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Srđan Stojnić, S. Orlović, D. Ballian, M. Ivankovic, M. Šijačić-Nikolić, A. Pilipović, S. Bogdan, S. Kvesić, M. Mataruga, V. Daničić, B. Cvjetković, D. Miljković and G. von Wuehlisch

, R., G. BOZIC, D. GÖMÖRY, G. HUBER, E. RASZTOVITS and G. VON WÜHLISCH (2010): The survival and performance of beech provenances over a Europe-wide gradient of climate, pp. 115-126. In: Monografias INIA: Serie Forestale No. 22. Genetic Resources of European Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), edited by I. Aranda. Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, Madrid, ES. AMMER, C., E. BICKEL and C. KOLLING (2008): Converting Norway spruce stands with beech - a review of arguments and techniques. Austrian Journal of Forest Science 125

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H. Grotehusmann and E. Schönfelder

Literature B acilieri , R., A. D ucousso and A. K remer (1995): Genetical, morphological, ecological and phenological differentiation between Quercus petraea ((Matt.) Liebl.) and Q. robur (L) in a mixed stand of northwest of France. Silvae Genet. 44 : 1–10. B arzdajn , W. (1993): Preliminary results of an experiment with Polish provenances of pedunculate oak ( Quercus robur L) and sessile oak ( Q. petraea [Matt] Liebl). Ann. For. Sci. 50, Suppl. 1 (Genetics of oaks): 222–227. B ecker , H. C. and J. L éon (1988): Stability analysis in

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A. P. Pedersen, J. K. Hansen, J. M. Mtika and T. H. Msangi

. Ser. No. 2. Academic Press, London. HENDERSON, C. R. (1984): Applications of linear models in animal breeding. University of Guelph, Canada, 462 pp. KADAMBI, K. (1972): Silviculture and management of teak. Bulletin No. 24. Scholl of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, 137 pp. KAOSA-ARD, A. (2000): Gains from provenance selection. In: T. ENTERS and C. T. S. NAIR (eds.). Site, Technology and Productivity of Teak Plantations. Proceedings, Bangkok, 2000. FORSPA publication No. 24/2000. Teaknet

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In-Sik Kim, Hae-Yun Kwon, Keun-Ok Ryu and Wan Yong Choi

International Ltd. London. CHOI, W. Y., W. S. TAK, K. B. YIM and S. S. JANG (1999): Delineation of provenance regions of forests based on climate factors in Korea. J. Kor. For. Soc. 88: 379-388. DICKERSON, G. E. (1962): Implications of genetic-environment interactions in animal breeding. Animal Production 4: 47-63. FINLAY, K. W. and G. N. WILKINSON (1963): The analysis of adaptation in a plant-breeding programme. Aust. J. Agric. Res. 14: 742-754. FOX, P. N., J. CROSSA and I. RAMAGOSA (1997): Multi

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Terrance Z. Ye and K. J. S. Jayawickrama

. Northwest For. Range Exp. Stn., Res. Note 239. CALLAHAM, R. Z. (1964): Provenance research: Investigation of genetic diversity associated with geography. Unasylva 18: 40-50. CAMPBELL, R. K. (1979): Genecology of Douglas-fir in a watershed in the Oregon Cascades. Ecology 60: 1036-1050. CAMPBELL, R. K. and F. C. SORENSEN (1978): Effect of test environment on expression of clines and on delimitation of seed zones in Douglas-fir. Theor. Appl. Genet. 51: 233-246. CHEVERUD, J. M., G. P. WAGNER and M. M. DOW (1989

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M. Larwanou, A. Raebild, R. Issa and E. D. Kjær

): Analyse statistique dans le cadre de l’amelioration génétique forestière en zone soudanosahelienne: Cas d’un essai de provenances d’Acacia senegal. Faculté Universitaire des Sciences agronomiques de Gembloux, Gembloux. RADDAD, E.Y. and O. LUUKKANEN (2006): Adaptive genetic variation in water-use efficiency and gum yield in Acacia senegal provenances grown on clay soil in the Blue Nile region, Sudan. Forest Ecology and Management 226: 219-229. RAEBILD, A., B. O. DIALLO, L. GRAUDAL, M. DAO, M. and J. SANOU (2003a): Evaluation of a

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H. S. Ginwal, Pradip Kumar, V. K. Sharma, A. K. Mandal and C. E. Harwood

References BANERJEE, S. K., NATH, S. and NANDI, APARJITA (1990): Provenance trials of Eucalyptus tereticornis in two lateritic soils of West Bengal. Indian Journal of Forestry 13 (1): 1-7. CHAMSHAMA, S. A. O., MUGASHA, A. G. and WATE, P. A. (1999): Variation in performance of Eucalyptus tereticornis provenances at Michafutene, Mozambique. Silvae Genetica 48: 6. CHAPOLA, G. B. and NGULUBE, M. R. (1991): Productivity and wood properties of some Eucalypts at kasungu flue cured tobacco authority, Malawi. Forest

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H. S. Ginwal and A. K. Mandal

References ANON. (1980): Fire wood crops : Shrubs and tree species for energy production. NAS. Washington, DC, 237 pp. BAGCHI, S. K. and N. D. DOBRIYAL (1990): Provenance variation in seed parameters of Acacia nilotica. Indian Forester 116: 958-961. BAGCHI, S. K., D. N. JOSHI and D. S. RAWAT (1990): Variation in seed size of Acacia sp. Silvae Genetica 39: 3-4. BRENAN, J. P. M. (1983): Manual on taxonomy of Acacia species: present taxonomy of four species of Acacia (A. albida, A. senegal, A

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B. I. Nyoka, P. Tongoona and C. M. Gumbie

References BARNES, R. D. (1977): Population improvement through selection and hybridization in Pinus patula, P. elliottii and P. taeda in southern Africa. In: Third World Consultation on Forest Tree Breeding. Canberra, Australia, 21-26 March 1977. CSIRO. FO-FTB-77 3/3: 489-505. BARNES, R. D. and G. L. GIBSON (1986): A method to assess stem straightness in tropical pines. Commonwealth Forestry Review 65: 168-171. BIRKS, J. S. and R. D. BARNES (1990): Provenance variation in Pinus caribaea, P. oocarpa and P

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Krasimira Petkova, Emil Molle, Gerhard Huber, Monika Konnert and Julian Gaviria

, Foken T (2008) Klimawandel in Bayern.Auswirkungen und An­passungsmöglichkeiten. Bayreuther Forum ökologie, 113. Ballian D, Jukić B, Balić B, Kajba D, von Wühlisch G (2015) Phenological variability of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in the International provenance trial. Šumarski list, 11-12: 521-533. Charru M, Seynave I, Morneau F, Bontemps JD (2010) Recent changes in forest productivity: an analysis of national forest inventory data for common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in north-eastern France. Forest Ecology and Man­agement, 260