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Małgorzata Rymarzak and Dariusz Trojanowski

, Washington. DENT P., 1997, Managing public sector property assets: the valuation issue , Property Management, vol. 15, no 4. DZIWORSKA K., TROJANOWSKI D., 2008, Podstawy strategii zarządzania nieruchomościami komunalnymi, in: Inwestycje i nieruchomości wybrane problemy, GOLNAU W. (EDITOR), Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Sopot. FERNHOLZ F., FERNHOLZ R. M., 2007, A Toolkit for Municipal Asset Management, Duke University, March. GRUBIŠIĆ M., NUŠINOVIĆ M., ROJE G., 2009, Towards Efficient Public

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Darragh Flannery and Tom Turner

Introduction Over the recent years, pay levels in the public sector of the economy have come under increasing scrutiny in many countries (e.g. Christopouloau and Monastiriotis, 2014 ; Melly, 2005 ; Mueller, 2000 ). A critical concern in the Irish case in terms of pay levels in the public sector stems from the financial crisis in 2008 and the collapse of government revenues. Since the financial crisis, public sector pay has been governed by a series of wage agreements between government and public sector trade unions. These agreements have mainly involved

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Benina Veledar, Meliha Bašić and Jadranka Kapić

- Making Enron look good”, World Economics, Vol. 13, No.1, pp. 1-18. 5. Barzelay, M. (2001). „The New Public Management, Improving Research and Policy Dialogue”, Berkeley: University of California Press 6. Bolton, M. (2003), „Public sector performance measurement: delivering greater accountability”, Work Study, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 20-24. 7. Boyne, G. (2003), „Sources of public service improvement: A critical review and research agenda”, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 367-394. 8. Broadbent, J., Laughlin, R. (2009

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Joanna Wyrwa

References 1. Austen A. (2012), Wyzwania badawcze w obszarze pomiaru efektywności partnerstw lokalnych, “Współczesne Zarządzanie”, No. 3, pp. 172-182. 2. Baron-Wiaterek M., Grzanka I. (2014), Partnerstwo publiczno-społeczne we wspólnotach terytorialnych, “Zeszyty Naukowe. Organizacja i Zarządzanie”, Politechnika Śląska, Issue 76, pp. 217-229. 3. Bryson J.M., Crosby, B.C., Middleton Stone M. (2006), The Design and Implementation of Cross-Sector Collaborations: Propositions from the Literature, “Public

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Ifaistion Papapolychroniadis, Ioannis Rossidis and George Aspridis

). Public administration. Elements of administrative organisation, Athens - Thessaloniki: Sakkoulas. Panagopoulos, Th., (2008). Civil service law, Athens : Stamoulis. Papalexandri, N., and Bourantas, D., (2003). Human Resources Management, Athens: Benos. Rossidis I., and Petropoulakos S., (2014). «Reforms of the recruitment systems of the public sector in Greece from 1974 to present day, assessment and proposals, minutes of the 4th Conference on Administrative sciences entitled Reforms in public administration: Capabilities

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Alina-Mihaela Fagateanu, Sergiu Ştefan Nicolaescu, Claudiu Vasile Kifor and Silvia Mărginean

social sciences research for public benefit using knowledge mobilization and social media . InTech. Klenk, N. L., & Wyatt, S. (2015). The design and management of multi-stakeholder research networks to maximize knowledge mobilization and innovation opportunities in the forest sector. Forest Policy and Economics , 61 , 77-86. , accessed on 20.06.15

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Csilla Megyesi

:// (2016/03/23). The Hungarian Central Statistical Office data on public sector employees (Table 6.0). (2016/03/23).

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Ninan Thomas Pradip

, December 6. Bountouri, L., Papatheodorou, C., Soulikias, V., & Stratis, M. (2009) “Metadata interoperability in public sector information” (204-231), Journal of Information Science , 35, 2. Chatfield, T. & Crabtree, J. (2010) “Mash the State” (42-46) Prospect Magazine , 167, February. Chatterjee, P. (2004) The Politics of the Governed: Reflections on Popular Politics in Most of the World . NY: Columbia University Press. Cottle, S. (1998) “Ulrich Beck, ‘Risk Society’ and the Media: A Catastrophic View?” (5

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Ron Hodges

1 Introduction This paper provides a reflection of what we know about the purposes, use and impact of public sector creative accounting (PSCA). The objective is to analyse the likely influence of future harmonization of public sector accounting on PSCA. In what ways might we expect harmonization to restrict the future incidence of PSCA? Will it lead to new forms of PSCA driven by the very process of harmonization? The paper takes a theoretical stance as the questions can only be answered fully from future, empirical research. The paper uses beliefs in

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Ombir Singh and Sanjeev Bansal

for Future Research. European Journal of Operational Research, 98(2): 175-212. 4. Chakrabarti, R and Chawla, G. (2005). Banking efficiency in India since reforms. Money and Finance, 9(2): 31-47. 5. Charnes, A., Cooper, W.W. and Rhodes, E. (1978). Measuring the efficiency of decision making nits. European Journal of Operational Research, 2(6):429-444. 6. Das, A. (1997). Technical, allocative and scale efficiency of public sector banks in India. Reserve Bank of India Occasional Papers, 18(2-3): 279-301. 7