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Josef Frýdl, Jaroslav Dostál, František Beran, Jiří Čáp, Martin Fulín, John Frampton, Gregor Božič and Csaba Mátyás

. – C afourek , J. – N ovotný , P. (2016): Návrh změny pravidel přenosu reprodukčního materiálu jedle obrovské ( A. grandis /Douglas ex D. Con/Lindl.) z USA a Kanady [Proposal for the change of rules for grand fir ( A. grandis /Douglas ex D. Con/Lindl.) forest reproductive material transfer from the USA and Canada]. Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, Strnady 136, 252 02 Jiloviste, Czech Republic, 15 pp. (in Czech) B urzynski , G. – V anČura , K. (1985): Comparative analysis of provenance experiment with the grand fir ( Abies grandis Lindl

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V. Foff, F. Weiser, E. Foffová and Dušan Gömöry

climate change on growth of local white spruce populations in Quebec, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management 205: 169-182. CIESLAR, A. (1914): Studien über die Lärche. Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen 40: 171-184 FINLAY, K.W. and G. N. WILKINSON (1963): The analysis of adaptation in a plant breeding program. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 14: 742-754. GIERTYCH, M. (1979): Summary of results on European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) height growth in the IUFRO 1944 provenance experiment. Silvae Genetica 28

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Dušan Gömöry, Elena Foffová, Jaroslav Kmeť, Roman Longauer and Ivana Romšáková

hardiness, bud set, and bud break in nine provenances of Pinus greggii Engelm. Forest Ecology and Management 255: 3672-3676. Andersson B, and Fedorkov A. 2004. Longitudinal differences in Scots pine frost hardiness. Silvae Genetica 53: 76-80. Anekonda TS, Adams WT, Aitken SN, Neale DB, Jermstad KD, and Wheeler NC. 2000. Genetics of cold hardiness in a cloned full-sib family of coastal Douglas-fir. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30: 837-840. Beuker E, Valtonen E, and Repo T. 1998

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Dušan Gömöry, Roman Longauer and Diana Krajmerová

Norway spruce in the Eastern Alpine range: selecting appropriate provenances for future climate. Forest Ecology and Management, 271:46-57. König, A., 2005: Provenance research: evaluation the spatial pattern of genetic variation. In: Geburek, T., Turok, J. (eds.): Conservation and Management of Forest Genetic Resources in Europe. Arbora Publishers, Zvolen and IPGRI, Rome, p. 275-334. Kozlowski, T. T., Pallardy, S. G., 2002: Acclimation and adaptive responses of woody plants to environmental stresses. Botanical Review, 68

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Jaroslava Kašparová


Book collections from the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century preserved in the NM are among the richest and most interesting book collections of the Czech Republic. Research into personal book collections of the NM within the NAKI project (2012–2015), including besides the historical book collection also books from the 19th and 20th centuries, has provided valuable information on the history of the entire book culture. The PROVENIO database is an important source of information and knowledge in terms of book owners and ownership provenance, library history, bibliophilia and the reception by readers, as well as the history of book binding, book publishing houses and book trade of the given period.

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Shin Toyoda

[1] Clayton RN, Rex RW, Syers JK and Jackson ML, 1972. Oxygen isotope abundance in quartz from Pacific pelagic sediments. Journal of Geophysical Research 77(21): 3907–3915, DOI 10.1029/JC077i021p03907. [2] Feigl FJ, Fowler WB and Yip KL, 1974. Oxygen vacancy model for the E1′ centre in SiO2. Solid State Communications 14(3): 225–229, DOI 10.1016/0038-1098(74)90840-0. [3] Grün R, 1989. ESR dating for

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Marian Kulej

. Kamiński J. 1982. Wzrost i wydajność siewek jodły olbrzymiej ( Abies grandis Lindl.) różnych pochodzeń w namiotach foliowych. Sylwan , 126 (8): 11-21. Kleinschmit J. 1986. Nursery results of the Abies grandis Lindl. Provenance experiment in northern Germany. Forestry Commission Research and Development Paper , 139: 39-58. Kleinschmit J., Sauer A. 1976. Variation in Morphology, Phenology and Nutrient Content among Picea abies Clones and Provenances and its Implications for Tree Improvement. w: Tree Physiology and

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Elena N. Nakvasina, Alexey G. Volkov and Nadezhda A. Prozherina

the growth and survival of Picea abies provenances. Dendrobiology , 61, 17–23. Krasnobaeva K.V. 1972. The dynamics of growth of thick stands of fir grove, depending on climatic factors (in Russian). Lesovedenie , 4, 51–56. Lindgren D., Persson A. 1995 Vitalization of results from provenance tests: Caring for the Forest: Research in a Changing World. In.: Proceedings of IUFRO XX World Congress 6–12 August 1995, Tampere, Finland (eds.: R. Pälvinen, J. Vanclay, S. Minna), 249. Matras J. 2009. Growth and development of Polish provenances of Picea

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H. S. Ginwal and A. K. Mandal

. nilotica, A. tortilis). FAO, Rome, Italy. 47 pp. CALLAHAM, R. Z. (1964): Provenance research: investigation of genetic diversity associated with geography. Unasylva 18: 40-50. FAGG, C.W. and R. D. BARNES (1990): African Acacias: Study and acquisition of the genetic resources. Final report, ODA Research Scheme R.4348, Oxford Forestry Institute, UK. 170 pp. GINWAL, H. S. and M. GERA (2000): Genetic variation in seed germination and growth performance of 12 Acacia nilotica provenances in India. Journal of Tropical Forest

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Chunqiu Li and Shigeo Sugimoto

-existing Entity ( Lebo et al., 2013 ). The property prov : wasDerivedFrom is used to directionally connect the two Entities from the new Entity to the pre-existing Entity. Figure 1(a) provides provenance description in RDF graphs defined for the example of term replacement in Table 3 : Subject heading “Folklore, Negro” is split into “Folklore, African” and “Folklore, Afro-American” ( Knowlton, 2005 ). The classes and properties with prefix “mv” are defined in this research. The property mv : wasSplitTo is to describe the split of a term to more than one term. The class