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Tatjana Kovač

References Adelman, L. (1992). Evaluating decision support and expert systems. New York: John Wiley. Asif, M. & Searcy, C. (2014). A composite index for measuring performance in higher education Institutions. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 31(9), 983-1001, Benkovič, J., Bohanec, M., Rajkovič, V. & Vrtačnik, M. (1998). Knowledge-based evaluation of higher education institutions. D. Brandt & J. Černetič (Eds.), Automated systems based on

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Wang Xuehui

FuLing Lai Yan, Jing Ling. (2012).Study on evaluation system of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities [J] . Education Exploration, 247: 75-76. Tao Dan Chen Dehui. (2010).Research on Chinese universities entrepreneurship education quality evaluation index system [J]. Science and technology management research, (5): 84-86. Voss Roediger, Gruber Thorsten, Szmigin Isabelle. (2007). Service quality in higher education: The role of student expectations [J]. Journal of Business Research, (60): 949-959. Wang Hua

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Hui Li

References 1. Yin,S., W. Chen, W. Wang. Network Teaching Intelligent Evaluation Method Research on Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment. - ICIC Express Letters, Vol. 4, 2011, No 5, 1255-1260. 2. Zhu, Zhimei. Application of Data Mining Technology in the Information Technology of College English Teaching. - Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, Vol. 5, 2013, No 7, 969-975. 3. Ma, H. Y., J. K. Chen, N. Yang et al. Application and Study of Ordinal Decision Tree in the Teaching Quality Evaluation. - Journal of

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Andrea Moser, Heike Peter, Birgit Fengler and Renate Strohm-Lömpcke

determinants of a quality of life indicator for farm operator households: application of zero-inflated count-data models. Applied Research in Quality of Life 2(3), 145-163. DOI: 10.1007/s11482-007-9035-1. [4] Forstner, B., Grajewski, G., Bathke, M., Bergschmidt, A., Dickel, R., Eberhardt, W., Ebers, H., Fährmann, B., Fengler, B., Franz, K., Moser, A, Pufahl, A., Reiter, K., Roggendorf, W., Sander, A., Schnaut, G., Schwarz, G., Spengler, M. & Tietz, A. (2016). Ex-post-Bewertung Entwicklungsplan für den ländlichen Raum des Landes Hessen 2007 bis 2013 [research

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Ivana Olivková

local sustainable development through common indicators: Constraints and achievements in practice. Cities , 39, 1-9. 6. Nenadál, J. and Petříková, R. and Hutyra, M. and Balcarová, P. (2004) Modely měření a zlepšování spokojenosti zákazníků. Praha: Národní informační středisko pro podporu jakosti. 7. Olivkova, I. (2009) Urban mass transportation quality evaluation and the concept of quality standards. Inaugural dissertation, Ostrava:VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava. 8. Olivkova, I. (2009) Urban Mass Transportation Quality evaluation From

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Nikolay Stefanov

References [1] Banabakova, V., Filipov, S., Stoyanov, S., State and Problems of Warehousing of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, Sibiu, Romania, International Conference Knowledge-Based Organization, Volume XXIII No 2, 2017, pages 9-15. [2] Bulgarian Standard БДС EN ISO 9001:2015 Systems for Quality Control. Requirements. [3] Bulgarian Standard БДС EN ISO 8402:1999 Quality Control and Assurance. Dictionary. [4] Glushkov, P. A Study of Nutrition and the Nutritional Status of Servicemen, Assessed on the

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Maria T. Markiewicz

. [15] Hill MD. In: Desmet G, editor, Reliability of Radioactive Transfer Models. London and New York: Elsevier Publishing Company; 1988:15-21. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-009-1369-1-2. [16] US EPA, Interim procedures for evaluating air quality models (revised), EPA-450/4-84-023, OAQPS, US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, 1984. [17] Willmott CJ, Ackleson SG, Davis RE, Feddema JJ, Klink KM, Legates DR, et al. J Geophys Res. 1985;90(C5):8995-9005. [18] Venkatram A. Bound Layer Meteor. 1983

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Aleksander Sładkowski, Maria Cieśla and Bartosz Krupa

: evaluating the implementation of the European quality award based on the concepts of model of service quality gaps and ServQual approach. Measuring Business Excellence, 18(3), 38-56. [11] Adil, M., Al Ghaswyneh, O.F.M. & Albkour, A.M. (2013). SERVQUAL and SERVPERF. A review of measures in services marketing research. Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 8(6), 64-76. [12] Wang, Y.L. et al. (2015). Contribution and Trend to Quality Research-a literature review of Servqual model from 1998 to 2013. Informatica Economica, 19(1), 34-45. [13

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Ewa B. Skrodzka, Bogumił B.J. Linde and Antoni Krupa

., Keiffer J. (2003), Radiation damping, efficiency, and directivity for violin normal modes below 4 kHz , Acoust. Res. Lett. Online, 4 , 1, 7-12. 6. Boullosa R. R. (2002), Vibration measurements in the classical guitars , Appl. Acoust., 62 , 311-322. 7. Cremer L. (1981), The physics of the violin , Hirzel Verlag, Stuttgart. 8. Dünnwald H. (1999), Deduction of objective quality parameters on old and new violins , Catgut Acoust. Soc. J., 2 , 1, 1-5. 9. Echard J. P., Benoit C., Peris-Vicente J., Malecki V

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Aleksandra Gulc

L iterature Anioł, S. (2015, September 4-10). Kluczem do sukcesu jest oferta zintegrowana [The key to success is to offer integrated]. Gazeta Finansowa , 56. Biznes raport: Koszty przesyłki przestały być najważniejsze, Rynek KEP w Polsce [Business report: shipping costs are no longer the most important thing, the KEP in Poland]. (2015, September 4-10). Gazeta Finansowa , 55. Dmowski, P., Śmiechowska, M., & Zelmańska, M. (2013). Jakość jako czynnik budujący przewagę konkurencyjną na rynku usług kurierskich [ Quality as a factor in building a