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Mihaela Herciu and Claudia Ogrean

References Abor, J. (2005). The effect of capital structure on profitability: an empirical analysis of listed firms in Ghana. The journal of risk finance, 6(5), 438-445. Abor, J. (2008), Determinants of the capital structure of Ghanaian firms, AERC Research paper 176, African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi. Ardalan, K. (2017). Capital structure theory: Reconsidered. Research in International Business and Finance, 39, 696-710. Batchimeg, B. (2017). Financial Performance Determinants of

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Venelin Terziev, Vanya Banabakova and Marin Georgiev

References [1] Terziev, V., Banabakova, V., Georgiev, M., Customer's Profitability Analyses and Customer Service Policies, Journal of Innovations and Sustainability, Innovations and Sustainability Academy, Vol. 3, N 3, pp. 39-48, 2017. [2] Terziev, V., Banabakova, V., Marketing, Institute of Knowledge Management, Skopje, Macedonia, p. 107, 2017. [3] Terziev, V., Banabakova, V., Stefanov.S., Georgiev, M., Study of consumer behavior, Fifteenth International Scientific Conference: Knowledge in practice, Bansko

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Veronika Hedija, Roman Fiala and Martina Kuncová

References Aday, S., Farrell, H., Lynch, M, Sides, J. and Freelon, D. (2012). Blogs and Bullets II: New Media and Conflict after the Arab Spring. United States Institute of Peace, Peaceworks No. 80. Available from: [Accessed: 2017-06-08]. Aissa, S. B. and Goaied, M. (2016). Determinants of Tunisian hotel profitability: The role of managerial efficiency. Tourism Management, 52, 478-487. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.07.015 Ali, M. and Byerlee, D. (1991). Economic

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Agnieszka Kuś and Joanna Żurakowska-Sawa

.B. (1965), An Analysis of Variance Test for Normality (Complete Samples). Biometrika, Vol. 52, No. ¾, pp. 591-611. 19. Siegel S., Castellan N.J. (1988), Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences. McGraw-Hill, New York, pp. 213-216. 20. Warusawitharana M. (2012), Profitability and the Lifeycle of Firms.WorkingPapers, p.25 ( pubs/feds/2012/201263/201263pap.pdf). 21. Yan Z., Zhao Y. (2010), A New Methodology of Measuring Corporate Life-cycle Stages. International Journal of Economic

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An Thanh Hong Nguyen and Tuan Van Nguyen

, and Financial Constraints. Journal of Business Research, 67, pp.332-338. [4] Blinder, A.S., Maccini, L.J., 1991. The Resurgence of Inventory Research: What Have We Learned?. Journal of Economic Surveys, 5, pp.291-328. [5] Deloof, M., 2003. Does Working Capital Management Affect Profitability of Belgian Firms?. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 30, pp.573-587. [6] Emery, G., 1984. A Pure Financial Explanation for Trade Credit. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 19, pp.271-285. [7

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Bogdan Căpraru and Iulian Ihnatov

References Abreu, M., and Mendes, V., 2011, May 17–20. Commercial bank interest margins and profitability: evidence from some EU countries. Paper presented at the Pan-European Conference Jointly Organised by the IEFS-UK & University of Macedonia Economic & Social Sciences, Thessaloniki, Greece. Beltratti, A., and Stulz, R. M., 2012. The credit crisis around the globe: Why did some banks perform better? Journal of Financial Economics, 105 (1), 1-17. Berger, A. N., and Bouwman, C. H. S., 2013. How does capital affect bank performance during

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Zeeshan Fareed, Zahid Ali, Farrukh Shahzad, Muhammad Imran Nazir and Assad Ullah

REFERENCES Amit, R., & Schoemaker, P. (1993). Strategic assets and organizational rent. Strategic Management Journal, 14 (01), 33-46. Asimakopoulos, I., Samitas, A., & Papadogonas, T. (2009). Firm-specific and economy wide determinants of firm profitability: Greek evidence using panel data. Managerial Finance, 35 (11), 930-939. Autio, E. (2005). Creative tension: the significance of Ben Oviatt’s and Patricia McDougall’s article ‘Toward a theory of international new ventures'. Journal of International Business Studies, 36 (01), 9

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Umi Widyastuti, Purwana E.S. Dedi and Sri Zulaihati

References Adem Anbar, D. A. (2011). Bank specific and macroeconomic determinants of commercial Bank profitability: empirical evidence from Turkey. Business and economics research journal, 2(2), 139-152. Aini, N. (2013). Pengaruh CAR, NIM, LDR, NPL, BOPO, dan kualitas aktiva produktif terhadap perubahan laba (Studi Empiris Pada Perusahaan Perbankan yang terdaftar di BEI) Tahun 2009-2011. Dinamika Akuntansi Keuangan dan Perbankan, 2(1), 14-25. Bourke, P. (1989). Concentration and other determinants of bank

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Dian Hakip Nurdiansyah and Gusganda Suria Manda

journal 6(3) Norradden, Hassan and Alghazi, Hassan. 2013. Annual Economic Review 2012. Maldives Monitory Authority. Maldives RusydianaAam and Alfarisi Salman. 2015. “The Measurement of Islamic Bank Performance: A Study Using Maqasid Index and Profitability” Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business, Vol. 4 (1) Pp. 001-014 Sartono, Agus, 2001, ManajemenKeuangan: TeoridanAplikasi, BPFE-Yogyakarta Sugiyono. 2014. MetodePenelitianKuantitatif, Kualitatif, danKombinasi (Mixed Methods). Alfabeta Bandung.

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Jiří Bečica

References BADIA, F., BORIN, E. (2012). Opportunities and Critical Points for the Introduction of Performance Measurement Systems in Theatres - A Comparison between Theoretical Assumptions and Empirical Realities. Journal of Cultural Management and Policy. Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 45-59. BÉNARD, J. (1990). Veřejná ekonomika I. Prague: EÚ ČSAV. BEUTLING, L. (1986). Company Accounting and Accounting of Public Theatres as Instruments for Securing of thein Profitability or more Economic-efficiency in