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Ashraf Oukasha Abd El-latif

References Abe M., Arai S., Kato H., Fujimaki M. 1980. Thiol-protease inhibitors occurring in endosperm of corn. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 44 (3): 685-686. Abe M., Kondo H., Arai S. 1987. Purification and characterization of a rice cysteine proteinase inhibitor. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 51 (10): 2763-2768. Aghaal N., Ghadamyari M., Hosseininaveh V., Risen N.S. 2013. Protease inhibitor from the crude extract of plant seeds affects the oligestive proteases in Hyphantria cunea (Lep

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Negar Aghaali, Mohammad Ghadamyari, Vahid Hosseininaveh and Nasir Saberi Riseh

References Chougule N.P., Doyle E., Fitches E., Gatehouse J.A. 2008. Biochemical characterization of midgut digestive proteases from Mamestra brassicae (cabbage moth; Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and effect of soybean Kunitz inhibitor (SKTI) in feeding assays. J. Insect Physiol. 54 (3): 563-572. Cohen A.C. 1993. Organization of digestion and preliminary characterization of salivary trypsin-like enzymes in a predaceous heteropteran, Zelus renardii . J. Insect Physiol. 39 (10): 823-829. Connors B.J., Laun N

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Sorin Dinu, Grațiela Țârdei, Emanoil Ceaușu, Simin Aysel Florescu, Laurențiu Micu, Alina Monica Ecobici, Mariana Mihăilă and Gabriela Oprișan

, Ceausu E, Tardei G, Oprisan G. Screening of Protease Inhibitors Resistance Mutations in Hepatitis C Virus Isolates Infecting Romanian Patients Unexposed to Triple Therapy. Roum Arch Microbiol Immunol. 2015;74(1-2):7-17. 19. Hall TA. BioEdit: a user-friendly biological sequence alignment editor and analysis program for Windows 95/98/NT. Nucl Acids Symp Ser. 1999;41:95-8. 20. Kalaghatgi P, Sikorski AM, Knops E, Rupp D, Sierra S, Heger E, et al. Geno2pheno[HCV] - A Web-based Interpretation System to Support Hepatitis C Treatment Decisions in the Era of Direct

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Suvatna Chulavatnatol, Kumthorn Malathum, Sasisopin Kiertiburanakul, Kittisak Sripha and Pojawon Lawanprasert

Establishing Bioequivalence. January 2001. 13. Kraft WK, McCrea JB, Winchell GA, Carides A, Lowry R, Woolf EJ, et al. Indinavir and rifabutin drug interactions in healthy volunteers. J Clin Pharmacol. 2004; 44:305-13. 14. Burger D, Boyd M, Duncombe C, Felderhof M, Mahanontharit A, Ruxrungtham K, et al. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of indinavir with or without low-dose ritonavir in HIV-infected Thai patients. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2003; 51:1231-8. 15. Schiffman SS, Zervakis J, Heffron S, Heald AE. Effect of protease

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Shiping He, Hui-Hsuan Chang, Hsiu-Maan Kuo and Ya-Ling Lin

References 1. Plaut AG, Genco RJ, Tomasi TB. Isolation of an enzyme from Streptococcus sanguis, which specifically cleaves IgA. J Immunol. 1974; 113:289-91. 2. Male CJ. Immunoglobulin Al protease production by Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Infect Immun. 1979; 26:254-61. 3. Bachovchin WW, Plaut AG, Flentke GR, Lynch M, Kettner CA. Inhibition of IgAl proteinases from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Hemophilus influenzae by peptide prolyl boronic acids. J Biol Chem. 1990; 265

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Maryam Ajamhassani, Arash Zibaee, Jalal Sendi, Hassan Askary and Nasser Farrar

.P., Doyle E., Fitches E., Gatehouse J.A. 2008. Biochemical characterization of midgut digestive proteases from Mamestra brassicae (cabbage moth; Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and effect of soybean Kunitz inhibitor (SKTI) in feeding assays. J. Insect Physiol. 54 (3): 563-572. Christeller J.T., Liang W.A., Markwick N.P., Burgess E.P.J. 1992. Midgut protease activities in 12 phytophagous lepidopteran larvae: dietary and proteases inhibitory interactions. Insect. Biochem. Mol. Biol. 22 (7): 248-254. Cohen A.C. 1993. Organization

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Aneta Strachecka, Grzegorz Borsuk, Jerzy Paleolog, Krzysztof Olszewski, Milena Bajda and Jacek Chobotow

J. L., Jiang H., Kanost M., Thompson G. J., Zou Z., Hultmark D. (2006) Immune pathways and defence mechanisms in honey bee Apis mellifera. Insect Molecular Biology 15(5): 645-656. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2583.2006.00682.x Felicioli R., Garzelli B., Vaccari L., Melfi D., Balestreri E. (1997) Activity staining of protein inhibitors of proteases on gelatin-containing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Analytical Biochemistry 244(1): 176-179. Gorman M. J., Paskewitz S. M. (2001) Serine proteases as mediators of mosquito immune response

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Julian H. Elliott

systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet Infect Dis. 2009; 9: 409-17. 13. Elliott JH, Lynen L, Calmy A, De Luca A, Shafer RW, Shafer RW, et al. Rational use of antiretroviral therapy in low-income and middle-income countries: optimizing regimen sequencing and switching. AIDS. 2008; 22: 2053-67. 14. Youle M. Overview of boosted protease inhibitors in treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients. JAntimicrobChemother. 2007; 60: 1195-205. 15. Pulido F, Arribas JR, Delgado R, Cabrero E, Gonzalez- Garcia J, Perez-Elias MJ, et al

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R Śmigiel, B Królak-Olejnik, D Śniegórska, A Rozensztrauch, A Szafrańska, MM Sasiadek and K Wertheim-Tysarowska

Introduction Netherton Syndrome (NS) (OMIM 256500) is a rare genetic skin disease with a prevalence of one in 200,000 live births, resulting from defects in the SPINK5 gene, encoding the protease inhibitor lympho-epithelial Kazal type inhibitor 1 (LEKTI1). As a result of LEKTI deficiency, the skin becomes red and scaly. The epidermal barrier function is also affected; dryness of the skin results from increased permeability of the skin, and its decreased capacity to bind water [ 2 ]. Recurrent infections, IgG abnormalities, enteropathy, elevated IgE levels

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Andra I. Suceveanu, Laura Mazilu, Victoria Arama, A. P. Suceveanu, Irinel R. Parepa, Alina Cenusa, A. Catinean, L. Craciun and F. Voinea

hepatitis C. Drugs. 72(5), 619-641. doi: 10.2165/11208370-000000000-00000. 5. Ascione, A. (2012). Boceprevir in chronic hepatitis C infection: a perspective review. Ther Adv Chronic Dis. 3(3), 113-121. doi: 10.1177/2040622312441496. 6. Leroy, V., Serfaty, L., Bourliere, M., Bronowicki, J.P., Delasalle, P., Pariente, A., Pol, S., Zoulim, F., Pageaux, G.P. & French Association for the Study of the, L. (2012). Protease inhibitor-based triple therapy in chronic hepatitis C: guidelines by the French Association for the Study of the Liver. Liver