Ailenei, D., Cristescu, A., and Vişan, C., 2012. Regional Patterns of Global Economic Crisis Shocks Propagation into Romanian Economy. Romanian Journal of Regional Science, 6(1), 41-52. Boboc, C., Ţiţan, E., and Ghiţă, S., 2012. Labour Market Inequalities and Economic Development. Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 4. Constantinescu, M., and Constantin, D. L., 2010. Dinamica dezechilibrelor regionale în procesul de integrare europeană: modelare, strategii, politici

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